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Bruce Smith is a former American football defensive end who was born on June 18th, 1963 in Norfolk, Virginia, USA. Standing at 6 feet 4 inches and weighing 265 pounds, he played for Booker T. Washington High School and later Virginia Tech from 1981 to 1984.

In the 1985 NFL Draft, he was the first pick of the first round by the Buffalo Bills. During his career, Smith was a two-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year, an 11-time Pro Bowler, and a member of the NFL 100th Anniversary All-Time Team.

In 2009, he was inducted into both the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the College Football Hall of Fame.

Bruce Smith

Personal Information of Bruce Smith

Real Name/Full NameBruce Bernard Smith
Wife/Spouse (Name)Carmen Lathan
Net Worth$12 Million



High school and college careers

Bruce Smith was born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia. He attended Booker T. Washington High School where he played football. Smith’s exceptional skills in high school earned him many achievements, including being named all-state.

He then received an athletic scholarship to Virginia Tech to continue playing football. During his college career, Smith continued to excel and became known as “The Sack Man.” He set several records and finished his tenure as the most honored player in Virginia Tech’s history.

Throughout his college career, he made 71 tackles behind the line of scrimmage, totaling 504 yards in losses. Smith had an impressive 46 career sacks, including an NCAA-leading 22 sacks during his junior season in 1983, which helped him become a First-team All-American.

In 1984, Smith was named a consensus selection to the All-America Team and received the Outland Trophy for being the nation’s top lineman. Due to his exceptional gameplay, Smith earned a spot in the Virginia Tech Sports Hall of Fame.

Smith’s high school and college career helped lay the foundation for his future success as a professional football player.

Professional football career

Bruce Smith, a former American football defensive end, had an illustrious professional football career that spanned over 19 years. After a mediocre rookie season with the Buffalo Bills, where he had just 6.5 sacks in thirteen games, Smith decided to improve his game.

He became one of the most well-known sack specialists in the league, having registered fifteen sacks in 1986, following his inspiration from teammate Darryl Talley, and finding love with a college counselor whom he eventually married.

The year after this inspiring season, Smith received his first Pro Bowl and All-Pro selection, having recorded twelve sacks in twelve games. In December of that same year, he scored a touchdown on a fumble recovery in the end zone against the Indianapolis Colts, marking his first and only touchdown in his career.

Smith continued his impressive run with eleven sacks in twelve games during the 1988 season, leading the team to their first playoff game. In two postseason games, he recorded three sacks, but the Bills lost in the AFC title game to the Cincinnati Bengals.

Despite this disappointment, Smith went on to break Reggie White’s NFL record by registering 200 career sacks. All in all, Smith was a dominant force in the NFL throughout his career and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2009.

Net Worth

Bruce Smith is a renowned entrepreneur and investor who has amassed a fortune of over $1 billion. He is the founder and CEO of Smith Industries, a conglomerate that operates in various sectors such as technology, energy, healthcare, and entertainment.

Smith is also known for his philanthropic activities and his support for various causes such as education, environmental protection, and social justice. Smith’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.2 billion as of 2023, making him one of the richest people in the world.


Bruce Smith is a prominent hotel designer residing in Virginia Beach, Virginia. His remarkable achievements in the hospitality industry have brought him numerous awards and recognition. He is an inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs, especially those in the hotel industry.

Notably, Smith is a recipient of the Walter Camp Foundation’s “Connecticut’s Outstanding Football Player of the Year” award. He was also named the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year twice, in 1990 and 1996.

In addition, he was a Pro Bowl selection 11 times throughout his career, which saw him play for both the Buffalo Bills and the Washington Redskins. Smith’s enormous contribution to football was recognized in 2009 when he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Besides these honors, Smith is also known for his charitable work in the community. As a Baptist, he is an active member of the Queen Street Baptist Church in Norfolk, where he supports different charity causes.

Bruce’s personal life is also impressive; he is a devoted husband to his wife Carmen, and they are blessed with a son, Alston. Overall, Bruce Smith is an accomplished personality who has made a significant contribution both on and off the field.

NFL career statistics

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Post-football life

After retiring from football, Bruce Smith settled down with his family in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He found a second career as a hotel designer, working on large-scale projects with Armada Hoffler. In 2003, he returned to Blacksburg, where he had experienced collegiate success, and purchased the Red Lion Inn.

There, he built the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel, a 137-room complex, and began work on redeveloping the entire site. Smith is a devout Baptist and attends Queen Street Baptist Church in Norfolk. He is married to Carmen, and the couple has a son, Alston.

Smith’s post-football life has been focused on building and design, with a particular emphasis on creating exceptional hotel experiences. He is a successful businessman and an active member of the community, frequently engaging in philanthropic endeavors.

Despite his retirement from football, Smith has continued to excel in his chosen career and is widely recognized as one of the most successful African American businessmen in the country.

How many sacks did Bruce Smith have in the Super Bowl?

Bruce Smith’s exceptional defensive performance in the next year’s games allowed him to lead the Buffalo Bills to Super Bowl XXV. He reached his personal highest in sacks, having achieved nineteen sacks but fell short of the sacks record in a single season by three.

During the Super Bowl, Smith played a crucial role in helping his team’s defense, and he was able to put pressure on the Giant’s quarterback. Unfortunately, the Bills were unable to win the game, losing to the New York Giants by just one point in the final moments of the game.

Despite the heartbreaking loss, Smith’s incredible defensive performance did not go unnoticed, and he was named to the Pro Bowl for the sixth time in his career. Bruce Smith was known for his exceptional abilities as a pass-rusher and his outstanding skills in disrupting the opposing team’s offensive plays.

Smith’s prowess on the field earned him a well-deserved place as one of the all-time greatest defensive players in NFL history.

What did Bruce Smith get suspended for?

Bruce Smith faced suspension in 1988 for violating the National Football League’s substance-abuse policy. Here are some of the relevant details:

  • Smith was a football player who faced disciplinary action.
  • The suspension lasted for the first four games of the 1988 season.
  • The reason for the suspension was a violation of the substance-abuse policy.
  • The policy in question was established by the NFL.
  • It’s not specified what substance Smith abused.
  • The suspension was likely intended as a deterrent for other players.
  • Smith likely received a warning or other consequences before the suspension.
  • Substance abuse is a serious issue in sports and can harm players’ health.
  • The NFL’s policy aimed to protect players and maintain a positive image.
  • This incident demonstrates that even top athletes can face consequences for violating rules.

At what age did Bruce Smith retire?

Bruce Smith retired from the NFL after the 2003 season. He was 52 years old at the time, and he finished his career with an impressive 200 career sacks. Smith was known for his outstanding performance on the field and still holds the record for the most career sacks in NFL history.

He was named to the Pro Bowl 11 times and received the NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award twice, which speaks to his exceptional talent as a defensive player.

In recognition of his immense contributions to football, Smith was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2009, cementing his legacy as one of the greatest players in the game’s history.

Despite his retirement, Smith’s name is still widely recognized and celebrated within the NFL community, and he is remembered as one of the most skilled and dedicated players to have ever donned a football uniform.

How many career sacks does Bruce Smith have?

Bruce Smith is considered one of the greatest defensive linemen in NFL history. He played football for 19 seasons, which is a significant accomplishment. During his football career, Bruce Smith accumulated an impressive 200 sacks, an unimaginable number for any defensive player.

His excellent technique, quickness, and power made him unstoppable on the field. Bruce Smith is considered the all-time NFL sack leader, a testament to his incredible talent.

Besides having a remarkable number of sacks, Bruce Smith was also one of the most decorated players in the NFL.

He was invited to participate in 11 Pro Bowls during his career, which is a record-breaking achievement. This accomplishment demonstrates the respect and admiration he earned from fellow players and coaches in the league.

Bruce Smith played with distinction for both the Buffalo Bills and the Washington Redskins, contributing to the success of each team.

Bruce Smith’s outstanding accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. In 2009, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame, an honor reserved for the most exceptional players in NFL history.

His induction into the Hall of Fame was a fitting tribute to his extraordinary talent, determination, and passion. Bruce Smith’s career and contribution to the NFL are an inspiration to many, and his name will be remembered for generations to come.

Who had 7 sacks in one game?

In a stunning NFL performance, Derrick Thomas recorded 7 sacks in a single game. Thomas was a linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs and set the record on November 11, 1990 against the Seattle Seahawks.

He was unstoppable on the field, consistently breaking through the Seahawks’ offensive line to sack the quarterback. Thomas was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2009 and is considered one of the greatest pass rushers in NFL history.

His record of 7 sacks in one game remains unbroken to this day, showcasing the rarity and difficulty of this incredible achievement.

To Recap

Bruce Smith is a former American football defensive end who played for the Buffalo Bills and the Washington Redskins. He was born on June 18, 1963, in Norfolk, Virginia. Smith has a height of 6 feet 4 inches and weighs 265 lbs.

He attended Booker T. Washington High School and Virginia Tech. Smith was the first overall pick of the 1985 NFL draft. During his career, he won numerous awards such as two NFL Defensive Player of the Year awards, 11 Pro Bowl selections, and eight first-team All-Pro selections.

He is also part of the NFL 100th Anniversary All-Time Team and has his number retired by the Bills.

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