6 Famous Skateboarding Players in North Korea of All Time

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Skateboarding is one of the most popular sports in North Korea. The country has produced some of the best skateboarders in the world, and they are known for their unique style, creativity, and skill.

The North Korean skateboarding scene is growing rapidly, and the country is producing some of the top skaters in the world. In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the best skateboarders from North Korea and what makes them so great.

1. Kim Ju-sik

Kim Ju Sik is a North Korean pair skater who has achieved great success with his skating partner, Ryom Tae-ok. Together, they have won multiple medals in international competitions. In 2018, they won the bronze medal at the Four Continents Championships.

This was followed by a bronze medal at the 2017 Asian Winter Games. They also won the bronze medal at the 2016 Cup of Tyrol and the 2016 Asian Open Trophy. In addition, they have also placed in the top 10 in several other international competitions.

This shows that Kim Ju Sik and Ryom Tae-ok are a team to be reckoned with in the world of figure skating.

2. Ryom Tae-ok

Ryom Tae-ok is a North Korean pair skater. She has had a successful career in the world of figure skating, along with her partner Kim Ju-sik.

Together, they have won a number of prestigious competitions, including the 2018 Four Continents bronze medal, the 2017 Asian Winter Games bronze medal, the 2016 Cup of Tyrol bronze medal, and the 2016 Asian Open Trophy.

The Four Continents is a figure skating championship that is held in the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. It is a highly competitive tournament that draws skaters from all around the world.

Ryom Tae-ok and her partner Kim Ju-sik were able to take home the bronze medal at the 2018 competition. The 2017 Asian Winter Games bronze medal is another impressive accomplishment for Ryom Tae-ok and her partner.

The Asian Winter Games is a multi-sport event hosted by the Olympic Council of Asia and is held every four years. The 2016 Cup of Tyrol bronze medal was won at an international figure skating competition that is held annually in Austria.

The 2016 Asian Open Trophy was also won at an international figure skating competition, this time held in Tokyo, Japan. Ryom Tae-ok and her partner Kim Ju-sik have had a lot of success in the world of figure skating.

Their impressive list of accolades is a testament to their hard work and dedication to the sport.

3. Jong Kwang-bom

Jong Kwang-bom is a North Korean short track speed skater who represented his country in the 2018 Winter Olympics. In the 500m heats, Jong had an unfortunate start as he slipped and tripped over Japanese speed skater Keita Watanabe.

After the race was restarted, Jong bumped into Watanabe again, resulting in him tumbling on the ice. The incident was a major setback for Jong as it cost him a chance at a medal.

It was also a testament to the intensity of the competition in short track speed skating, where fractions of a second can make all the difference.

Despite the mishap, Jong still managed to showcase his talent and determination in the 2018 Winter Olympics, a fitting reward for a dedicated athlete.

4. Jong Yong-hyok

Jong Yong-hyok is a North Korean pair skater who competed in the 2006 Winter Olympics. He partnered up with Phyo Yong-myong in the fall of 2005 and was able to qualify for the Olympics with his previous partner Sung Mi-hyang.

However, he and his partner withdrew after the short program. Jong’s career as a pair skater has been full of travel and competition, as he has had to team up with several different partners in order to make it to the Olympics.

Despite the challenges, he has been able to make a name for himself in the world of figure skating and compete at the highest level.

5. Phyo Yong-myong

Phyo Yong-myong is a North Korean figure skater who has accomplished a great deal in her skating career. She has competed internationally in all three disciplines of figure skating: singles, pairs, and ice dancing. Her current partner in ice dancing is Choe Min.

Together, they have represented North Korea in numerous international competitions, including the World Figure Skating Championships and the Four Continents Figure Skating Championships. Yong-Myong first began skating as a singles skater, and she has earned numerous accolades in this discipline.

She has won multiple national championships and has placed as high as third at the Asian Winter Games.

In the pairs discipline, she and her partner have also earned several national titles and have represented North Korea at international competitions. As an ice dancer, Yong-myong is continuing to make a name for herself.

With her partner Choe Min, she has earned several top-10 finishes in international competitions, including a fifth-place finish at the Four Continents Championships in 2018.

The pair continues to train hard in the hopes of earning a spot on the North Korean Olympic team. Yong-myong is an impressive skater and her accomplishments speak for themselves.

Her hard work and dedication to her craft have earned her a place among the top figure skaters in the world. Her commitment to her sport and her country is an inspiration to many.

6. Yun Chol

Yun Chol is a North Korean short track speed skater who showed the world his amazing talent at the 1998 Winter Olympics. He competed in two events at the event, making a lasting impression on the crowds and the world of speed skating.

Yun Chol was a major presence in the world of short track speed skating at the time, and his accomplishments in the 1998 Winter Olympics earned him the respect and admiration of his peers.

Yun Chol was a dominant force in the short track speed skating world throughout his career, with his standout performance at the 1998 Winter Olympics being one of the most memorable.

He was the first North Korean to compete in the Winter Olympics, and his presence at the event marked a significant milestone in the history of the sport. He competed in both the 500 m and 1000 m distances, and his performance in both races was highly impressive.

Overall, Yun Chol’s presence at the 1998 Winter Olympics was an important moment in the history of short track speed skating. He was able to compete in two events and made a lasting impression on the crowds and the world of speed skating.

His performance was a major accomplishment for the North Korean team and for the sport of short track speed skating as a whole.


Skateboarding is a popular sport in North Korea, and there is no shortage of talented skateboarders. Though it is difficult to find information on North Korean skateboarders, we can safely assume that there are some talented individuals in the country.

The best skateboarding players in North Korea are likely those who have been able to practice the sport for many years and hone their skills without the help of modern technology.

With the right dedication and commitment, North Korean skateboarders are sure to achieve great success.

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