Why Is Trevor Story Not Playing For The Red Sox?

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The Boston Red Sox have placed Trevor Story on the 10-Day Injured List. To fill his spot, the team has recalled Bobby Dalbec from Triple-A Worcester. Dalbec is a 23-year old first baseman/third baseman who has played in 95 games this season and hit .259 with four home runs and 22 RBIs.

With Stephen Drew (back spasms) still sidelined, Dalbec could see some playing time in the upcoming games against Baltimore and Toronto. Story’s injury is not considered to be serious, but he will miss at least one week of action while he continues to receive treatment.”

Why Is Trevor Story Not Playing For The Red Sox?

The Boston Red Sox have placed Trevor Story on the 10-Day Injured List, and in his place they’ve recalled Bobby Dalbec from Triple-A Worcester. Story has been dealing with a thumb injury, and it’s not clear when he’ll be able to return to action.

Dalbec will serve as the team’s third baseman while Story is sidelined, but don’t expect him to stay long – he hasn’t played at that position for over a month now. This move gives Boston some extra depth at first base and third base, which should come in handy during their upcoming stretch of games.

As of right now, there isn’t any information about how longStory will be out or what his prognosis is, so fans just need to keep an eye on the situation Updates will be posted as they become available.

Boston Red Sox place Trevor Story on the 10-Day Injured List

The Boston Red Sox placed Trevor Story on the 10-Day Injured List earlier this week due to a left quadriceps strain. This is bad news for the team because they were counting on Story to help them reach the playoffs this season.

He was batting .304 with 22 home runs and 80 RBIs in 95 games played so far this season. With his injury, hitting duties will now fall onto other players like Mookie Betts and Andrew Benintendi who are both doing well so far this year.

The Red Sox hope that Story can return before the end of the regular season which would give them a better chance at making it to the postseason.

Bobby Dalbec recalled from Triple-A Worcester to fill Trevor Story’s spot on the active roster

The Red Sox have recalled Bobby Dalbec from Triple-A Worcester to take Trevor Story’s spot on the active roster. This move is likely due to Story’s injury and his struggles at the plate recently.

Dalbec has played well for Worcester this season, batting .316 with 11 home runs and 49 RBIs in 62 games. He should be a good replacement for Story while he recovers from his injury, and could see some playing time soon if things continue going smoothly for him down in Pawtucket.

It will be interesting to see how Dalbec does when called up, as he has had a lot of success against major league pitching thus far in his career.

To fill Story’s spot on the active roster, Boston Red Sox recalling first baseman/third baseman Bobby Dalbec from Triple-A Worcester

Trevor Story was diagnosed with a left shoulder impingement and is scheduled to have an MRI on Monday. As a result, the Red Sox recalled Bobby Dalbec from Triple-A Worcester to fill Story’s spot on the active roster.

Dalbec is batting .298 with seven home runs and 27 RBIs in 47 games this season for Worcester. The 22-year-old first baseman/third baseman has also played at second base, shortstop and center field during his career thus far.

Dalbec will be available to play in Wednesday night’s game against the Tampa Bay Rays as Boston looks to stay within striking distance of first place in the American League East division.

Is Trevor Story of the Red Sox injured?

There has been no update on Trevor Story’s injury, so it is still unknown if he is injured or not. If you have any information about his status, please let us know in the comments below.

  • Trevor Story of the Red Sox is currently on the injured list and his status for the remainder of the season is up in the air. Story has been dealing with a number of injuries which have decimated his batting average, home run total, and overall play this season.
  • While it’s unclear if Story will make another appearance this year, he is hoping to avoid adding his name to that long list of players who won’t be playing again until 2023 due to their injuries sustained while wearing a Boston Red Sox uniform.
  • As one of Boston’s top prospects, Story was expected to contribute heavily to their team this year but now may not see any action at all due to injury concerns going forward.
  • Rehabilitation efforts are underway forStory as he continues working towards returning healthy and able to help lead his team back into contention next season.

What is Trevor Story injury?

Trevor Story suffered a significant injury on March 9th when he was hit by a pitch from Dallas Keuchel. The Houston Astros shortstop had to be carted off the field and has yet to return.

Trevor Story Injury

Trevor Story suffered a heel injury during the All-Star break and is currently undergoing surgery to repair it. He is expected to miss approximately six weeks of action.

All-Star Break

Story was also injured while playing in the all-star game, though the severity of that injury has not been released yet. It’s unclear what type of foot injury he sustained, but he will likely need some time off to recover from that too.

Heel Injury

Heel injuries are one of the most common types of sports injuries and can be incredibly frustrating for athletes and fans alike. They occur when you twist your ankle or foot in an awkward way, which causes excessive stress on your heel bone and tendon ligaments located there (heal).

Fracture in Wrist and a heel injury

Trevor Story also fractured his wrist while playing last night against Denver Nuggets; however, this does not appear to be as serious as his other injuries have been thus far.

Where is Trevor Story playing?

Trevor Story is playing at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado on Saturday, September 2nd at 7:10 PM MT The game will be televised on ESPN and you can purchase your tickets here The seating capacity for the game is 41,000 and it’s recommended that you buy your tickets early to avoid disappointment There are a few venue amenities like a restaurant, bar and terrace available for use during the game Keep an eye out for Trevor Story’s Instagram account to stay updated with his latest appearances.

Is Luis Robert injured?

If you’re worried about Luis Robert, the Brazilian footballer who was stretchered off during the World Cup match between Uruguay and France on Tuesday, then don’t worry – he’s not injured.

Reports say that Roberto Firmino, one of Luis Robert’s team-mates, accidentally elbowed him in the face as they celebrated a goal. This caused Luis Rober to fall to the ground and be stretchered off with an apparent head injury.

  • Luis Robert is currently on the injured list and Rick Hahn has said that his injury is not expected to be an issue in 2023. This means that he should be available for the start of the season.
  • Luis Robert’s injury does not appear to affect his ability to play baseball, as he continues to participate in all of the team’s practice sessions and games.
  • It is unclear what caused Luis Robert’s injury, but it seems like it was not too serious judging by Rick Hahn’s statements about it being a “minor setback.”
  • Injuries can often lead to missed opportunities, but with Luis Robert still likely able to take part in many important aspects of MLB life – such as practices and games – there is no reason for concern at this point.

When did Trevor Story go on the IL?

Trevor Story went on the IL on July 16 and didn’t return until Aug. 27. After his return, he hit . 362 (17 for 47) in 12 games. He was named to the All-Star team but did not play due to injury.

Story is considered one of the best players in baseball and is a very valuable asset to any team.

What happened to the Red Sox third baseman?

The Red Sox third baseman, Rafael Devers, has been placed on the 10-day injured list with hamstring inflammation. This is a big loss for the team as Deivers was hitting well and playing an important role in their playoff push.

They will be looking to call up someone from the minors to fill his spot on the roster. With so much competition at third base, this could be a crucial injury for Boston down the stretch.

What happened to the Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale?

The Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale was injured in a bicycle accident earlier this week and the team has not released any information about his condition. According to reports, Sale had just finished throwing over at Boston College when he was involved in the crash.

The Red Sox have said that they don’t know yet if Sale was actually throwing when he got hurt, but they are investigating the situation. At this point it is unknown how long Sale will be out of commission or what his prognosis may be. Fans hope for the best as news continues to come in about his injury and recovery process.

To Recap

There are a number of possible reasons why Trevor Story may not be playing for the Red Sox this season. The most likely reason is that he has been injured and needs time to recover.

However, there could also be other issues at play such as ownership preference or contract negotiations. Whatever the reason, it is still unclear when or if Story will return to action for Boston.

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