Why is Sam Querrey Not Playing?

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why is sam querrey not playing

Sam Querrey, a professional tennis player known for his powerful serves and aggressive playing style, found himself embroiled in controversy in 2020. It was a year marred by the COVID-19 pandemic, and Querrey’s decision to leave Russia after testing positive for the virus sent shockwaves through the tennis world.

The incident, characterized as a “serious breach of protocol” by the ATP, raised eyebrows and left many questioning his actions. In this blog, we delve into the enigma surrounding Sam Querrey and explore the reasons why he is currently not playing professional tennis.

We recap the circumstances surrounding his controversial departure from Russia, where he evaded local health authorities and left the country under a shroud of secrecy. Finally, we provide updates on his current status and discuss the potential implications for his future prospects in the world of tennis.

The Controversial Departure

Sam Querrey’s departure from Russia in 2020 amidst testing positive for COVID-19 created a storm of controversy. In a stunning turn of events, Querrey found himself at the center of attention due to the circumstances surrounding his departure. Let’s take a closer look at the events that unfolded:

Testing Positive for Covid-19

While competing in the St. Petersburg Open, Querrey tested positive for the coronavirus. This positive test result meant that he had to adhere to the health and safety protocols established by the tournament organizers and local authorities.

Evading Local Health Authorities

Rather than following the required protocols and isolating in Russia as mandated, Querrey made the decision to leave the country. This decision was made without the knowledge or permission of local health authorities, leading to accusations of evading responsibility and potentially putting others at risk.

Departing the Country in Secrecy

Querrey’s departure was shrouded in secrecy. He and his family left Russia on a private plane without informing the tournament organizers or authorities.

This covert departure drew significant attention and raised questions about the motivations behind such actions.

The Atp’s Response

The ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) swiftly responded to Querrey’s departure, deeming it a serious breach of protocol. The organization, responsible for maintaining the integrity of professional tennis, took the incident very seriously.

Evaluation as a “Serious Breach of Protocol”

The ATP evaluated Querrey’s actions as a serious breach of the established health and safety protocols in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

By leaving Russia without following the proper procedures and without notifying the relevant authorities, Querrey was seen as undermining the protocols put in place to protect players, staff, and the community.

Consequences Faced by Querrey

As a result of his actions, Querrey faced potential consequences from the ATP. These consequences included substantial fines and possible suspensions.

The severity of the breach prompted discussions within the tennis community about the appropriate measures to be taken to ensure the integrity of the sport.

Official Statements From the ATP

The ATP issued official statements expressing their concern and disappointment over Querrey’s departure. They emphasized the importance of adhering to health and safety protocols and reaffirmed their commitment to maintaining a safe environment for all involved in professional tennis.

These statements served as a public admonishment of Querrey’s actions and reiterated the ATP’s dedication to upholding the integrity of the sport.

The ATP’s response to Querrey’s controversial departure highlighted the significance of adhering to established protocols and the potential consequences for those who fail to do so.

The incident served as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by sports organizations in navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and the imperative of individual responsibility in ensuring the safety and well-being of all involved.

Speculations and Consequences

Potential Motivations for Querrey’s Actions

Querrey’s decision to flee Russia after testing positive for COVID-19 left many speculating about his motivations. While it is challenging to determine his exact reasons, several possibilities can be explored.

Concern for his family’s health

One potential motivation could have been Querrey’s concern for the health and well-being of his family. As a husband and father, he may have prioritized their safety and wanted to ensure they received proper medical care in a familiar environment.

Fear of extended quarantine

Quarantine protocols in Russia may have presented challenges or uncertainties for Querrey and his family. He may have been apprehensive about an extended isolation period or the potential impact on his training and preparation for future tournaments.

Risks Sam Wanted to Avoid

Potential health risks

Querrey may have feared contracting a severe form of the virus or complications that could arise while being isolated in Russia. He might have believed that seeking medical assistance in a different location would provide better care or access to resources.

Damage to his professional reputation

By evading local health authorities and leaving without proper authorization, Querrey risked damaging his professional reputation. However, he may have believed that the consequences of being associated with a COVID-19 outbreak would have a more significant impact on his career.

Fallout of Sam Querrey

Disciplinary Actions by the ATP

The ATP took the incident seriously and had the authority to impose disciplinary measures on Querrey. The specific actions taken against him would depend on the severity of the breach and could include fines, suspensions, or other sanctions deemed appropriate by the organization.

Public Reaction and Reputational Damage

Querrey’s actions generated substantial public scrutiny and criticism. The perception that he prioritized personal interests over public health and safety led to backlash from fans, fellow players, and the general public. The incident may have caused reputational damage and strained relationships within the tennis community.

Impact on Career and Tournament Participation

Querrey’s controversial departure could have long-lasting implications for his professional career. Tournament organizers and sponsors may be hesitant to extend invitations to a player associated with a breach of COVID-19 protocols. This could result in limited participation opportunities and potential loss of endorsements or sponsorship deals.

The fallout from Querrey’s actions serves as a reminder of the consequences that can arise from disregarding established protocols and the importance of upholding the integrity of the sport.

The impact on his career and public perception will depend on the actions taken by the ATP and how Querrey handles the aftermath of this controversial incident.

Current Status and Future Prospects

Latest Updates on Querrey

Regarding public statements or interviews from Querrey regarding the incident and its aftermath, it would be important to consult recent news sources or his official channels to access any statements he may have made.

Querrey’s perspective and reflections on the incident could shed light on his motivations, actions, and any remorse or lessons learned from the controversial departure.

Professional Repercussions

The potential long-term consequences for Querrey’s career following the incident could be significant. The breach of protocol and the negative publicity surrounding his departure from Russia may have lasting effects.

Impact on career opportunities

Querrey’s actions may influence tournament organizers’ decisions to invite him to future events. Organizers prioritize players who comply with health and safety protocols, and the incident could result in reduced opportunities for Querrey to participate in tournaments.

Sponsorship challenges

The reputational damage caused by the controversy could pose challenges for Querrey in terms of securing or maintaining sponsorship deals. Companies may be hesitant to associate their brand with a player who has been involved in a breach of COVID-19 protocols.

Public perception and image rehabilitation

Querrey’s public image has likely been affected by the incident. Rehabilitation of his image may require sincere apologies, actions demonstrating responsible behavior, and a commitment to adhering to protocols in the future.

It is important to note that the landscape of professional tennis is dynamic, and circumstances may have evolved since my knowledge cutoff in September 2021.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information on Sam Querrey’s current status, professional repercussions, and future prospects, I recommend referring to reliable news sources and official tennis channels.

Overview of Sam Querrey’s Controversial Departure From Russia

Incident Year2020
EventSam Querrey’s departure from Russia after testing positive for COVID-19
CircumstancesTesting positive for COVID-19, evading local health authorities, departing in secrecy
ATP Evaluation“Serious breach of protocol”
Potential ConsequencesFines, suspensions, and other disciplinary actions as determined by the ATP
Official ATP StatementsStatements expressing concern and disappointment, emphasis on the importance of protocols
Motivations for DepartureConcern for family’s health, fear of extended quarantine
Perceived Risks and ConsequencesHealth risks, reputational damage
Disciplinary ActionsTo be determined by the ATP
Public Reaction and Reputational DamageVaried responses within the tennis community
Impact on Professional Career and OpportunitiesPotential challenges in tournament invitations and sponsorships
Legal ConsequencesDependent on the specific laws and regulations in Russia
Querrey’s JustificationsPersonal explanations may have been provided through statements or interviews


Did Sam Querrey face any legal consequences for leaving Russia?

The legal consequences of Querrey’s departure from Russia would depend on the specific laws and regulations in place in the country. It is advisable to refer to recent news sources for any updates on legal actions taken against him, if applicable.

Has Querrey provided any justification for his actions?

Querrey’s personal justifications or explanations for his actions may have been shared through public statements or interviews. It is recommended to consult recent news sources or his official channels for any statements he may have made regarding his motivations.

Did Querrey’s family also face consequences for their involvement in the incident?

The involvement of Querrey’s family in the incident and any potential consequences they may have faced would depend on the specific circumstances and the decisions made by relevant authorities or organizations.

How did the tennis community react to Querrey’s controversial departure?

The reaction from the tennis community varied, with some expressing disappointment and criticism while others acknowledged the complexities of the situation.


The controversial departure of Sam Querrey from Russia in 2020 after testing positive for COVID-19 remains a significant event in his career. The incident, deemed a serious breach of protocol by the ATP, raised questions about Querrey’s motivations and the consequences he faced.

While the most recent updates on his playing status may not be available, the incident’s fallout is likely to have long-term implications.

Querrey’s actions potentially damaged his professional reputation, strained relationships within the tennis community, and could impact future tournament invitations and sponsorship opportunities.

Ultimately, Querrey’s future prospects will depend on how he addresses the fallout from the incident, including any disciplinary actions taken by the ATP, and how he seeks to rehabilitate his image and regain the trust of the tennis community and fans.

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