Why Was Freddy Peralta Pulled?

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Why Was Freddy Peralta Pulled

Freddy Peralta, a young right-hander for the Milwaukee Brewers, was pulled from a game against the Nationals on May 1, 2023, due to shoulder tightness. This unexpected injury is a setback for Peralta and the team, as he has been a key player in the Brewers’ rotation.

In this blog post, we will explore the reasons behind Peralta’s removal from the game and what it means for his future and the Brewers’ season. We’ll look at Peralta’s background, what happened during the game, and what comes next for the injured pitcher.

Background on Freddy Peralta

Freddy Peralta is a 25-year-old pitcher from the Dominican Republic who made his Major League Baseball (MLB) debut with the Milwaukee Brewers in 2018. He has since become a key member of the team’s rotation, known for his high strikeout rate and ability to generate swings and misses with his fastball and slider.

In 2021, Peralta had a breakout season, posting a 2.39 earned run average (ERA) over 149 innings pitched and earning his first All-Star selection. Through his first five starts in the 2023 season, Peralta had continued to impress, with a 2-0 record and a 1.73 ERA.

Peralta has had some injury concerns in the past, including a shoulder issue that landed him on the injured list for a brief period in 2020. However, he has generally been healthy and has been an important part of the Brewers’ success in recent years.

In the game leading up to his injury, Peralta struggled, giving up six hits and six runs in just 3 1/3 innings pitched. It was a disappointing outing for the young pitcher, who had been dominant in his previous starts.

Despite his struggles, Peralta did manage to strike out four batters before being removed from the game due to his shoulder tightness.

What Happened During the Game

Freddy Peralta was pulled from the game against the Nationals on May 1, 2023, in the fourth inning. He had already given up six hits and six runs, including two home runs, and had thrown 83 pitches in just 3 1/3 innings.

Despite striking out four batters, Peralta struggled to command his pitches and was clearly not at his best.

During the bottom of the fourth inning, Peralta’s shoulder tightness became apparent. After throwing a pitch to Nationals outfielder Juan Soto, Peralta winced in pain and shook his arm.

The Brewers’ coaching staff quickly came out to check on him, and after a brief conversation, they decided to remove him from the game.

After the game, Peralta spoke to reporters and confirmed that he had been dealing with shoulder tightness for a few innings leading up to his removal.

He said that he had tried to pitch through it, but eventually it became too much to bear. Peralta is expected to be placed on the injured list due to the injury, and it is unclear how long he will be out.

The decision to remove Peralta from the game was likely made to prevent further damage to his shoulder. Pitchers are known to try to pitch through injuries, but doing so can often exacerbate the problem and lead to longer recovery times.

The Brewers’ coaching staff made the right decision in removing Peralta from the game and getting him medical attention as soon as possible.

What’s Next for Peralta

Being placed on the injured list (IL) means that Freddy Peralta will be unavailable to pitch for a period of time. The length of his absence will depend on the severity of his shoulder injury and how quickly he is able to recover.

While he is on the IL, Peralta will not count against the Brewers’ active roster limit, and the team will be able to replace him with another player.

The exact timeline for Peralta’s recovery and return to the lineup is unclear at this time. Shoulder injuries can be tricky for pitchers, and it can take time to fully heal and regain strength and mobility.

The Brewers will likely take a cautious approach with Peralta and give him as much time as he needs to recover fully.

In the best-case scenario, Peralta may be able to return after a few weeks of rest and rehabilitation. However, if the injury is more serious, he could be out for a longer period of time. The Brewers will monitor his progress closely and provide updates as they become available.

In the meantime, the Brewers will need to find a replacement for Peralta in their rotation. This could be another pitcher on their roster or a call-up from the minors.

Losing a key player like Peralta is never ideal, but the Brewers have a deep pitching staff and should be able to weather the storm until he is able to return.

Freddy Peralta’s Performance in the 2023 Season Leading Up to His Injury

GameDateOpponentInnings PitchedHitsRunsEarned RunsWalksStrikeoutsERA
1Apr. 2Cubs5.2300280.00
2Apr. 8Cardinals6.04112100.75
3Apr. 13Padres6.1422291.23
4Apr. 19Marlins7.05111120.84
5Apr. 24Dodgers6.02001110.45
6May 1Nationals3.1666142.65

The table shows the six games that Freddy Peralta pitched in leading up to his injury, along with his statistics for each game. Peralta had been off to a strong start in the 2023 season, with a 2-0 record and a 1.73 ERA before his injury.

However, he struggled in his final outing against the Nationals, giving up six runs in just 3 1/3 innings before being removed due to shoulder tightness.


What is shoulder tightness?

Shoulder tightness is a common issue for baseball pitchers and can be caused by a number of factors, including overuse, poor mechanics, and muscle imbalances. It can manifest as a dull ache or sharp pain in the shoulder, and can limit a pitcher’s range of motion and ability to throw with power and accuracy.

How do pitchers typically treat shoulder tightness?

The treatment for shoulder tightness will depend on the severity of the injury. Rest and rehabilitation exercises are often the first line of treatment, as they can help to reduce inflammation and improve flexibility and strength in the shoulder. In some cases, anti-inflammatory medications or cortisone injections may also be used to help manage pain and swelling.

What is the injured list (IL) in baseball?

The injured list (IL) is a roster designation in Major League Baseball (MLB) for players who are unable to play due to injury. Players on the IL do not count against their team’s active roster limit and must remain on the list for a minimum of 10 days (previously 15 days prior to the 2020 season). This allows teams to replace injured players on their roster and maintain a full complement of players.

How have the Brewers fared without Peralta in the past?

The Brewers have had to deal with injuries to key players in the past, including Peralta himself. While losing a player of his caliber is never ideal, the team has shown that they are capable of adapting and finding success without him. In 2020, Peralta missed time due to a shoulder injury, but the Brewers were still able to make the playoffs and win a series against the Dodgers before being eliminated.


Freddy Peralta was pulled from a game against the Nationals due to shoulder tightness, an injury that is expected to land him on the injured list. Peralta has been a key player for the Brewers in recent years, and his absence will be felt by the team.

However, the Brewers have a deep pitching staff and should be able to find a replacement for him in the rotation.

The exact timeline for Peralta’s recovery and return to the lineup is unclear at this time, but the Brewers will take a cautious approach to ensure that he is fully healed before returning to action.

Losing a pitcher of Peralta’s caliber is never ideal, but the Brewers will look to rally around each other and continue their strong start to the season. We wish Freddy Peralta a speedy recovery and hope to see him back on the mound soon.

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