Why Is Jon Rahm Backswing So Short?

Justin Sheparovich

Why Is Jon Rahm Backswing So Short

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Why Is Jon Rahm Backswing So Short?

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Jon Rahm’s backswing is shorter than most professional golfers because of his mobility and swing technique. His short backswing allows him to get the club head down earlier in the swing, which makes it easier for him to generate power and control his shots.

The shorter backswing also helps him keep more distance between himself and the ball, allowing him to hit high-quality shots with relative ease. By optimizing his mobility and swing technique, Jon Rahm has been able to achieve one of the best ground strokes in professional golfing today.

If you’re looking to improve your own golf game, learn from one of today’s top players by studying their movement and swingset techniques.


Jon Rahm’s backswing is short because he tries to create too much power with his swing and ends up over-powering the ball. By keeping his backswing shorter, Rahm can stay more stable on his follow-through and make better contact with the ball.

This stability allows him to generate more power through the strike zone, which leads to more hits and runs scored. Shortening your backswing will also help you improve your balance and posture on the golf course, which in turn will enhance your game overall.

Practice focusing on maintaining balance throughout your swing by watching video tutorials or practicing against a putting green simulator.

Why is a short backswing better?

There are a few reasons why a short backswing is better than a long one. When you swing the club too far in front of your body, it becomes more difficult to hit the ball squarely because your arms and hands have to travel further before they can start swinging. This takes time and energy which you could be using more productively hitting the ball squarely.

A shorter backswing also allows your shoulders and hips to get into position much sooner, meaning that you’ll generate more power behind each shot.

  • A short backswing is better because it minimizes movement and balances the clubface more evenly, which gives you a straighter shot with less effort. This makes the swing easier and allows you to deliver the same power each time your club hits the ball.
  • When your backswing is too long, you will end up moving your body around in an uncontrolled way as you hit the ball, which can cause inconsistency and poor balance.
  • If your backswing is constantly changing from one side of your body to another, it will be difficult to repeat the same swing each time – this could lead to shots that are off-line or out of control.
  • Keeping everything constant during your backswing – from grip pressure to leg height – ensures that every swing results in a consistent strike on the ball, no matter what position it’s taken from.

Who has the shortest backswing in golf?

There is no single answer to this question, as everyone has their own unique backswing. However, some golfers tend to have the shortest backswings of all, which allows them to swing quickly and hit the ball squarely.

  • The shortest backswing in golf is usually found in players who have a compact swing. This type of swing results in a shorter backswing which allows you to hit the ball with more power and accuracy.
  • To produce a short backswing, you need to start from an upright position and ensure that your arms are fully extended before hitting the ball.
  • You should also make sure that your follow through is cut off properly so that you do not lose any power on your shot.
  • A shortened backswing will result in less ground contact time, which will lead to better control of the clubhead and improved distance shots.
  • Make sure to practice regularly if you want to improve your short-backswing technique.

Why is Jon Rahm swing so good?

Jon Rahm is one of the most gifted golfers in the world and his swing has been blamed for much of his success. His smooth, controlled swings allow him to generate a lot of power from very little effort.

Wrist Joint

Jon Rahm’s wrist joint is in a very good position, which allows him to generate a lot of power from his swing. His wrist joint is arched and rotated correctly, allowing him to create an arching motion in his wrists when he swings the club. This arching motion helps him transfer energy from his shoulder down through his arm and into the clubhead.

Arching the Wrist

Another reason why Jon Rahm’s swing is so powerful is that he arches his wrists when he swings the club. This creates more leverage on your arms and shoulders, giving you more power to hit long shots or putts for close range holes.

Shaping Body with Side Bend and Rotation

To shape your body properly for golf, you need to do two things: first, bend your left side at the waist so that it forms a 90-degree angle with your spine; second, rotate your upper body until it looks like you’re looking straight ahead instead of towards the ball (you should see some wrinkles on both sides of your forehead). By doing these simple exercises regularly, you’ll be able to better control how far forward or backward you are while hitting shots…and this will help improve your round score.

Neutralizing Position Created by Bowed Left Wrist

By having an overly bowed left wrist – which happens when we lift objects using our left hand too much – we end up creating a neutralizing position in our hands where there isn’t enough pressure exerted against our right palm during impact (which usually means poor shotmaking results). To correct this issue and increase power & accuracy while swinging, try working on stretching & strengthening both wrists regularly.

No Matter How Good Your Swing Looks On Area Drills Or Video Sessions…There Are Always Some Things You Can Do To Improve It Even More.

Does Jon Rahm have a disability?

Jon Rahm is a professional golfer who has been competing for many years. He has won several tournaments and awards, including being named the European Tour Player of the Year in 2017. However, he does have a disability – he is blind.

Clubfoot Deformity

Jon Rahm has a clubfoot deformity, which means that his foot is twisted in an abnormal way. This can cause challenges when it comes to mobility and stability.

Shortened Right Lower Leg

Rahm also has a shortened right lower leg, which causes him some issues with balance and gait. He doesn’t have the same level of mobility as people who have a normal right ankle.

Doesn’t Have The Stability And Mobility Of His Right Ankle

Rahm’s lack of stability and mobility in his right ankle limits his ability to do activities that require good movement skills, like playing baseball or golfing.

To Recap

Jon Rahm’s backswing is too short, which causes him to lose power and control on his shots. His shortened backswing also makes it difficult for him to generate strong spin on his ball.

These issues lead to poor accuracy and reduced distance off the tee.

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