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XFL Teams List

The XFL, the Xtreme Football League, was a breath of fresh air in the world of professional football. In its short but impactful existence, the league captured the hearts of fans with its unique approach to the game. 

The XFL was all about reimagining the football experience, and at the core of this were the teams. In this blog post, we’ll deeply dive into the world of XFL teams. 

From the St. Louis Battlehawks, whose legacy lives on in the hearts of dedicated fans, to the Vegas Vipers, who aimed to capture the spirit of the vibrant city they represented. 

We’ll discuss key players, passionate fan bases, team performance, and the lasting impact of these franchises. 

Whether you’re a die-hard XFL fan or just curious about the teams that made the league so special, join us on this journey through the XFL Teams List.

What Is the XFL Team?

The XFL, or Xtreme Football League, was a professional American football league. It featured multiple teams across various cities in the United States. The XFL teams were central to the league’s appeal and identity. 

These teams represented their respective regions and brought football to fans who were craving an alternative to traditional NFL football.

Each XFL team had its unique brand, colors, and identity. They featured talented players, coaches, and passionate fan bases. 

The XFL aimed to provide an exciting, fan-centric football experience, and the teams were at the heart of this mission. The league encouraged innovation and embraced new rules and formats to make the game more thrilling.

While the XFL’s existence was relatively short-lived, the teams played a crucial role in rekindling the football spirit in cities without NFL franchises. 

The XFL teams remain a vital part of the league’s legacy, remembered for their contribution to the world of football entertainment.

XFL Teams List

Here are the eight XFL teams of 2023. Please check out all the necessary information about these teams right below:

1. Arlington Renegades

Arlington Renegades

The Arlington Renegades were among the eight teams participating in the 2020 XFL season. They represented the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area, specifically the city of Arlington, Texas. 

The team was led by head coach Bob Stoops, a highly respected and successful coach known for his tenure with the University of Oklahoma.

Key Players

The Renegades had some notable players on their roster, including quarterback Landry Jones, who had previous NFL experience and was considered one of the top quarterbacks in the XFL. 

Their defense featured standout players like linebacker Tegray Scales and safety Derron Smith.

Fan Base

Arlington Renegades drew support from the passionate football fans in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, a region known for its fervent football culture.

The team played their home games at the Globe Life Park, the former home of the Texas Rangers MLB team.


The Renegades had a mixed season, finishing with a 2-3 record and narrowly missing the playoffs. Injuries to key players, including Landry Jones, affected their performance.


Unfortunately, the XFL’s 2020 season was cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to the league suspending operations. 

This means the Arlington Renegades, like all XFL teams from that season, did not have the opportunity to establish a long-lasting legacy.

2. D.C. Defenders

D.C. Defenders

The D.C. Defenders represented the Washington, D.C., area in the 2020 XFL season. They were one of the more successful teams during that abbreviated season.

Key Players

The Defenders were led by head coach Pep Hamilton and featured notable players such as quarterback Cardale Jones, who had previously won a national championship with Ohio State and had experience in the NFL. 

The team’s defense was anchored by standout players like linebacker Jonathan Celestin and cornerback Elijah Campbell.

Fan Base

The D.C. Defenders enjoyed solid fan support from the nation’s capital. Their home games were played at Audi Field, a soccer-specific stadium located in the Southwest Waterfront neighborhood of D.C.


The Defenders had a strong start to the season, winning their first two games. However, their performance dipped in the latter part of the season, and they missed the playoffs with a 3-2 record.


While the XFL’s 2020 season was cut short, the D.C. Defenders left a positive impression on fans, and Cardale Jones, in particular, emerged as one of the league’s standout stars.

3. Houston Roughnecks

Houston Roughnecks

The Houston Roughnecks were one of the eight original teams in the XFL, a professional football league that aimed to provide an alternative to the NFL. 

The team was coached by June Jones and played their home games at TDECU Stadium in Houston, Texas. 

The Roughnecks were part of the XFL’s 2020 season, which was unfortunately cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Key Players

The Roughnecks’ quarterback, P.J. Walker, was one of the standout stars of the XFL. He displayed his dual-threat abilities, throwing for over 1,300 yards and 15 touchdowns, earning him a shot in the NFL with the Carolina Panthers.

Wide receiver Cam Phillips was another standout for the Roughnecks, forming a dynamic connection with P.J. Walker. He led the league in touchdown receptions, making him a fan favorite.

Fan Base

The Roughnecks developed a passionate fan base in Houston during their short-lived season. The “Roughnecks Nation” embraced the team’s blue-collar identity and the exciting style of play. 

The fans filled TDECU Stadium and created a vibrant atmosphere for home games, helping the team become one of the more popular franchises in the XFL.


During the 2020 XFL season, the Roughnecks were among the most successful teams. They finished with a 5-0 record, making them the only undefeated team in the league when the season ended prematurely due to the pandemic. 

The Roughnecks’ high-scoring offense and aggressive defense were key to their success.


The Houston Roughnecks left a memorable legacy in the XFL’s short history. 

Their undefeated season and exciting style of play made them a fan favorite, and several players, including P.J. Walker, earned opportunities in the NFL. 

While the XFL’s initial iteration was cut short, the Roughnecks and their fans demonstrated that there was an appetite for alternative football leagues in the United States.

4. Orlando Guardians

Orlando Guardians

The Orlando Guardians were one of the eight teams that participated in the 2020 XFL season. Coached by Jonathan Hayes, the team played their home games at Exploria Stadium in Orlando, Florida. 

The Guardians aimed to establish themselves as a competitive and entertaining football franchise in a city known for its love of sports.

Key Players

Aaron Murray was the Guardians’ starting quarterback and a familiar face to college football fans as he had a successful career at the University of Georgia. He led the team’s offense and was a pivotal figure.

McGloin, another quarterback, had experience in the NFL and brought leadership and experience to the Guardians.

Fan Base

The Guardians had the challenge of building a fan base in a city with strong sports ties, including the Orlando Magic in the NBA. 

While they faced competition for attention, the team worked hard to engage local fans and promote their games. 

The fan base was passionate, albeit smaller than some of the more established franchises in the XFL.


The Guardians had a mixed performance during the 2020 XFL season. They finished with a 3-2 record, which was respectable, but they struggled with inconsistency. 

Their defense showed promise, but the offense had its ups and downs. Despite the challenges, they managed to remain competitive throughout the season.


While the Orlando Guardians didn’t have the same level of success and fanfare as some other XFL teams, they played a role in the league’s attempt to establish itself as a viable alternative to the NFL. 

The team’s legacy lies in its contribution to the resurgence of spring football and its efforts to capture fans’ interest in Orlando. 

The XFL, as a whole, was a bold experiment, and the Guardians were a part of that unique football journey.

5. San Antonio Brahmas

San Antonio Brahmas

The San Antonio Brahmas are a professional football team based in San Antonio, Texas, competing in the XFL. 

The team takes its name from the rich cultural heritage of Texas and the state’s passion for football. The Brahmas are known for their strong and physical playing style, embracing the rugged essence of Texas football.

Key Players

Max Rodriguez is the heart of the Brahmas’ offense, known for his strong arm and ability to make quick decisions under pressure.

Olivia Sanchez is a dominating presence on the defensive line, capable of disrupting opponents’ offensive strategies with her powerful tackles.

Fan Base

The San Antonio Brahmas have a dedicated and passionate fan base. They are known for their pre-game tailgating parties, creating a vibrant atmosphere in and around the stadium. 

The fans proudly wear Brahmas jerseys and bring their iconic cowbell to matches, which adds to the team’s unique spirit.


The Brahmas have been a mixed bag in terms of performance. They have made it to the playoffs multiple times but have yet to secure an XFL championship. 

The team is known for their resilience and hard-nosed approach to the game, making them a formidable opponent for any team in the league.


The San Antonio Brahmas have left a lasting legacy in the XFL with their fierce playing style and dedicated fan base. 

They are known for their strong emphasis on community engagement and charitable work, further solidifying their place in the hearts of San Antonio residents.

6. Seattle Sea Dragons

Seattle Sea Dragons

The Seattle Sea Dragons are a professional football team hailing from Seattle, Washington. 

They draw their inspiration from the maritime history of the Pacific Northwest and have a reputation for their dynamic and fast-paced style of play.

Key Players

Jake Henderson is known for his incredible speed and agility, making him a threat to opposing defenses with his ability to make big plays.

Mia Roberts is a lockdown cornerback renowned for intercepting passes and breaking up the opposing team’s passing games.

Fan Base

The Sea Dragons enjoy immense support from the Seattle community. Fans in Seattle are known for their unwavering loyalty, often filling the stadium to capacity. 

The team’s colors and mascot reflect the city’s strong connection to the sea, and fans enthusiastically embrace this identity.


The Sea Dragons have had a strong presence in the XFL, consistently making it to the playoffs. They won the XFL championship in their second season, a testament to their skill and teamwork. 

Their exciting brand of football and strong defensive unit make them perennial contenders.


The Seattle Sea Dragons have left a significant legacy in the XFL, establishing themselves as a dynamic and competitive team. 

They have also been active in community service, particularly in environmental and marine conservation efforts, reflecting their commitment to their city’s values.

7. St. Louis Battlehawks

St. Louis Battlehawks

The St. Louis Battlehawks were among the eight teams in the XFL, a professional American football league. They played their home games at The Dome at America’s Center in St. Louis, Missouri. 

The team was a part of the XFL’s revival in 2020, generating a decent amount of enthusiasm among football fans in the region.

Key Players

Ta’amu emerged as a breakout star for the Battlehawks, displaying his dual-threat capabilities and strong arm. He was a pivotal player in their offense.

Pierson-El was a dynamic receiver and a potent return specialist who made crucial plays throughout the season.

Fan Base

The St. Louis Battlehawks quickly built a passionate and dedicated fan base. St. Louis had lost its NFL team, the Rams, in 2016, and the Battlehawks provided an opportunity for football-starved fans to rally behind a local team. 

The “St. Louis faithful” were known for their unwavering support, turning out in good numbers for home games, and creating a vibrant atmosphere.


During the abbreviated 2020 XFL season, the Battlehawks performed admirably. 

Under the guidance of head coach Jonathan Hayes, they finished the regular season with a 3-2 record, landing them second in the Eastern Division. 

They were regarded as one of the more competitive teams in the league, with an exciting brand of football.


The St. Louis Battlehawks were significantly impacted during their short existence in the XFL. 

They rekindled the football spirit in a city that had lost its NFL franchise, and their legacy lives on in the hearts of dedicated fans who embraced the team during their time in the league.

8. Vegas Vipers

Vegas Vipers

The Vegas Vipers were among the eight teams in the 2020 XFL season. They represented Las Vegas, Nevada, and played their home games at Sam Boyd Stadium. 

The Vipers aimed to capture the excitement and entertainment spirit of Las Vegas in their XFL games.

Key Players

McGloin, an experienced quarterback, was a key player for the Vipers. His leadership and ability to execute plays were vital for the team.

Spicer was known for his fierce tackling and aggressive style of play, making him a standout on the Vipers’ defense.

Fan Base

The Vegas Vipers had a unique challenge and opportunity to tap into the city’s vibrant and diverse entertainment culture. Their fan base included locals and tourists, adding to the excitement of each game. 

However, they faced competition from various entertainment options available in Las Vegas.


The Vipers struggled during the 2020 XFL season. Coached by Winston Moss, they finished with a 1-4 record, placing them at the bottom of the Western Division.

Despite some talented players, the team failed to succeed on the field consistently.


The Vegas Vipers, like some other XFL teams, faced difficulties in establishing themselves in a competitive sports and entertainment market. 

Their legacy includes being a part of the XFL’s attempt to bring football to Las Vegas, but their limited success on the field left room for improvement in future seasons, should the league continue.

XFL Season Format

XFL Season Format

The XFL (Xtreme Football League) had a unique season format during its revival in 2020. While the league was in operation, it featured a distinct format that aimed to provide fans with exciting and innovative football experiences. 

Here’s an overview of the XFL season format:

1. Number of Teams

  • The 2020 XFL season featured eight teams divided into Eastern and Western conferences.

2. Regular Season

  • The regular season consisted of 10 weeks, with each team playing a total of 10 games.
  • Teams played five home games and five away games.
  • The regular season schedule was structured to maximize regional rivalries and reduce team travel time.

3. Playoffs

  • The XFL playoffs followed a unique format compared to traditional football leagues.
  • Instead of traditional divisional playoffs, the top two teams from each conference advanced to the playoffs.
  • There were no bye weeks for top-seeded teams. All four playoff teams competed in a single-elimination format.
  • The winners of the Eastern and Western Conference Championships advanced to the XFL Championship game.

4. Overtime Rules

  • The XFL introduced an exciting and fan-friendly overtime format.
  • Overtime consisted of five “rounds,” with each team getting a single offensive play from the five-yard line.
  • Teams had the option to go for one point (from the two-yard line), two points (from the five-yard line), or three points (from the ten-yard line) on each play.
  • This format aimed to reduce the length of overtime and add more strategy and excitement to the game.

5. Innovations and Rule Changes

The XFL was known for experimenting with various rule changes and innovations to make the game faster, safer, and more entertaining. Some of these changes included:

  • The kickoff, featured new formations to encourage returns and reduce high-speed collisions.
  • The point-after-touchdown attempts, allowed teams to choose between a one-point, two-point, or three-point conversion.
  • The 25-second play clock to speed up the game.
  • A double forward pass option if the first pass was behind the line of scrimmage.
  • Strict rules regarding ball possession, with fumbles going out of bounds resulting in the offense retaining possession.

The XFL’s season format was designed to differentiate itself from traditional football leagues and provide fans with a fresh and engaging football experience. 

While the league suspended operations after the 2020 season, its unique approach to the game was appreciated by many fans and continues to influence discussions about the future of football.


How many teams were there in the XFL during the 2020 season?

In the 2020 XFL season, there were a total of eight teams. These teams were divided into two conferences, the Eastern and Western Conferences, each with four teams.

What were some of the key players for the St. Louis Battlehawks?

The St. Louis Battlehawks had notable players, including quarterback Jordan Ta’amu, known for his dual-threat abilities, and receiver/return specialist De’Mornay Pierson-El, who made impactful plays throughout the season.

Which stadium did the Vegas Vipers call home during the XFL season?

The Vegas Vipers played their home games at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada. The stadium provided a fitting venue for the team to capture the city’s entertainment spirit.

How did the XFL playoffs work in 2020?

The XFL playoffs featured the top two teams from each conference competing in a single-elimination format. 

There were no bye weeks for top-seeded teams. The winners of the Eastern and Western Conference Championships advanced to the XFL Championship game.

What were some of the rule innovations introduced by the XFL during its 2020 season?

The XFL introduced several rule changes to enhance the game experience, such as innovative kickoff formations, multiple-point conversions after touchdowns, a 25-second play clock, and a unique overtime format with five rounds of single-play possessions. 

These changes aimed to make the game faster, safer, and more exciting.

Wrapping Up

The XFL Teams List has been an exhilarating journey through the short-lived but impactful world of the Xtreme Football League. 

From the St. Louis Battlehawks, who rekindled the football spirit in a city that had lost its NFL franchise, to the Vegas Vipers, who aimed to capture the spirit of the world’s entertainment capital, each franchise had its unique story to tell.

The players, the fans, the performances, and the legacies all contributed to the brief but unforgettable chapter in the history of American football. 

The XFL’s commitment to innovation, with its rule changes and exciting overtime format, left a mark on the game that’s still felt today.

As we bid farewell to the XFL, we’re reminded that it’s not the duration but the impact that defines a league. 

The XFL and its teams proved that football could be daring, thrilling, and vibrant. The memories live on, and the legacy of these teams remains forever etched in the hearts of fans.

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