Can A Player Hit The Ball Twice In Volleyball?

Volleyball is a sport that involves two teams of 11 players trying to hit a ball into the other team’s net. The first player to hit the ball into their opponent’s net scores a point, and the game continues until one team has scored six points or the ball goes out of bounds.

A player can hit the ball twice in volleyball by hitting it once with their hand and then hitting it again with their shoulder or arm.

Can A Player Hit The Ball Twice In Volleyball

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Can A Player Hit The Ball Twice In Volleyball

In volleyball, it is legal to hit the ball twice in a row. This is known as a “double service.” If a player hits the ball twice in a row and their opponent does not have the ball, then they can gain possession of the ball by hitting it once more.


Yes, players in volleyball can hit the ball twice in a row. This is done by hitting the ball with one hand off the ground and then passing it to another player who hits it back with their own hand.

  • Volleyball is a sport that involves hitting the ball with your hands and then throwing it to a teammate. The object of the game is to get the ball into the opposing team’s net, which is located at the other end of the court.
  • If you hit the ball twice in a row, you can score a point. This rule applies to both singles and doubles play. If your opponent tries to block your second hit, you can still score by hitting the ball through their legs or body.
  • In order for you to hit the ball twice in a row, you must be able to control it completely after receiving it from your partner. You cannot throw it out of bounds or miss it completely on purpose in order to hit it again.
  • If an opponent manages to block your first hit, they are allowed to react and try to return the ball back to you, but if they succeed in doing so, you are not allowed to hit the ball again for that point.
  • Volleyball is one of those sports where timing is crucial – if you wait too long before trying to score another point, your opponent may have time to set up a defence and prevent you from scoring again.

Types Of Volleyballs

Volleyball is a sport that is played by two teams of six players. Each player tries to hit the ball over the net and into their opponent’s court. The rules are simple, but there are a few types of volleyball that you should be aware of.

When playing indoor volleyball, each team uses a different type of ball. These balls are made out of rubber and can be quite bouncy. They’re used in indoor leagues because they don’t get dirty as quickly as outdoor balls.

Outdoor volleyball is usually played on hard courts or sand. This type of ball is made from vinyl and doesn’t bounce very much. It’s used outdoors because it doesn’t get muddy as easily and is easier to clean up after play has finished.

  • In volleyball, the ball can be hit twice in a single volley. This is called a double-kill. The purpose of this move is to score points for your team by hitting the ball into the other player’s net.
  • A double-kill is possible if you are playing with a standard volleyball and have both hands free. You must hit the ball with enough force so that it goes over the net and out of play for your opponent to receive it again.
  • To execute a double-kill, you must use your non-hitting hand to guide the ball towards your opponent’s side of the court. When you are ready to hit the ball, raise your non-hitting hand above your head and then bring it down quickly towards the ground.
  • Double kills are not always easy to pull off, especially if you don’t have much court space to work with or if your opponent is very good at blocking shots. Practice makes perfect!
  • A player cannot hit the ball twice consecutively in any other sport except for softball where a player can hit a home run (a batted ball that goes over all fences in right field) multiple times in one game.

Rules Of Volleyball

The rules of volleyball state that a player can hit the ball twice in one volley. This means that they can hit the ball once and then immediately hit it again.

Can A Player Hit The Ball Twice In Volleyball

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A player cannot hit the ball twice in a row.

This is one of the most basic rules of volleyball. If you hit the ball two times in a row, your opponent can take the ball and hit it back to you. This is called a “rebound.” Also, you can’t jump set back row in this game.

You must touch the ground with both feet before hitting the ball.

When you’re playing volleyball, you have to follow these simple rules: First, you have to touch the ground with both feet before you can hit the ball. Second, when you hit the ball, you have to make sure that it goes into play—that is, off of the ground and into another player’s court—before any other player touches it.

How To Hit The Ball Twice In Volleyball

In volleyball, you can hit the ball twice in one volley if you are able to get it over the net and into the other team’s court. To do this, you first have to hit the ball with your hand. Then, once it’s in the air, Spin and Jump to catch it again.

Volleyball is a sport that requires players to hit the ball twice in order to score a point. This is done by hitting the ball above your head and then passing it to your teammate who will hit the ball below their waist. A player can also hit the ball twice if they are serving the ball. Volleyball is a very strategic sport and involves a lot of strategy when playing.

Bouncing The Ball

Involving both hands, you hit the ball with your palm towards the ground and then quickly lift it up off the ground, hitting it again in an upward motion. This is called “volleyball.”

The Ball Returns Too Fast

The ball may be bouncing too fast if it is not hitting the ground at an appropriate speed. This can be due to a number of issues, such as a low-quality ball or a poor court surface. A fast ball will result in difficulty for your opponent and may cause them to make errors.

Poor Court Surface Conditions

A bad court surface can cause the ball to bounce erratically and unpredictably. It also has a tendency to absorb sweat which can lead to it becoming slippery, making it difficult for players to control their shots.

Low-Quality Balls

If the ball is of low quality, it may not rebound properly from the floor. It will also be harder to hit, which could lead to mistakes on your part during play.

Poor Court Maintenance

Poor court maintenance can include things like water accumulation, cracks in the surface, and unevenness in terms of height and width. These factors all have an impact on how easily the ball bounces and how accurately it is served back into play by your opponents.

Improper Stringing And Maintaining Equipment

Inadequate stringing or maintaining equipment can also lead to a bouncy ball that is difficult for players to control. Badly maintained nets can also allow balls to bounce off them in unexpected ways which can create problems for both you and your opponents

As The Opponent Turns

In volleyball, when one team is serving and the other team is defending, the defending team cannot hit the ball twice in a row. If the opposing team intercepts the first serve, then the defending team can hit the ball again. However, if they intercept the second serve, then they are allowed to only hit it once.

The Ball Hits the Opponent

If you hit the ball twice in a row as your opponent turns, it is considered a “double hit.” This will result in a penalty and can be called by the referee.

No Contact Was Made Between Player and Ball

If you make contact with the ball but your opponent did not, then there is no violation. In other words, if the player touches the ball before it contacts an opponent, they are allowed to keep their possession of the ball.

Contact Was Made With Another Player or Object on Court

If contact is made with another player or object on court (for example, someone jumping into the middle of the court), then that is also a violation and a point will be awarded to your opponent.

To Recap

Volleyball is a sport where players use their hands and arms to throw a ball into the opposing team’s court. If a player hits the ball twice involuntarily within a single volley, they are out of the game.

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