Can Mj Melendez Play Outfield?

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Can Mj Melendez Play Outfield

Melendez has made a name for himself as a promising catcher in the Kansas City Royals organization, but with the recent call-up of Freddy Fermin, he’s expected to shift his focus to the outfield. The question on many Royals fans’ minds now is: Can Melendez play outfield?

Melendez as a Catcher

Sebastian Rivero, who recently made his MLB debut with the Kansas City Royals, is currently expected to exclusively work as an outfielder or designated hitter, according to reports.

However, Melendez has also shown potential as a catcher, and it is worth exploring his background, strengths and weaknesses, and future potential in this position.

Background on Melendez as a Catcher

Melendez, a 23-year-old catcher, was signed by the Royals as an international free agent in 2015 at the age of 18. He made his professional debut in 2016 in the Rookie-level Arizona League, where he played as a catcher in 33 games.

Melendez continued to play primarily as a catcher throughout his minor league career, with occasional appearances at first base and designated hitter.

Strengths and Weaknesses as a Catcher

Melendez is known for his exceptional defensive skills, particularly his strong arm, accurate throws, and good blocking abilities. He has also shown some offensive potential, with a career minor league batting average of .250, 63 home runs, and 212 RBIs in 345 games.

However, Melendez also has some weaknesses in his game. He reportedly struggles with pitch framing and receiving, and has a tendency to chase pitches outside the strike zone. He also needs to work on his consistency at the plate and his ability to make adjustments to different pitchers and situations.

Future Potential as a Catcher

Despite his defensive strengths, Melendez’s long-term future as a catcher is uncertain due to his offensive inconsistencies and the presence of Salvador Perez, one of the best catchers in the game, on the Royals’ roster.

However, if Melendez can continue to improve his offensive game and adjust to the major league pitching, he could carve out a role as a part-time catcher or a potentially valuable trade chip for the Royals.

Sebastian Melendez is currently expected to primarily play as an outfielder or designated hitter for the Kansas City Royals, but he has also shown potential as a catcher in his minor league career.

While he has some defensive strengths, he also has some weaknesses in his game that he needs to work on. His future potential as a catcher will depend on his ability to continue to develop his offensive game and showcase his defensive skills at the major league level.

Melendez’s Experience in the Outfield

Past Experience Playing Outfield

While Melendez has spent most of his baseball career behind the plate as a catcher, he does have some prior experience playing in the outfield. In his high school days in Florida, Melendez played some outfield in addition to catching.

And during his time in the minor leagues with the Royals organization, Melendez has been occasionally used in the outfield as well.

Performance in the Outfield

So far, Melendez’s outfield performance at the major league level has been limited. In his debut game for the Royals, Melendez played in left field and made a couple of routine plays but also committed an error. He has yet to record a hit as an outfielder.

However, scouts have long praised Melendez’s athleticism and arm strength, which should help him transition well into the outfield. As a catcher, Melendez had to have a strong arm to throw out baserunners trying to steal second or third base.

This skill should transfer well to the outfield, where he will need to make accurate throws to home plate or cut-off men.

Adjustments Needed to Succeed in the Outfield

There are several adjustments that Melendez will need to make in order to succeed as an outfielder. One of the biggest adjustments will be learning how to read fly balls off the bat.

As a catcher, Melendez’s focus was on blocking pitches in the dirt and framing pitches for the best possible calls. In the outfield, he will need to quickly read the trajectory and speed of fly balls to make the best possible play.

Another adjustment will be getting used to the different angles and routes needed to chase down balls hit to the outfield. As a catcher, Melendez’s field of view was mostly limited to right in front of him. In the outfield, he will need to be aware of the position of his fellow outfielders, the fence, and other field obstacles.

Overall, with the guidance of the Royals coaching staff and his natural athleticism, Melendez has the potential to become an effective outfielder for the Royals.

Royals’ Plans for Melendez

The Kansas City Royals have announced their plans to exclusively assign MJ Melendez as an outfielder or designated hitter for the time being. This decision was made after the team called up Freddy Fermin from Triple-A Omaha to serve as Salvador Perez’s top understudy.

There are several reasons for moving Melendez to the outfield/DH role. First, Melendez has shown exceptional potential as a hitter, having recorded a .277 BA, 22 home runs, and 68 RBIs in 78 games with Double-A Northwest Arkansas this season.

By moving him into a designated hitter or outfield role, the Royals can optimize his offensive talents and minimize his exposure to the more challenging position of catcher.

Having a strong designated hitter is crucial for any team looking to contend for a championship. The designated hitter provides teams with an opportunity to inject their lineup with a player who excels at hitting, adding an offensive threat that can shift the momentum of a game.

If Melendez can translate his Double-A success into the major leagues, the Royals could have a potent weapon at the designated hitter position.

The move also has an impact on the team’s roster and strategy. By moving Melendez to the outfield or designated hitter, the team has opened up a roster spot for Fermin, who will provide much-needed depth at the catcher position.

This move ensures that if Salvador Perez is injured or requires rest, the team has a reliable backup catcher who can step up and perform. The move also allows the Royals to maintain their strategy of having a strong offensive lineup, without sacrificing the defense.

The Royals’ decision to move MJ Melendez to the outfield or designated hitter was made to optimize his offensive talents, bolster the team’s designated hitter position, and add depth to the catcher position.

This move will ultimately have a positive impact on the team’s roster and strategy, giving them a chance to compete at the highest level.

Freddy Fermin’s Role

Background on Freddy Fermin

Freddy Fermin is a 24-year-old catcher in the Kansas City Royals organization. He was signed as an international free agent in 2014 and has steadily risen through the ranks of the Royals’ minor league system.

He made his Triple-A debut this season with the Omaha Storm Chasers and has been performing well, hitting .259 with a .722 OPS in 36 games.

Why Fermin Was Called Up

Fermin was called up by the Royals on Tuesday to serve as Salvador Perez’s backup catcher. Perez has been a workhorse for the Royals this season, having started in 40 of the team’s 44 games.

With Perez needing a break, the Royals opted to bring up Fermin rather than sticking with Cam Gallagher, who had been serving as Perez’s backup but was recently optioned to Triple-A.

How Fermin’s Role Affects Melendez’s Position

With Fermin now on the roster as Perez’s backup, the Royals are expected to use MJ Melendez primarily as an outfielder or designated hitter for the time being.

Melendez is a highly-regarded catching prospect in the Royals’ organization, but with Perez playing at an All-Star level this season, there isn’t a clear path for him to get consistent playing time behind the plate. Instead, the Royals are looking to get Melendez’s bat into the lineup by using him in the outfield or at DH.

Overall, Fermin’s call-up gives the Royals some much-needed depth at the catcher position and allows them to give Perez some much-needed rest. At the same time, it also opens up some new possibilities for Melendez and gives the Royals a chance to see what he can do in the outfield or at DH.

It remains to be seen whether Melendez will ultimately settle in at catcher or if he’ll carve out a role as a versatile position player, but at least for now, the Royals seem intent on giving him every opportunity to succeed.

Why Was Mj Melendez Scratched?

MJ Melendez was scratched from Sunday’s game due to lower back tightness. The exact cause of his injury is unclear at this time. Melendez is considered day-to-day as he recovers. Lower back tightness can occur from various causes, including muscle strain or nerve irritation.

This type of injury can be managed with rest, physical therapy, and medication. The severity of Melendez’s injury is unknown at this time. Hunter Dozier will take his spot in right field and bat eighth against Arizona.

Melendez is an important player for the Kansas City Royals, playing catcher and outfielder. He has a .192 batting average with 5 home runs and 14 RBI this season. The Royals will monitor Melendez’s recovery and evaluate his status for future games.

What Position is Mj Melendez?

Mj Melendez is a professional baseball player. He is a catcher for the Kansas City Royals. Melendez was born in November 1998 in Puerto Rico. He was drafted by the Royals in 2017. He played college baseball at Florida International University.

Melendez was named a South Atlantic League All-Star in 2019. He is known for his strong arm and defensive skills behind the plate. Melendez is a top prospect in the Royals’ organization. He made his MLB debut on September 4, 2021.

Melendez is expected to be a key player for the Royals in the future.

How Many Home Runs Does Mj Melendez Have This Year?

MJ Melendez has hit 2 home runs so far this season. He plays as a catcher for the Kansas City Royals organization. Melendez was drafted in the 2nd round of the 2017 Major League Baseball draft. He hit his first home run of the season on May 23 against the St.

Louis Cardinals’ Triple-A affiliate. Melendez hit his second home run of the year on June 22 against the Iowa Cubs. He has also recorded 7 doubles and 1 triple in the 2021 season. Melendez has a slugging percentage of .472 so far this year.

He was named the 2017-18 Gatorade High School Baseball Player of the Year. Melendez is considered one of the top prospects in the Royals organization. He has a total of 20 home runs in his professional career.

To Recap

Only time will tell if Melendez is capable of making a successful transition to the outfield. With his athleticism and strong arm, he certainly possesses the necessary tools to excel in a new position.

It will be up to the Royals coaching staff to give him the necessary training and opportunities to prove himself as a valuable outfielder or designated hitter. All in all, it’s an exciting time for Royals fans as they wait to see what the future holds for this young prospect.

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