Why is Max Fried Not Starting?

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Max Fried Not Starting

Baseball fans were left disappointed when it was announced that Atlanta Braves pitcher Max Fried would be missing at least one start due to a strained left hamstring.

The left-handed pitcher has been an integral part of the Braves’ rotation, posting a 2.73 ERA and 34 strikeouts in 26.1 innings pitched so far this season.

As the Braves fight for a playoff spot in a competitive National League East division, losing one of their top pitchers could have significant consequences.

We will explore the nature of Fried’s injury, how it occurred, and the impact it may have on the Braves’ season.

Additionally, we will discuss Fried’s expected recovery timeline and the potential long-term effects of the injury on his performance.

What is a Hamstring Injury?

A hamstring injury is a common type of muscle strain that occurs in the muscles located in the back of the thigh. These muscles include the biceps femoris, semitendinosus, and semimembranosus.

The hamstrings are responsible for bending the knee and extending the hip joint, which are crucial movements for running, jumping, and other physical activities. When the hamstrings are overloaded or overstretched beyond their limits, they can become strained or torn.

The most common causes of hamstring injuries are sudden movements or acceleration, overuse, and muscle fatigue. Athletes who participate in sports that require explosive movements, such as sprinting or jumping, are particularly susceptible to hamstring injuries.

Poor conditioning, inadequate warm-up, and insufficient rest between workouts can also contribute to the risk of injury.

The symptoms of a hamstring injury include pain, tenderness, and swelling in the back of the thigh. In some cases, there may be a popping sensation at the time of the injury.

The severity of the symptoms can vary, from mild discomfort to severe pain that makes it difficult to walk or move the leg.

Treatment options for hamstring injuries include rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE), physical therapy, and in severe cases, surgery. Rest and proper rehabilitation are crucial for full recovery and preventing future injury.

How Did Max Fried Get Injured?

Max Fried suffered a strained left hamstring during his start against the Miami Marlins on April 6, 2021. He was removed from the game after four innings, having allowed three runs on three hits and three walks.

In terms of his pitching mechanics, Fried is known for his high leg kick and explosive delivery, which puts a significant amount of strain on his lower body.

While this delivery is part of what makes him an effective pitcher, it also puts him at higher risk for hamstring injuries.

Additionally, as a left-handed pitcher, Fried’s left leg is his lead leg, which further increases the strain on his left hamstring.

It is also possible that the injury occurred due to factors unrelated to his pitching mechanics, such as fatigue or inadequate rest between starts.

Regardless of the cause, it is clear that the injury will have an impact on the Braves’ pitching rotation, and Fried will need to take the necessary time to rest and recover before returning to the mound.

Impact on the Braves

The loss of Max Fried to a hamstring injury is a significant blow to the Braves, as he has been one of the team’s top starting pitchers over the past few seasons.

Fried was expected to be a key part of the Braves’ rotation this season, so his absence will require the team to make adjustments.

In terms of the pitching rotation, the Braves will need to find a replacement for Fried while he is out. They have called up right-handed pitcher Bryce Elder from the alternate training site to fill the roster spot.

Elder is a promising prospect who was drafted by the Braves in 2020, but he has yet to make his major league debut. It remains to be seen how he will perform at the major league level, but he will likely be given the opportunity to prove himself.

In terms of Fried’s performance compared to other Braves pitchers, he has been one of the team’s most consistent performers over the past few seasons.

In 2020, he posted a 2.25 ERA in 11 starts, and he was named to the All-Star team in 2019. His absence will be felt in the Braves’ rotation, and the team will need to rely on other pitchers to step up and fill the void.

Overall, the loss of Max Fried to a hamstring injury is a significant setback for the Braves. However, the team has a deep roster and talented pitchers who can step up and fill the void.

It will be important for the Braves to manage Fried’s recovery carefully and make sure he is fully healthy before returning to the mound.

Fried’s Recovery Timeline

The recovery time for a hamstring injury can vary depending on the severity of the injury and a number of other factors.

Some of the factors that can influence recovery time include the location and extent of the injury, the individual’s age and overall health, and the effectiveness of treatment and rehabilitation.

As of April 2021, there have been no updates on Max Fried’s progress or expected return date. However, given that he was placed on the 15-day injured list, it is likely that he will miss at least a few starts while he recovers from the injury.

In terms of the potential long-term effects of the injury on Fried’s performance, it is difficult to say without more information about the severity of the injury and how he responds to treatment and rehabilitation.

However, hamstring injuries can be notoriously tricky to fully recover from, and there is always a risk of re-injury if the affected muscles are not given adequate time to heal.

If Fried’s recovery goes smoothly and he is able to return to the mound without any lingering effects from the injury, there is no reason to believe that he will not continue to be one of the Braves’ top pitchers.

However, if the injury does have long-term effects on his performance, the Braves will need to adjust their expectations and potentially make changes to their pitching rotation.

Comparison of Braves Starting Pitchers (as of April 2021)

Max Fried11.451.917.23.2
Charlie Morton3.271.369.03.5
Ian Anderson4.701.3010.43.3
Drew Smyly5.731.5012.52.7

Note: Stats are for the 2021 season as of April 9th, 2021.

This table compares the performance of the four primary starting pitchers for the Atlanta Braves as of April 2021. Max Fried, who is currently injured, has struggled in his limited starts this season, posting a high ERA and WHIP and a relatively low strikeout rate. In his absence, the Braves will need other pitchers such as Charlie Morton, Ian Anderson, and Drew Smyly to step up and fill the void. While none of these pitchers have been dominant early in the season, they all have the potential to be effective starters for the Braves.


Will Max Fried require surgery to repair his hamstring injury?

At this time, there have been no reports indicating that surgery is necessary for Fried’s injury. Most hamstring injuries can be treated through rest, physical therapy, and other non-surgical interventions. However, the severity of the injury can impact the length of the recovery process.

How will the Braves adjust their rotation without Max Fried?

With Fried out of the rotation, the Braves will likely need to turn to other pitchers to fill the void. This could include pitchers already on the active roster, such as Charlie Morton, Ian Anderson, and Drew Smyly, or the team could call up additional pitchers from their alternate training site or minor league system.

How common are hamstring injuries among baseball players?

Hamstring injuries are fairly common among athletes who participate in sports that involve running and jumping, such as baseball, football, and soccer. In baseball specifically, hamstring injuries can occur during activities such as running the bases, fielding, and pitching.

What can players do to prevent hamstring injuries?

Players can take steps to reduce their risk of hamstring injuries by maintaining good overall fitness, staying hydrated, stretching and warming up properly before games and practices, and avoiding overuse of the muscles. Additionally, players should be aware of any underlying risk factors that may increase their likelihood of injury, such as muscle imbalances or previous injuries.


Max Fried’s hamstring injury is a setback for the Atlanta Braves, as he has been one of their top starting pitchers in recent seasons.

The team will need to find a replacement for him in the short-term and manage his recovery carefully to ensure that he is fully healthy before returning to the mound.

Factors such as the severity of the injury, the effectiveness of treatment and rehabilitation, and potential long-term effects on Fried’s performance will all play a role in determining how long he will be out and how he will perform upon his return.

While the injury is certainly a blow to the Braves, they have a deep roster and talented pitchers who can step up and fill the void in the meantime.

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