6 Best Skating Players in New Zealand: A Historical Perspective

Aleksandr Smokvin

New Zealand is home to some of the best skaters in the world. From top international competitors to local legends, the country has produced some incredible talents who have made a name for themselves on the global stage.

From the renowned Tony Hawk to the up and coming stars of the scene, New Zealand has produced some of the most talented skaters on the planet.

We will take a look at some of the best skaters hailing from New Zealand, and what makes them such successful athletes.

1. Shane Dobbin

Shane Dobbin is a talented athlete from New Zealand. He is an accomplished inline skater and speed skater. His success in these two disciplines is clearly demonstrated by his two silver medals at The World Games.

In 2001, he earned a silver medal at The World Games in Akita and five years later, in 2005, he repeated his success at The World Games in Duisburg. This is a remarkable achievement, especially considering the competition he was up against.

His continued success is a testament to his athletic ability and determination.

2. Anje Kremer

Anje Kremer is a remarkable individual who has had a unique life journey. Born in the Netherlands, Kremer emigrated to New Zealand in February 1970 with her family.

Upon arriving in New Zealand, Kremer quickly took up the sport of speed skating, and in 1973, she was part of New Zealand’s first-speed skating team to compete in an international competition. Kremer’s passion for speed skating is evident in her success; she competed at a competitive level for many years.

Her skill and dedication to the sport led her to represent New Zealand at many competitions, including the World Championships in 1976, the 1980 Winter Olympics, and the 1984 Winter Olympics. Kremer’s success as a speed skater was not limited to just competing.

She was also an active member of the New Zealand Speed Skating Association, serving as President for several years.

Through this role, she was able to promote the sport of speed skating and help to develop and grow the sport in her adopted country. Kremer’s legacy as a speed skater is an inspiring one.

Her dedication and passion for the sport has helped to develop the sport in New Zealand and beyond. She is a role model for many up-and-coming speed skaters, and her accomplishments will be remembered for many years to come.

3. Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson is a New Zealand athlete who specializes in short track speed skating. He is considered a highly skilled competitor in the sport and has been achieving success since the early 2000s. Jackson made his Olympic debut in 2002 at the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics.

He was chosen to compete in three events, namely the 500m, 1000m, and 1500m races. He was the first athlete from New Zealand to ever compete in a Winter Olympic event. Jackson was unable to medal at the 2002 Olympics, but he achieved a personal best in the 1500m race.

He also set a personal best in the 1000m race, though he was unable to break the Olympic record. Despite not taking home a medal, Jackson’s performance was remarkable and he was celebrated by his fellow New Zealanders.

Mark Jackson has since retired from speed skating, but his accomplishments and legacy in the sport will not be forgotten. He was a pioneer for New Zealand athletes in Winter Olympic events and made history in 2002.

4. Peter Michael

Peter Michael is an incredibly talented speed skater from New Zealand. Having achieved multiple world titles in inline speed skating, he has become a renowned figure in the skating world.

In December 2020, he joined the Dutch Team FrySk, further solidifying his position as an elite athlete. Michael has had a storied career in inline speed skating, winning a total of 12 world championship titles.

He has also earned two medals at The World Games in 2013 and 2017, cementing his legacy as one of the greatest speed skaters of all time. Michael’s incredible achievements have been widely celebrated, and his commitment to the sport is truly inspiring.

His dedication to the sport and tireless work ethic have allowed him to reach the highest levels of success. He is a true role model for aspiring skaters, and his accomplishments will be remembered for years to come.

5. Ricky Cockerill

Ricky Cockerill is a former competitive figure skater from New Zealand. He is a seven-time New Zealand national champion and has represented his country at five Four Continents Championships.

This is a major international event in figure skating, and Ricky had the honor of competing in the free skate event at all five of these championships. His success at the national level is a testament to his talent, skill, and dedication to the sport.

Ricky has certainly made a name for himself in the world of figure skating.

6. Alexandra Rout

Alexandra “Allie” Rout is an accomplished figure skater from New Zealand. She has achieved the distinction of being a six-time New Zealand national champion. Allie made her debut in the ISU Junior Grand Prix in Croatia, where she placed 7th and earned a score of 115.17 points.

Her performance at the 2008 World Junior Figure Skating Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria, was also impressive, as she finished 22nd overall. Allie’s remarkable achievements are a testament to her dedication to the sport of figure skating and her determination to succeed.

She is an inspiration to aspiring young figure skaters in her home country of New Zealand and beyond.


New Zealand has some of the best skating players in the world. These athletes have achieved great success in the sport and have earned a reputation for being some of the most talented skaters in the world.

From the Olympic champions to the international competitors, New Zealand has a proud history of producing some of the best skating talent in the world.

Skating is an important part of the culture in New Zealand and the athletes are held in high regard by the people of the country.

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