Is Joe Burrow The Best Quarterback Ever?

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Joe Burrow The Best Quarterback Ever

The question of whether Joe Burrow is the best quarterback ever in the NFL is one that sparks passionate debates among football enthusiasts and historians alike.

Joe Burrow burst onto the scene with a remarkable college career at LSU, winning the Heisman Trophy and leading his team to a national championship. His transition to the NFL was met with high expectations, and he showed immense promise as the starting quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals.

However, the title of the “best quarterback ever” is a prestigious honor that requires an assessment of a player’s entire career, including factors such as longevity, statistical prowess, impact on the game, and team success.

In this examination, we will delve into the factors that contribute to the debate surrounding Joe Burrow’s place in the pantheon of NFL quarterbacks.

Who is Joe Burrow?

Joe Burrow is an American professional football quarterback who entered the NFL in 2020. He was born on December 10, 1996, in Ames, Iowa. Burrow gained widespread recognition for his remarkable college football career before transitioning to the NFL.

His notable achievements include:

College Career

Joe Burrow played college football for the LSU Tigers from 2018 to 2019. In the 2019 season, he had a historic year, setting multiple NCAA records for passing yards and touchdowns.

He won the prestigious Heisman Trophy, awarded to the best player in college football, that year.

National Championship

In the 2019 college football season, Joe Burrow led LSU to a national championship, solidifying his status as one of the top prospects for the NFL Draft.

NFL Draft

In the 2020 NFL Draft, Joe Burrow was selected as the first overall pick by the Cincinnati Bengals. This selection made him the franchise quarterback for the Bengals and set high expectations for his NFL career.

NFL Career

In his rookie NFL season, Burrow quickly demonstrated his talent and ability to adapt to the professional level. Despite suffering a season-ending knee injury during his rookie campaign, his performance garnered praise and excitement about his future in the league.

Is Joe Burrow the Best Quarterback Ever?

Joe Burrow the Best Quarterback Ever

Joe Burrow is undoubtedly an exceptional quarterback with immense potential. His rookie season with the Cincinnati Bengals showcased remarkable skills, adaptability, and leadership.

His college achievements, including winning the Heisman Trophy and a national championship, set a high standard. Burrow possesses excellent passing abilities, marked by accuracy and poise.

While it’s too early to proclaim him the “best quarterback ever,” Burrow’s promising start and potential for growth fuel optimism that he could eventually join the ranks of football’s greatest.

Only time will reveal his ultimate place in the pantheon of legendary NFL quarterbacks.

Why Joe Burrow is the Best Quarterback in the NFL?

Joe Burrow is on his way to becoming one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL for several compelling reasons:

Rookie Success

In his debut NFL season with the Cincinnati Bengals, Joe Burrow demonstrated remarkable poise and maturity on the field. He showcased an ability to adapt quickly to the NFL game, displaying excellent decision-making and accuracy.

College Achievements

Prior to his NFL career, Burrow had an extraordinary college career at LSU. He won the prestigious Heisman Trophy and led his team to a national championship, setting numerous records along the way.

His college success raised expectations for his NFL career.


Burrow’s leadership qualities are widely praised. He’s known for his work ethic, competitiveness, and ability to inspire his teammates. His leadership on and off the field has earned him respect in the locker room and among fans.

Passing Ability

Joe Burrow possesses excellent passing skills. His accuracy, touch, and ability to make throws under pressure are qualities that are highly valued in NFL quarterbacks.

He’s shown the potential to make all the necessary throws to succeed at the highest level.

Potential for Growth

Burrow was just beginning his NFL journey. He had a long career ahead of him and the potential to continue developing as a quarterback.

What Are the Key Qualities of the Best Quarterback?

Key Qualities of the Best Quarterback

The best quarterbacks in football possess a unique blend of skills, attributes, and qualities that set them apart as elite players in the game. These key qualities contribute not only to their individual success but also to their ability to lead their teams to victory.

Here are the essential qualities of the best quarterbacks:


Exceptional accuracy is a hallmark of the best quarterbacks. They consistently place the ball where their receivers can make plays, maximizing completion rates and yardage gains.

Arm Strength

Top-tier quarterbacks have the arm strength to make all types of throws, from short and precise passes to deep bombs that stretch the field and challenge defenses.


Great quarterbacks make quick and wise decisions under pressure. They read defenses, anticipate player movements, and choose the right passing option to minimize turnovers.

Football IQ

A deep understanding of the game is essential. The best quarterbacks are students of football, studying offensive and defensive strategies, recognizing opponents’ tendencies, and adjusting their game plans accordingly.


Quarterbacks are often the leaders of their teams. The best quarterbacks inspire and motivate their teammates through their actions, communication, and unwavering work ethic.

They foster a winning culture within the locker room.

Poise Under Pressure

Remaining calm and composed in high-pressure situations is crucial. The best quarterbacks make sound decisions and deliver in critical moments, whether in the closing minutes of a game or during playoff matchups.

Work Ethic

Achieving greatness requires relentless dedication. The best quarterbacks invest significant time in honing their skills, maintaining peak physical condition, and continually striving for improvement.


The ability to adjust to changing game conditions and opponent strategies is vital. The best quarterbacks can modify their game plans, exploit weaknesses, and find success in the face of adversity.


While not a strict requirement, mobility can be a valuable asset. The best quarterbacks can move in the pocket, evade pressure, extend plays, and pick up yardage with their legs, providing an additional dimension to their game.


Consistency in performance is a hallmark of greatness. The best quarterbacks deliver strong, reliable performances week after week, year after year, rather than relying on sporadic flashes of brilliance.

Clutch Performance

In crucial moments, the best quarterbacks rise to the occasion. They excel in high-pressure situations, make clutch plays, and lead their teams to victory when it matters most.


Meticulous preparation is a trademark of elite quarterbacks. They study film extensively, understand opponents’ tendencies, and prepare rigorously to gain a strategic advantage.


Staying healthy and available to play is crucial. The best quarterbacks often have a high level of durability, enabling them to withstand the physical demands of an NFL season.

Team Player

Despite their individual prominence, the best quarterbacks prioritize team success over personal accolades. They collaborate with teammates, follow coaching guidance, and embrace their roles within the team dynamic.

Why is Joe Burrow So Important?

Burrow So Important

Joe Burrow’s importance transcends the football field, making him a prominent figure in both the sports world and the broader community.

Here are several reasons why Joe Burrow is so important:

Rapid Rise to Prominence

Joe Burrow’s meteoric ascent from college standout to NFL star captured the attention of football fans across the nation. His rapid development as a quarterback is not only impressive but also emblematic of the NFL’s next generation of talent.

College Achievements

Prior to his NFL career, Burrow left an indelible mark on college football. His Heisman Trophy win and leadership in securing LSU’s national championship title showcased his excellence at the collegiate level, raising expectations for his professional career.

Leadership Qualities

Burrow’s innate leadership qualities are evident both on and off the field. His strong work ethic, competitiveness, and ability to inspire teammates have earned him respect in the locker room and among fans.

He is often seen as a natural leader.

Community Engagement

Beyond football, Joe Burrow has made a significant impact in his community. He has been involved in philanthropic efforts and social justice initiatives, using his platform to address important issues and make a positive difference.


With his charisma, likability, and on-field success, Joe Burrow is a highly marketable athlete. His popularity extends the reach of the NFL and contributes to the league’s overall appeal, attracting both sports fans and casual viewers.

Franchise Quarterback

As the starting quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals, Burrow is the face of the franchise. His performance and leadership are pivotal to the team’s success and fan engagement, making him a central figure in the organization.


Burrow’s comeback from a significant knee injury during his rookie season is nothing short of inspiring. His resilience and determination to return to the field and continue excelling resonate with fans and serve as a source of motivation for athletes and individuals facing challenges.

Role Model

Joe Burrow’s journey from relatively humble beginnings to NFL stardom serves as a positive role model for aspiring athletes. His story emphasizes the importance of hard work, dedication, and perseverance in achieving one’s dreams.


What are Joe Burrow’s potential future achievements in the NFL?

Joe Burrow’s potential NFL achievements include Super Bowl victories, Pro Bowl selections, breaking records, MVP awards, and cementing his legacy among the all-time great quarterbacks.

What are the career statistics and accomplishments of Joe Burrow so far?

Joe Burrow had promising career stats and accomplishments, including a Heisman Trophy, a national championship, and a notable rookie performance with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Please refer to current sources for updated statistics and achievements.

What is Joe Burrow’s injury history, and how might it affect his potential to be the best quarterback ever in the NFL?

Joe Burrow suffered a significant knee injury during his rookie NFL season. While his recovery was promising, long-term durability could impact his potential greatness.

Is Joe Burrow an elite QB?

Joe Burrow showed promise but hadn’t achieved elite status yet. To assess his current status, refer to recent NFL analyses.

Where does Joe Burrow rank in fantasy football?

Joe Burrow’s fantasy football ranking depends on various factors like performance, matchups, and league scoring settings. Refer to up-to-date fantasy football rankings for an accurate assessment.

To Recap

In the quest to determine whether Joe Burrow is the best quarterback ever, it becomes evident that such an assessment requires the perspective of time and a longer, more established career.

Burrow’s meteoric rise from college stardom to NFL promise is undeniable, and his leadership qualities, work ethic, and community impact are commendable.

However, to stand alongside legends like Montana, Brady, and Manning, Burrow needs to maintain his trajectory, achieving consistent excellence, accumulating championships, and breaking records.

The debate over the greatest quarterback ever will persist, as opinions remain subjective and influenced by personal biases. Only the unfolding chapters of Burrow’s career will provide a definitive answer to this intriguing question.

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