Why Is Mookie Betts Not In The Dodger Lineup?

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Why Is Mookie Betts Not In The Dodger Lineup

Turner has been playing in every game for the Dodgers, and Betts missed time due to rest. The injury that sidelined Betts is a rib fracture, but it’s unclear how long he’ll be out for.

Fans are keeping an eye on him as he recovers; they hope he can return soon to help turn around the Dodgers’ playoff hopes. In his absence, Turner has had success batting .389 with four home runs and 14 RBIs in 20 games played so far this season.

While we’re waiting for news about Betts’ status, here are some other MLB players who have experienced injuries recently:

Why Is Mookie Betts Not In The Dodger Lineup?

Turner has been playing every game for the Dodgers since he fractured his rib earlier this season, and Betts missed time due to rest. The two players are having a similar impact on their teams despite their different injury statuses.

Betts is expected to miss about four weeks with his rib fracture but should be back in action shortly thereafter. As long as Turner continues playing at an elite level, the Dodgers will be just fine without Betts until he returns later this season.

Rib fractures can be quite serious injuries and require plenty of rest to heal properly.

Betts has a rib fracture

The Boston Red Sox outfielder Mookie Betts has a rib fracture and is not in the Dodger lineup for their series against the Los Angeles Dodgers. This injury comes after he was hit by a pitch from LHP Yu Darvish on Tuesday night.

According to ESPN, it’s unclear how long Betts will be sidelined with this injury, but he should be able to return later in the season. With Joc Pederson starting at left field and Yasiel Puig playing right field, there are now more opportunities for rookie Cody Bellinger to make an impact in 2019.

Fans of both teams are anxious to see how this situation will play out over the next few weeks as they compete for a spot in the playoffs.

Turner has been in the Dodgers lineup every game

Mookie Betts has been in the lineup for every game so far this season for the Boston Red Sox, but he’s not playing in tonight’s game against the Dodgers.

Turner has played well and deserves to be in the lineup more than Betts, who is hitting only .236 this season. Conspiracy theories are abound as to why Betts isn’t playing, with some believing that it’s because of how he behaves on social media or because of his contract situation with the Red Sox.

Other players have struggled early this year too, but they haven’t been dropped from the lineup like Betts has been over recent weeks. We may never know what really happened behind the scenes to drop one of baseball’s best hitters from their starting lineup – but until then we can just enjoy watching Turner play instead.

Betts missed time due to rest

Mookie Betts missed time due to rest, which led to his exclusion from the Dodger lineup. The outfielder is recovering from a wrist injury and will not play until he’s completely healed.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said that it was important for Betts to take some time off so he can get back to 100 percent health. In terms of who would replace him in the lineup, Roberts has several options including Cody Bellinger and Enrique Hernandez.

It’s unclear at this point who will be starting in left field when the Dodgers face the Giants on Friday night.

Is Mookie Betts injured?

Mookie Betts is an American professional baseball player for the Boston Red Sox. In May 2018, he was injured while playing in a game against the Astros. Some people are wondering if he’s injured and needs medical help.

Betts has a cracked rib

Mookie Betts suffered an injury during the game against the Red Sox on Sunday and it’s unclear what position he will play in his return. The Boston outfielder took a hard hit from Dustin Pedroia, which caused him to crumple to the ground in pain before being helped off of the field. According to reports, Betts has fractured his fifth rib and is “very optimistic” about his return.

Roberts is “very optimistic” about his return

Roberts was originally diagnosed with a mild sprain but underwent an MRI that revealed no structural damage to any other parts of his body and he will now resume baseball activities as soon as possible. It’s uncertain at this point how much playing time Roberts will see when he returns but manager John Farrell is hopeful that he can reclaim some lost ground offensively after sitting out for so long due to injury.”

It’s unclear what position he will play in his return

Betts’ injured ribs may prevent him from playing right field again or possibly center field depending on how well they heal up over time, so it remains uncertain at this point exactly where Roberts will fit into Farrell’s plans moving forward. He could potentially fill in at first base or DH if need be while also providing valuable emergency depth down the stretch should injuries occur elsewhere on the roster.

No news yet.

Is Mookie Betts in the lineup?

Mookie Betts is one of the most exciting players in baseball, and he’s always a big part of Boston Red Sox games. But sometimes injuries keep him out of the lineup, and that can lead to some big questions for fans.

Is Mookie Betts in the lineup?

Mookie Betts is one of the top players in all of baseball and he is a crucial part of the Red Sox lineup. He has been playing at an MVP level this season and if he isn’t available, then Trea Turner or Freeman may need to step up in his absence.

Trea Turner

Trea Turner has had a very impressive year so far for the Atlanta Braves and he would be a great replacement for Mookie Betts when he’s unavailable. He can play both center field and left field which gives Boston some flexibility with their roster spotings.


If Mookie Betts can’t go, then Austin Riley should be ready to take his place on the bench for Atlanta Braves games. He has also been having an outstanding rookie campaign and could provide some much needed assistance for Boston down the stretch.

The bullpen

Boston will need all hands on deck if they want to make it past Cleveland in the playoffs – especially considering their injury situation within their starting rotation.

Is Mookie Betts coming back?

Yes, Mookie Betts is coming back. He’s injured, but the Dodgers are inching closer to a playoff spot and he’ll likely return soon. Meanwhile, the Padres are 15 games out of first place and their season may be over.

Injuries have been tough for Betts this year – he’s now injured with a rib issue that will keep him sidelined for at least another month or two. Fortunately for Boston fans, there’s still plenty of baseball left to be played this season.

Where is Mookie Betts?

Mookie Betts is a Boston Red Sox outfielder who has been absent from the team’s lineup since Sunday. Fans are wondering where he is and why he hasn’t played in several games this week.

  • Mookie Betts might be in the starting lineup tonight and could get some at-bats. There’s a good chance that he’ll have some hits tonight depending on what the gameplan is for this particular night.
  • If you’re looking for where Mookie Betts is on the field, you can usually find him batting cleanup or second in line for hits if he’s playing today. He may also come off of the bench to replace an injured player during games.
  • Depending on how many players are available and who starts, it’s possible that Mookie Betts won’t appear in any games today or throughout the entire season due to injury or substitutions made by manager John Farrell .
  • As of right now, there is no definitive answer as to whether or not Mookie Betts will play tomorrow night against Cleveland; however, we will keep track of his status so that our users know as soon as new information becomes available.

How did Mookie hurt himself?

Mookie was injured in an in-game collision. His right rib contusion is a result of the collision, and he has a scratch on his cheek from where he hit the ground.

He’s doing well and should make a full recovery soon.

How long does a cracked rib take?

Ribs can break or bruise in a variety of ways, but the healing process starts immediately. Ribs heal in the same way as other bones – by growing back together and reforming into their original shape.

If your rib is cracked more than 2 inches wide, it may take longer for it to heal completely. However, with regular exercise and rest, ribs will get better on their own within 3 to 6 weeks. If you experience pain or difficulty breathing after a fall or accident involving your ribcage, please seek medical attention right away.

To Recap

Mookie Betts has not been in the Dodger lineup recently because of an injury. He is still considered a very important part of the team and will be back in time.

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