11 Professional Skating Players in Latvia Best of All Time

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Welcome to Latvia, home of some of the best ice skaters in the world! Latvia is proud to boast a long history of producing world-class figure skaters, including Olympic, World, and European Champions.

From Olympic gold medalists to World and European Champions, Latvia has produced some of the most talented and decorated ice skaters in the world. This article will introduce you to the top skating players in Latvia and provide an overview of their accomplishments.

We hope you enjoy learning about the incredible skaters that have come from this small yet mighty country!.

1. Deniss Vasiļjevs


Deniss Vasiļjevs is an accomplished Latvian figure skater. In 2022, he won the bronze medal in the European Championships and the silver medal in the MK John Wilson Trophy. Additionally, he has won four medals in the ISU Challenger Series and five Latvian national championships.

This impressive list of achievements demonstrates the hard work and dedication that he has put into his figure skating career. Deniss Vasiļjevs has earned a reputation as one of the most talented figure skaters from Latvia.

His successes in competitions around the world have earned him a great deal of respect from his peers and fans. He is a true inspiration to all aspiring figure skaters in the country.

His impressive list of accomplishments is a testament to his talent and dedication to the sport. Deniss Vasiļjevs has achieved remarkable success in a short period of time.

His success in the 2022 European Championships, MK John Wilson Trophy, and ISU Challenger Series are all impressive accomplishments.

Moreover, his five Latvian national championships demonstrate his mastery of the sport and his commitment to excellence. Deniss Vasiļjevs has made a lasting impact on the figure skating community. His achievements have inspired many aspiring skaters to pursue their dreams.

His commitment to excellence and determination to succeed have made him an idol to many. His outstanding accomplishments have made him a role model for aspiring figure skaters in Latvia and around the world.

2. Theodor Blueger


Teodors Bļugers is a professional ice hockey player from Latvia. He currently plays for the Vancouver Canucks, a team in the National Hockey League (NHL). Bļugers began his career in Latvia, playing for several youth teams.

He then moved to the United States and played for the North American Hockey League’s Muskegon Lumberjacks before eventually making his way to the NHL.

With the Vancouver Canucks, Bļugers has established himself as a valuable member of the team, playing both as a center and a winger. He is known for his speed and agility on the ice, as well as his offensive skills.

He has scored numerous goals and assists on the ice and is a key part of the Canucks’ success. Bļugers is highly regarded in the hockey world and has become an inspiration for many Latvian players looking to make it to the NHL.

3. Rūdolfs Balcers


Rūdolfs Balcers is a Latvian professional ice hockey player who is currently playing with the ZSC Lions of the National League. He is a forward, meaning he plays in the offensive zone and is responsible for scoring goals.

Balcers was selected by the San Jose Sharks at the 2015 NHL Entry Draft, 142nd overall. This was a significant moment for the young Latvian, as it marked the first time a player from his country was drafted into the NHL.

It was a proud day for him and his family, and a testament to the hard work and dedication that he had invested in his career.

He now is part of the ZSC Lions and looks to use this experience as a platform to continue his successes and work towards a successful career in the NHL.

4. Konstantin Kostin

Konstantin V. Kostin is a renowned Latvian figure skater. He began his competitive career as a member of the Soviet Union until the year of 1991.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Kostin continued to compete as a representative of Latvia from 1992 to the end of his career in 2001. Throughout his career, Kostin was able to achieve multiple accolades and awards.

Notably, he won the silver medal at the 1992 World Junior Championships and also earned the bronze medal at the 1992 Karl Schäfer Memorial. His accolades solidify his place as one of the most successful Latvian figure skaters of all time.

5. Oļegs Šļahovs

Oļegs Šļahovs, also known as Oleg Shliakhov, is a Latvian pair skater who competed with Elena Berezhnaya from 1992 to 1996. The pair had some success, most notably placing eighth at the 1994 Winter Olympics.

Unfortunately, their partnership came to an abrupt end after an incident during a side-by-side camel spin, where Shliakhov’s blade cut into Berezhnaya’s head, causing her to seek medical attention.

This incident ended their partnership and both skaters went on to pursue their careers separately. Shliakhov eventually retired from competitive skating in 2004 and has since become a coach.

He has trained multiple pairs and dance teams, helping them to reach the highest levels of competition.

He currently coaches at a university in Latvia and is credited with helping to develop the skills of some of the best skaters in the country. Over the years, Shliakhov has become a well-known figure in the figure skating world.

His former partnership with Berezhnaya is a popular topic of discussion among fans and he is often remembered for the unfortunate accident that ended their time together.

Despite the incident, Shliakhov has continued to be passionate about the sport and is known for his dedication to helping the next generation of skaters achieve their dreams.

6. Valeria Masarsky

Valeria Masarsky is a former competitive figure skater who represented Latvia. She had an impressive career in the sport, having won the Latvian National Championship four times.

Furthermore, Masarsky showed her talent on the international stage, having qualified for the free skate at three International Skating Union (ISU) Championships. The first of these was the 1998 European Figure Skating Championships in Milan, Italy.

She then went on to the 1999 European Championships in Prague, Czech Republic and finally the 1999 World Championships in Helsinki, Finland. Her accomplishments speak to her skill and dedication to the sport, having achieved success on such a high level.

7. Jūlija Tepliha

Jūlija Tepliha, commonly known as Julia Teplih, is an esteemed Latvian figure skater.

She has achieved remarkable success in her field and is best known for becoming the Latvian national champion in 2001. Tepliha began her figure skating career at a young age and quickly rose to prominence in the skating world.

She has competed in numerous prestigious competitions, continually showing off her skill and talent. In 2001, her hard work paid off when she was crowned the Latvian national champion.

This victory was especially significant for Tepliha as it marked a major milestone in her career. After becoming the Latvian national champion, Tepliha continued to excel in the sport.

She has also participated in several international competitions, including the European Figure Skating Championships and the World Figure Skating Championships.

Her impressive performances in these events have further established her as a premier figure skater. Overall, Jūlija Tepliha is a remarkable figure skater who has achieved much success in her field.

She is best known for becoming the 2001 Latvian national champion, a feat that has made her a household name in Latvia and around the world. Tepliha’s dedication to the sport continues to inspire figure skaters everywhere.

8. Stasija Rage

Stasija Rage is a former competitive figure skater from Latvia. She was born in Riga, the capital city of Latvia, and rose to fame in the figure skating world after becoming the 2008 Latvian national champion.

Stasija began her figure skating career at an early age, taking to the ice at just four years old. Since then, she has achieved a successful competitive career, achieving multiple successes within the Latvian figure skating community.

Her rise to prominence in the sport has been a testament to her dedication and hard work. She is a great example of what hard work and determination can achieve in the world of figure skating, inspiring others to reach their dreams.

9. Kristīne Gaile

Kristīne Gaile and her twin sister Ieva Gaile are Latvian figure skaters who were born in Jelgava, Latvia. Kristīne started her skating career at the age of four, and two years later she decided to switch coaches and began training in Ventspils, Latvia.

This decision was likely taken to further her career and give her the best chance of success in the figure skating world. In Jelgava, Kristīne learned the basics of figure skating on the ice, developing her technique and skill.

After two years she felt that she needed to take her training to the next level, so she decided to change coaches and move to Ventspils.

This new location gave her access to more advanced coaching and a higher level of competition that would better prepare her for a successful career as a figure skater. The move to Ventspils allowed Kristīne to focus on her skating, as the environment was more conducive to learning and development.

She was able to hone her technique and perfect her moves, giving her an edge over her competitors. Kristīne’s hard work paid off, and she and her sister have since become successful competitive figure skaters. Kristīne’s success is a testament to her dedication and hard work.

She was willing to take a risk and move away from her home to pursue her passion, and it has paid off in the long run. Her story is an inspiration to anyone who wants to follow their dreams.

10. Angelīna Kučvaļska

Angelīna Kučvaļska is an accomplished Latvian figure skater.

She has achieved many successes throughout her career, including being the 2014 CS Volvo Open Cup champion, a two-time Toruń Cup champion, the 2014 Tallinn Trophy champion, and a five-time Latvian national champion. Kučvaļska first began competing in international events in 2011, when she placed 5th at the International Challenge Cup.

She went on to place 5th at the 2013 Nebelhorn Trophy and 4th at the 2014 Volvo Open Cup. At the 2014 Volvo Open Cup, Kučvaļska won her first international title, becoming the champion. Kučvaļska continued to have success in the subsequent years.

She placed 7th at the 2015 Nebelhorn Trophy and won her second international title at the 2016 Toruń Cup.

She also placed 2nd at the 2017 Toruń Cup and won her third international title at the 2018 Tallinn Trophy. In addition to her international success, Kučvaļska has also won five Latvian national titles.

She won her first national title in 2014 and went on to win four more titles in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2019. Overall, Angelīna Kučvaļska is a very accomplished and successful figure skater. She has won many international titles, as well as five Latvian national titles.

She is an inspiration to many aspiring figure skaters and is a prime example of what hard work and dedication can achieve.

11. Ieva Gaile

Ieva Gaile is a Latvian figure skater who was born in Jelgava, Latvia. She started her skating career at the tender age of four, which was two years before her twin sister Kristine Gaile was born.

After two years of skating in Jelgava, Ieva decided to change her coaches and moved to Ventspils, Latvia to continue her training. Throughout her career, Ieva has been dedicated to her sport and has achieved many accomplishments.

She has won several national and international competitions, including the Latvian National Championships and the Grand Prix of Figure Skating.

She also represented Latvia in the European and World Championships and was a part of the Latvian team that competed at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Ieva’s dedication to her craft and passion for figure skating shines through in every performance.

She has a unique style that is both graceful and powerful. She is a strong competitor who is always pushing herself to be the best skater that she can be. Ieva Gaile is an inspiring figure skater who is an example of dedication and hard work.

She is a great role model to aspiring figure skaters everywhere, showing that with dedication and hard work, anything is possible.


Latvia is home to some of the best skating players in the world. With a strong national team and some of the best ice rinks in the world, Latvia is a great place for aspiring skaters to hone their skills and develop into world-class athletes.

With its ever-growing skating community, Latvia is quickly becoming a powerhouse in the skating world and will continue to produce some of the best skating players in the world.

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