Can There Be Two Triple Crown Winners?

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Can There Be Two Triple Crown Winners

It’s hard to believe that there have been only two Triple Crown winners in the history of the game. Rogers Hornsby and Ted Williams both accomplished the feat in the 1933s.They are the only players to ever win three batting titles in a row.

They both had a dramatic impact on the game, and their careers are still studied to this day. It’s exciting to think that there could be another Triple Crown winner in the future.

Can There Be Two Triple Crown Winners?

It seems like it’s becoming more and more likely that there will be two Triple Crown winners this year. While there are still many races left to be competed in, it looks like both Rogers Hornsby and Ted Williams are in good position to take home the trophy.

It will be a close race, but it’s definitely exciting to watch. Who knows, maybe one of these legends will make history and become the first Triple Crown winner. Don’t miss any of the action as it unfolds this season.

Only Once

Yes, there can be two triple crown winners. However, only one horse will be crowned as the winner of all three races – the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes.

The first horse to win all three races is called a “triple Crown champion.” There have been nine horses who have accomplished this feat inhistory so far. Be sure to watch the race broadcasts on TV or online to see which horse is leading throughout the competition.


Yes, there could be two triple crown winners in 1933. One horse, Secretariat, was able to win the Belmont Stakes, the Preakness and finally the Derby. He became only the second horse ever to achieve this feat and is now a part of racing history.

Another horse that year was War Admiral who also won the Triple Crown but his victory at The Pimlico Race Course has been disputed by some people over betting irregularities . So while it’s impossible to know for sure which horse would have won if these races were run again today , they are both worthy recipients of being called a triple crown winner.

Has anyone ever won two Triple Crowns?

There have been only a handful of horses who have won the Triple Crown, which is the horse race that includes the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes. Only a few horses have ever accomplished this feat, so it’s not easy to do.

  • There are only a handful of baseball players who have ever managed to win the Triple Crown twice. The most recent player to achieve this feat is Ted Williams, who accomplished this back in 1942 and 1947.
  • To win the Triple Crown, a batter must hit for average, power and runs batted in (RBI). Hornsby and Williams both achieved success by hitting for average as well as putting up big numbers on the field with their powerful bats.
  • Although it has been rare to see someone manage to win three titles in one season, it isn’t impossible – particularly if they’re able to rack up some huge totals along the way.
  • While there are currently no current MLB players who appear capable of winning the Triple Crown for a fourth time, that doesn’t mean that it can’t happen – or has never happened before.

How many Triple Crown winners have there been in baseball?

There have been a total of nine Triple Crown winners in baseball. This is the highest honor that can be given to a player, and it’s awarded to the best hitter, pitcher and fielder of the season. The last time this happened was in 1967 when Yadier Molina won all three crowns with the St. Louis Cardinals.

  • The Triple Crown is an award that is given to the best player in baseball following a season in which they win all three of baseball’s Most Valuable Player, Cy Young, and Rookie of the Year awards. It has only been awarded five times throughout history and it is considered a rare achievement.
  • The first ever Triple Crown winner was Babe Ruth in 1919 who won MVP, Cy Young, and Rookie of the Year awards. Since then it has only been awarded to five other players: Hank Aaron (1956), Willie Mays (1971), Cal Ripken Jr.(1981), Alex Rodriguez (2003), and Miguel Cabrera (2012).
  • Winning all three MVP Awards, Cy Young Awards, and being voted into Baseball Hall of Fame are all impressive feats but becoming a triple crown winner is even more incredible. Only 11 players have accomplished this feat throughout history; six of which are currently enshrined in Cooperstown museums including Lou Gehrig (1934-39), Sandy Koufax(1963-65), Jim Brown(1965-72) , Johnny Unitas(1969-73)* Joe DiMaggio*.
  • Becoming a triple crown winner usually takes years of consistent MLB play as well as hitting for high averages across all 3 categories . Some notable exceptions include Mike Trout who won both MVPs and rookie OF OF honors just last year while playing half his schedule at catcher.*
  • Although there may be variation from year to year due to injuries or other circumstances beyond someone’s control, winning any one award on its own typically requires several strong performances over an extended period of time. This makes achieving a Triple Crown especially difficult*

How many baseball players have won the Triple Crown more than once?

There have been only 24 players who have won the Triple Crown more than once. They are: Mike Piazza, Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth.

Rogers Hornsby

Rogers Hornsby is the only player to have won the Triple Crown more than once. He accomplished this in 1936, 1941 and 1948.

Ted Williams

Ted Williams is also one of only two players to win the Triple Crown three times (1936, 1937 and 1942).

George Kell

George Kell was able to win the Triple Crown twice (1935 and 1936).

Who won Triple Crown but not MVP?

In 1934, Lou Gehrig won the Triple Crown but was not named MVP because he played in the American League. The Triple Crown is an achievement that commemorates wins in the batting average, home runs and RBI categories of baseball.

Gehrig became a household name after his record-breaking season where he hit 37 home runs and drove in 122 runs. He retired at age 43 after playing for 19 years with the New York Yankees, making him one of the most iconic players in MLB history.

Can a pitcher win a Triple Crown?

The Triple Crown is a title that is awarded to the best three-year-old thoroughbred racehorse in North America. The horse must win the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes to be named champion. A pitcher can also win a Triple Crown if he wins all three of baseball’s Most Valuable Player Awards (MVP).


A pitcher can win a Triple Crown if they finish the season with the best record in baseball, have the most strikeouts, and lowest ERA. This is a difficult feat to achieve as it requires dominant pitching all year long. Pitchers who are able to do this often receive awards such as MVP and Cy Young Awards.

Who was the last player to bat 400?

Ted Williams was the last player to bat 400 in Major League Baseball’s regular season. He accomplished this on September 28, 1941 while playing for the Boston Red Sox.

This record has since been broken by Barry Bonds (1973-2007) and Hank Aaron (1934-1993). Throughout his MLB career, Williams won seven MVP Awards, led the league in home runs twice and was a 10 time All Star selection.

After leaving baseball, Williams pursued a successful business career and served as an ambassador for both American culture and sport throughout his life. The Ted Williams Museum is located in Hingham, Massachusetts and houses many of his personal trophies and memorabilia from throughout his illustrious career.

To Recap

There is no definitive answer, as the Triple Crown races are always close. However, it’s possible that two different horses could win all three of the major horse race events in a year – this has happened twice before (1949 and 1978).

So while there is no guarantee that two different horses will win the Triple Crown in any given year, it’s definitely an event to watch out for.

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