Why Was Jalen Brunson Drafted So Low?

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The Dallas Mavericks were shocked when they selected Jalen Brunson with the 33rd overall pick of the 2018 NBA Draft. Many pundits had predicted that Brunson would be selected much higher, and it seemed as though the Mavericks had found a great value pick.

However, there are several theories as to why Brunson fell so far in the draft, and this essay will explore those theories in greater detail.

Why Was Jalen Brunson Drafted So Low?
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Why Was Jalen Brunson Drafted So Low?

Lack of Elite Athleticism

Jalen Brunson was drafted 33rd overall in the 2018 NBA Draft, much lower than many had anticipated. This was largely due to the lack of elite athleticism Brunson possesses. Brunson, while a great player, lacks the explosiveness and quickness that many coveted prospects possess.

This makes him a liability on the defensive end and limits his ability to get to the rim and finish around the basket. Teams were wary of investing a high draft pick in a player with these limitations.


The other factor that likely contributed to Brunson’s low draft stock was his lack of size. At 6’2”, he is undersized for a point guard, making it difficult for him to compete with the bigger, more physical guards in the NBA.

He is not able to use his size to his advantage in creating space or using his body to shield the ball from defenders.

Poor Showings in Pre-draft Workouts

Brunson’s poor showings in pre-draft workouts likely also played a factor in his low draft stock. He was not invited to the NBA Draft Combine and did not have the opportunity to show scouts what he could do.

Additionally, his performances in individual team workouts were unimpressive, leading teams to be wary of investing too high of a pick on him.

System Player

Brunson is also seen as a “system player”, meaning his success is largely dependent on the system he is playing in. He benefited greatly from Villanova’s motion offense, as it allowed him to make reads and create shots for himself and his teammates.

However, it is unclear how well he would transition to a different system or how successful he would be.


Finally, Brunson’s lack of intangibles likely contributed to his low draft stock. While he is a great leader and teammate, he does not have the same elite passing vision and creativity as other top point guards in the league.

Additionally, his lack of size makes it difficult for him to be a reliable scoring option, as he is not able to create much space for himself and is not a strong finisher at the rim.

How Much Did the Knicks Pay Jalen Brunson?

The New York Knicks have agreed to a four-year deal with Jalen Brunson worth a reported $104 million. This includes a player option for Brunson in the fourth year of the contract. The Knicks are paying the point guard a large sum over the course of four years.

The annual salary on the contract is $26 million. The Knicks have made a major financial commitment to Brunson. The total amount is an impressive $104 million over four years. This is the largest contract the franchise has ever offered to a player.

The Knicks believe Brunson is worth the investment. The deal is a testament to Brunson’s value to the team. Jalen Brunson is now a very rich man after signing with the Knicks for $104 million.

Is Jalen Brunson Good?

Jalen Brunson is an outstanding point guard for the Knicks. He’s averaging 21.9 points per game with impressive efficiency. His scoring has been increasing, with an average of 33.2 points in his last five games.

He’s reliable and dependable in clutch situations. Brunson has remarkable ball handling abilities. His court vision and passing are top-notch. He is a great leader and mentor for younger players. He is able to quickly assess a situation and make the best decision.

His defensive skills are underrated and underrated. Overall, Brunson is an excellent point guard and his impact on the Knicks is undeniable.

What Did the Mavs Get for Brunson?

Trading Brunson to the Timberwolves

The Dallas Mavericks recently traded guard Jalen Brunson to the Minnesota Timberwolves in exchange for the No. 18 overall pick in the 2021 NBA Draft. This marks the first major move of the offseason for the Mavericks, who have been looking to upgrade their roster and move up in the draft.

Adding Depth in the Draft

By trading Brunson, the Mavericks added depth to their 2021 draft class. They now have two first-round picks, the No. 18 and No. 37 overall selections, which they can use to add a young core of talent to their team.

The No. 18 pick will be especially important as it could be used to acquire an impact player to bolster their roster.

Replacing Brunson

The Mavericks will also be looking to replace Brunson in the backcourt. They have reportedly signed Spencer Dinwiddie to a one-year deal, which will give them a solid replacement in the backcourt alongside Luka Doncic.

Dinwiddie is a seasoned veteran who is coming off a solid season with the Brooklyn Nets, so he should be a good fit in Dallas.

Signing Javale Mcgee

The Mavericks also used the taxpayer mid-level exception to sign veteran center JaVale McGee. McGee is a proven rim protector who can help clog up the paint and provide some defensive stability for the Mavericks.

He should also be able to give them some scoring and rebounding off the bench.

Drafting Jaden Hardy

With the No. 37 overall pick, the Mavericks selected Jaden Hardy, a highly-touted prospect from the prep school circuit. Hardy is an athletic guard with good size and a smooth shooting stroke. He has the potential to be an impact player in the NBA and should help bolster the Mavericks’ backcourt rotation.

Who Did the Knicks Trade for Brunson?

The Knicks traded center Nerlens Noel and guard Alec Burks to the Detroit Pistons in order to create salary-cap space to offer Brunson a deal. The Pistons received 2023 and 2024 second-round draft picks and $6 million in cash from the Knicks.

The salary-cap space created by the trade allowed the Knicks to sign Brunson. The trade was beneficial for both teams, as the Pistons received valuable assets. The Knicks received financial relief from the trade, allowing them to sign Brunson.

The trade between the Knicks and Pistons was a win-win for both teams. The Pistons received picks and cash for two players, while the Knicks had the salary-cap space to sign Brunson. The Knicks had the ability to offer Brunson a deal due to the trade with the Pistons.

The Pistons received valuable assets from the Knicks in order to clear salary-cap space for Brunson to sign. The trade between the Knicks and Pistons was a beneficial move for both teams, as both received something of value.

Who is the Highest Paid Nba Player?

The highest paid NBA player in the 2022-23 season is Stephen Curry. His salary is estimated to be $45.2 million dollars. The second highest paid player is LeBron James. His salary is estimated to be $41.2 million dollars.

Curry and James are both superstars in the NBA. They have both won multiple MVP awards and championships. Curry is the all-time leader in three-pointers made and James is a four-time MVP. They both have long-term contracts with their respective teams.

Curry plays for the Golden State Warriors and James plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. These two players will continue to be the highest paid players in the NBA for the foreseeable future.

Can Jalen Brunson Be Traded?

The Knicks and Mavericks have already agreed to a deal that would send Jalen Brunson to New York. The Knicks can use their existing cap space to sign Brunson and Hartenstein, and exceed the cap to re-sign Robinson.

This means that Brunson can be traded without needing to involve any other teams. The Knicks can also execute a sign-and-trade with the Mavericks to acquire Brunson. This would involve the Knicks signing Brunson and then trading him to the Mavericks for an agreed-upon compensation.

A sign-and-trade allows the Knicks to acquire Brunson without using up their cap space. However, both teams would need to agree to the trade and compensation package for it to go through. Both teams would also need to meet the salary cap requirements to make the trade work.

The NBA also has to approve any sign-and-trade deals involving a player. Ultimately, Jalen Brunson can be traded if the Knicks and Mavericks agree to a sign-and-trade deal.

How Much Does Lebron Make a Year?


Lebron James is one of the highest-paid players in the NBA, making an estimated $37.4 million a year between salary and endorsements. His salary for the 2019–20 season is $37.2 million, making him the second-highest paid player in the league, behind only Stephen Curry.


In addition to his salary, Lebron James earns a substantial amount of money from his endorsements. According to Forbes, he earns an estimated $52 million a year from endorsements alone, making him the highest-paid athlete in the world.

He has endorsement deals with Nike, Coca Cola, Beats by Dre, Kia Motors, McDonalds, and Intel, among others.

Investment Income

In addition to his salary and endorsements, Lebron James earns a substantial amount of money from investments. He is a minority owner of the Liverpool Football Club and a partner in the media company SpringHill Entertainment.

He also has investments in numerous tech startups, including the sports data company, Sportradar, and the headphone maker, Beats by Dre.

Business Ventures

Lebron James has also started several business ventures of his own. He owns a production company, SpringHill Entertainment, and a media company, Uninterrupted. He also co-owns a chain of restaurants, Blaze Pizza, and a chain of fitness centers, the LeBron James Family Foundation.


In addition to his salary, endorsements, investments, and business ventures, Lebron James also earns royalties from merchandise sales. According to Forbes, he earned an estimated $32 million in royalties in 2019.

These royalties come from the sale of products featuring his name, likeness, and endorsement.

To Recap

In the end, Jalen Brunson fell much further in the draft than most people anticipated. While there are several theories as to why this occurred, it is clear that the Mavericks were able to find a great value pick that could pay off for years to come.

Brunson has already shown great potential in his rookie season, and it is possible that he could become one of the NBA’s best point guards in the near future. Regardless of why he fell so far in the draft, it is clear that the Dallas Mavericks made a smart decision in selecting him.

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