Why is Kershaw Not Playing in Wbc?

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Why is Kershaw Not Playing in Wbc?

Clayton Kershaw, the Los Angeles Dodgers’ star pitcher, is one of the most dominant and accomplished players in Major League Baseball (MLB) today.

However, despite his talent and success, he is not participating in the upcoming World Baseball Classic (WBC), a global tournament that features the best players from around the world.

While many fans are disappointed by his absence, there are several reasons why Kershaw is not playing in the WBC, including his injury history and the challenges of securing insurance coverage for the event.

We will explore these reasons in more detail and try to shed light on this significant development in the world of baseball.

Explanation of the World Baseball Classic

The World Baseball Classic (WBC) is a global baseball tournament organized by the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) in collaboration with Major League Baseball (MLB).

The first edition of the tournament was held in 2006, and since then, it has taken place every four years. The WBC features national teams from around the world, including the United States, Japan, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and many others.

The purpose of the WBC is to promote baseball as a global sport and to showcase the talents of the world’s best players. The tournament provides a unique opportunity for players to represent their countries and compete at the highest level of the sport.

However, the participation of players in the WBC is subject to certain conditions, including the need for insurance coverage. The tournament requires all players to have insurance coverage to protect against injury during the event.

This is because the tournament is not officially sanctioned by the MLB, and the players are not covered under their team’s insurance policies. Therefore, players must obtain their own insurance coverage to participate in the WBC.

Kershaw’s Injury History

Clayton Kershaw has had a notable injury history throughout his career. In 2016, he suffered a herniated disc in his back, which caused him to miss significant time on the field.

In 2018, he experienced biceps tendinitis, which kept him out of action for a few weeks. Then, in 2019, Kershaw had shoulder inflammation that caused him to miss the start of the season.

Given Kershaw’s history of injuries, it is possible that he may have had difficulty securing insurance coverage for the World Baseball Classic.

Insurance companies are often reluctant to provide coverage to players with a history of injuries, as they are seen as a higher risk. This may have been a significant factor in Kershaw’s decision not to participate in the tournament.

It is also worth noting that Kershaw has a significant contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers, and the team may have had concerns about his participation in the WBC.

If Kershaw were to suffer an injury during the tournament, it could potentially impact his ability to perform for the Dodgers and hurt the team’s chances of success.

Therefore, the Dodgers may have advised Kershaw not to participate in the WBC, given the potential risks involved.

The Insurance Claim Process

The insurance claim process for professional athletes involves obtaining insurance coverage for potential injuries sustained during competition or training. The insurance policies typically cover a wide range of injuries, including career-ending injuries, illnesses, and death.

To obtain insurance coverage, athletes must typically pay premiums to insurance companies or work with their teams to secure coverage. In some cases, insurance policies are obtained by teams to protect their investments in their players.

However, it can be difficult for some athletes to secure insurance coverage, particularly those with a history of injuries. Insurance companies are often hesitant to provide coverage to these athletes, as they are viewed as higher risks.

In some cases, the premiums for coverage can be prohibitively expensive, making it challenging for athletes to obtain the necessary insurance.

Additionally, insurance policies may have specific exclusions or limitations that can impact coverage. For example, some policies may exclude certain types of injuries, such as those sustained during certain activities or training exercises.

Given these challenges, it is possible that Kershaw may have had difficulty obtaining insurance coverage for the World Baseball Classic.

His previous injuries may have made him a higher risk in the eyes of insurance companies, and the premiums for coverage may have been prohibitively expensive.

As a result, Kershaw may have decided not to participate in the tournament to avoid the potential financial and physical risks involved.

Other Reasons for Kershaw’s Absence

While Kershaw’s injury history and challenges with securing insurance coverage are the most likely factors that contributed to his decision not to participate in the World Baseball Classic, there may be other reasons as well.

One possible factor is the timing of the tournament. The WBC takes place during spring training, which is a critical period for MLB teams as they prepare for the upcoming season.

Kershaw may have felt that participating in the tournament would have interfered with his preparations for the season, which could have impacted his performance and the performance of the Dodgers.

Another possible factor is Kershaw’s personal priorities. He is a family man and may have decided to prioritize spending time with his wife and children over participating in the WBC.

Additionally, Kershaw is heavily involved in charitable work, particularly with his foundation, Kershaw’s Challenge. It is possible that he chose to focus his time and energy on these endeavors instead of participating in the tournament.

There have also been rumors and speculation surrounding Kershaw’s absence from the WBC. Some fans and analysts have suggested that he may be dealing with an undisclosed injury or that he simply does not want to risk further injury by participating in the tournament.

However, there is no concrete evidence to support these claims, and Kershaw has not provided any additional information about his decision not to participate in the tournament.

Clayton Kershaw’s Participation in the World Baseball Classic

World Baseball Classic2017Team USAParticipated
World Baseball Classic2023N/ANot yet determined

Note: This table only includes information about Clayton Kershaw’s participation in the World Baseball Classic, and is intended for illustrative purposes only. Additional information about Kershaw’s injury history, insurance coverage, and reasons for not participating in the tournament can be found in the previous sections of this article.


Has Clayton Kershaw ever participated in the World Baseball Classic before?

Yes, Kershaw has participated in the World Baseball Classic once before, in 2017. He played for Team USA and helped lead them to their first championship in the tournament’s history.

Will Kershaw’s absence impact the Dodgers’ season?

It is difficult to say how Kershaw’s absence from the World Baseball Classic will impact the Dodgers’ season, as there are many factors that can influence a team’s success. However, Kershaw is a key player for the Dodgers, and his absence could potentially impact their pitching rotation and overall performance.

Are other players also skipping the World Baseball Classic?

Yes, it is not uncommon for players to skip the World Baseball Classic. Some players choose not to participate due to concerns about injuries, while others prioritize their preparations for the MLB season. Additionally, some players are not able to participate due to restrictions imposed by their teams or insurance coverage issues.

When will the World Baseball Classic take place?

The World Baseball Classic is typically held every four years, with the last tournament taking place in 2017. The next tournament is scheduled to take place in 2023, although the exact dates and locations have not yet been announced.

Who are some other notable players that will not be participating in the 2023 World Baseball Classic?

It is too early to say which players will or will not be participating in the 2023 World Baseball Classic, as the tournament is still several years away. However, there are likely to be several notable players who choose not to participate for various reasons.


There are several factors that may have contributed to Clayton Kershaw’s decision not to participate in the World Baseball Classic.

His injury history and challenges with securing insurance coverage are the most likely factors, as insurance companies are often hesitant to provide coverage to athletes with a history of injuries.

The timing of the tournament and Kershaw’s personal priorities may have also played a role in his decision not to participate. While there has been speculation and rumors surrounding Kershaw’s absence, there is no concrete evidence to support these claims.

Ultimately, Kershaw’s decision not to participate in the tournament is a personal one, and it is up to him to decide what is best for his health and career.

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