Why Is Joe Burrow Called Shiesty? Joe Burrow Nickname and Significance

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Why Is Joe Burrow Called Shiesty? Joe Burrow Nickname and Significance

In the vibrant tapestry of NFL nicknames, “Joe Shiesty” emerges as a distinctive moniker for Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow. 

This moniker, born from a TikTok video by Traphouse Sports, transcends mere playful nomenclature. 

It encapsulates the relentless and dominant essence of Burrow’s on-field presence, drawing inspiration from rapper Pooh Shiesty’s swagger and style. 

The playful adaptation of “shiesty” underscores Burrow’s ruthless and inconsiderate approach to opposing defenses, reflecting his calculated prowess and strategic brilliance. 

As a cultural phenomenon embraced by fans, players, and even endorsed by Pooh Shiesty himself, “Joe Shiesty” has become a symbol of swagger, charisma, and the indomitable spirit that defines Burrow’s impactful journey in the NFL.

Why Is Joe Burrow Called Shiesty?

Joe Burrow is a quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals who has earned the nickname “Shiesty” from his teammates and fans. 

But what does it mean to be shiesty, and why does it suit Burrow so well? Shiesty is a slang term that means sneaky, dishonest, or untrustworthy. 

It is often used to describe someone who cheats, lies, or steals. However, in Burrow’s case, shiesty is not a negative term, but rather a compliment.

Here are the reasons why is Joe Burrow called Shiesty:

Multitude of Nicknames

Burrow’s diverse set of nicknames, including Joe Shiesty, Joe Cool, Joey Franchise, and Smokin’ Joe, speaks to the multifaceted nature of his on-field persona. 

Each nickname captures a different aspect of his playing style, demeanor, and overall influence on the team.

Origin of Joe Shiesty

Why Is Joe Burrow Called Shiesty? Joe Burrow Nickname and Significance

The emergence of the Joe Shiesty nickname can be traced back to a TikTok video by Traphouse Sports, which playfully coined the term while showcasing Burrow’s impressive plays. 

The connection to rapper Pooh Shiesty adds an extra layer of creativity and pop culture reference to the nickname.

The playful adaptation of Pooh Shiesty’s persona, characterized by a ski mask and the signature “Brr” ad-lib, led to the creation of the Joe Shiesty moniker. 

The incorporation of the rapper’s style into Burrow’s nickname adds an element of streetwise flair to the quarterback’s image.

The Meaning of “Shiesty”

The term “shiesty,” as defined by Urban Dictionary, implies a sense of greed or inconsiderate. In the context of Joe Burrow, the nickname suggests a ruthless and disrespectful approach to opposing defenses. 

This interpretation aligns with Burrow’s on-field dominance and confidence, highlighting his ability to outmaneuver and outsmart his opponents.

Embraced Swagger

The adoption of the Joe Shiesty nickname by Bengals fans and players goes beyond a mere label; it reflects a collective embrace of Burrow’s swagger and charisma. 

The quarterback’s confident and fearless playing style has endeared him to the fanbase, turning the nickname into a symbol of his on-field bravado.

The Bengals’ official TikTok account played a role in amplifying the trend, integrating the Shiesty and Brrr nicknames into their content. 

This social media engagement further solidified the nickname’s status as a cultural phenomenon among Bengals enthusiasts.

Pooh Shiesty’s Endorsement

Pooh Shiesty’s direct endorsement of the Joe Shiesty nickname adds an extra layer of legitimacy to its cultural significance. 

The rapper’s tweet, “Shiesty Season Again,” served as a rallying cry before Burrow’s Super Bowl appearance, showcasing the camaraderie and mutual respect between athletes from different fields.

The collaboration between Pooh Shiesty and eBay to sell orange “Shiesty Season” t-shirts not only capitalized on the nickname’s popularity but also turned it into a merchandising phenomenon, further cementing Joe Shiesty as a recognizable and marketable brand associated with Joe Burrow’s success.

Quarterback Success

Joe Burrow’s impact as the quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals goes beyond the team’s historic playoff win in 2022; he played a pivotal role in revitalizing the franchise. 

His leadership and skill on the field brought the Bengals to new heights after a three-decade playoff victory drought.

Joe Burrow Nicknames

Joe Burrow, the quarterback sensation for the Cincinnati Bengals, has not only left an indelible mark on the NFL with his on-field prowess but has also become a nickname maestro, accumulating a colorful array of monikers that reflect different facets of his personality and playing style. 

From the celebratory to the streetwise, these nicknames have become integral to the narrative surrounding Burrow, adding layers of identity to the quarterback who brought the Bengals back into the spotlight.

Joe Cool

The “Joe Cool” moniker showcases Burrow’s exceptional composure and unflappable demeanor, especially in high-pressure situations. 

Whether orchestrating a game-winning drive or facing a challenging defense, Burrow’s ability to remain calm under pressure has earned him this nickname, highlighting his mental toughness and leadership on the field.

Joey Franchise

“Joey Franchise” goes beyond acknowledging Burrow’s skills as a quarterback; it underscores his role as the cornerstone of the Cincinnati Bengals’ franchise. 

The nickname suggests that Burrow is not merely a player but a transformative force, shaping the team’s identity and future with his exceptional talent and leadership qualities.

Smokin’ Joe

Borrowing from the legendary boxer Joe Frazier’s nickname, “Smokin’ Joe” is a testament to Burrow’s ability to ignite the field with explosive and impactful plays. 

It encapsulates the excitement and intensity that Burrow brings to the game, leaving fans in awe of his electrifying performances.

Joe Shiesty

The “Joe Shiesty” nickname, originating from a viral TikTok video, adds a touch of contemporary culture to Burrow’s image. 

Drawing inspiration from rapper Pooh Shiesty’s persona, it suggests a bold and audacious style of play, signaling Burrow’s fearlessness and dominance on the football field.

Joe Brr

Playing off the distinctive “Brr” ad-lib of rapper Pooh Shiesty, “Joe Brr” emphasizes the calculated and precise nature of Burrow’s decision-making. 

It captures the essence of Burrow’s cool and methodical approach to the game, where every move is executed with precision, much like the rapper’s signature sound.

The People’s QB

Coined due to the widespread admiration he enjoys from fans, “The People’s QB” suggests that Burrow has not only earned the respect of his teammates but has also become a symbol of hope and inspiration for Bengals supporters. It reflects his connection with the community and the impact he has beyond the football field.

Captain America

Captain America

Bestowed upon him by Bengals head coach Zac Taylor, “Captain America” positions Burrow as a leader and symbol of strength for the team. 

The nickname signifies his ability to rally his teammates, lead by example, and embody the qualities of a heroic figure, making him a central and inspiring presence within the Bengals organization.


Infused with a touch of Louisiana flair, “Burreaux” pays homage to Burrow’s successful college career at LSU. 

This nickname is a fan favorite, celebrating his roots and the achievements that marked his time as a standout quarterback for the LSU Tigers.

Tiger King

A nod to Burrow’s championship-winning season with the LSU Tigers, “Tiger King” draws parallels with the popular Netflix documentary. 

This nickname captures the essence of his collegiate success, portraying him as a regal figure in the world of college football and a key contributor to LSU’s football legacy.

Joe Exotic

In a more lighthearted vein, “Joe Exotic” brings a humorous touch to Burrow’s nicknames, referencing the eccentric character from the Netflix documentary. 

This playful moniker underlines Burrow’s unique personality and adds an entertaining dimension to his public persona, showcasing the fun and charisma he brings to the sport.

Impact of Shiesty on the Professional Career of Joe Burrow

The impact of “shiesty” on Joe Burrow’s professional career is a multifaceted aspect that can be analyzed through both positive and negative lenses.

Positive Aspects:

  • Confidence and Swagger: Burrow’s adoption of a shiesty attitude can be seen as a manifestation of confidence and swagger.
    Nicknamed “Joe Cool” and “Joe Brrr,” he has displayed calmness under pressure, a crucial trait for success in the demanding role of an NFL quarterback.
  • Resilience: Shiesty, in the context of resilience, is evident in Burrow’s ability to bounce back from setbacks.
    Despite facing injuries, such as a season-ending wrist injury in 2021, he has demonstrated resilience by undergoing surgery and rehabilitation to return to the field.
  • Defiance and Self-Belief: Actions like wearing a ski mask before a game and celebrating with a cigar after winning the national championship with LSU in 2019 reflect a sense of defiance and self-belief.
    These gestures can serve as motivational tools and rallying points for himself and his team.

Negative Aspects:

  • Controversies and Criticism: The negative side of shiesty is apparent in the controversies and criticisms Burrow has faced.
    Violating COVID-19 protocols by attending a Halloween party without a mask in 2022 and being accused of sexual assault in 2023 are instances where his actions, perhaps influenced by a shiesty attitude, led to negative repercussions.
  • Reputation Damage: Associating with shiesty behavior or situations has the potential to damage Burrow’s reputation.
    Incidents like the accusations of sexual assault may impact public perception, potentially affecting endorsement deals and other career opportunities.
  • Distractions: Shiesty actions can become distractions, diverting focus from on-field performance to off-field controversies. This distraction may hinder Burrow’s ability to lead his team effectively and perform at his best.

Balancing Act:

  • Self-Awareness: Burrow needs to maintain a balance between expressing confidence and avoiding arrogance, resilience without recklessness. Being self-aware of how his actions are perceived and their potential consequences is crucial.
  • Professionalism: As a quarterback and a public figure, maintaining professionalism is essential. This involves understanding the impact of his actions on and off the field and making choices that align with the values of the NFL and societal expectations.
  • Learning from Setbacks: While setbacks may arise, learning from them and adapting to challenges is vital. Burrow can use these experiences to grow personally and professionally, demonstrating that shiesty behavior does not define his character or career.


What Is the Nickname for Joe Burrow?

Shiesty is the nickname for Joe Burrow.

Did Joe Burrow give himself the nickname “Shiesty”?

No, he did not give himself the nickname “Shiesty”.

Is “Shiesty” a positive or negative nickname for Joe Burrow?

It’s subjective. Some may see it positively, reflecting confidence, while others might view it negatively, associating it with controversy or criticism.

How do fans react to Joe Burrow’s “Shiesty” image?

Fan reactions to Joe Burrow’s perceived “Shiesty” image can be diverse. 

Some may embrace it as a symbol of confidence and individuality, while others might be critical, especially if controversies or negative incidents contribute to the association with the term.

To Recap

The moniker “Shiesty” associated with Joe Burrow reflects a nuanced interplay between his public demeanor and cultural references rather than a self-proclaimed identity. 

Rooted in moments of confidence and defiance, the term draws parallels with rapper Pooh Shiesty’s lifestyle. 

While some perceive it positively, highlighting resilience and self-belief, others view it negatively, especially in the context of controversies. 

The absence of explicit endorsement or disapproval from Burrow and the dynamic nature of public perceptions underscore the complexity of the “Shiesty” association, emphasizing the importance of considering both positive and negative dimensions in understanding its impact on his public image.

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