Why Doesn’t Brandon Graham Get Sacks?

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Brandon Graham is a talented defensive end who has been a mainstay on the Philadelphia Eagles defensive line since being drafted in 2010. Despite his consistent presence, he has not been able to rack up the sacks that many of his peers have been able to.

This begs the question: why doesn’t Brandon Graham get sacks? In this article, we will explore the reasons why Graham has not been able to accumulate sacks in comparison to his peers, as well as look at the potential reasons for his lack of production.

Why Doesn't Brandon Graham Get Sacks?
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Why Doesn’t Brandon Graham Get Sacks?

Brandon Graham’s Sack Numbers

Brandon Graham has been in the NFL for 11 years and has racked up just under 50 sacks for his career. That number is surprisingly low for a player who has been in the league for as long as he has and who was a first-round draft pick.

He has been with the Eagles since 2010 and has had double-digit sacks in a season only twice, with a career-high of 9.5 in 2017. His career low is 2.5 in 2016.

Brandon Graham’s Position and Role

Brandon Graham plays the position of defensive end and is primarily a run-stopper, not a pass rusher. He is often asked to set the edge and defend against the run, which limits his opportunities to get to the quarterback.

He has played in a 3-4 defense and a 4-3 defense, and in both cases, he is asked to play the same role.

The Eagles Defensive Scheme

The Eagle’s defense is often criticized for being too conservative, which means they don’t blitz as often as some other teams. The lack of aggressive blitzing from the Eagles means that players like Graham have fewer opportunities to get to the quarterback.

This also means that the defense is designed to contain and not necessarily to create sacks.

Brandon Graham’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Brandon Graham has great strength, but he isn’t the most explosive or agile player. This means that he is often unable to beat the offensive lineman to the outside and he has to rely on strength and technique to get to the quarterback.

He isn’t a great pass rusher, but he is a very solid run defender.

The Eagles’ Defensive Line Depth

The Eagles have a deep defensive line and are able to rotate players in and out to keep them fresh. This rotation means that players like Graham are not on the field as often as they would be on other teams.

This doesn’t mean that he isn’t effective, but it does limit his opportunities to get to the quarterback.

Brandon Graham’s low sack numbers can be attributed to a number of factors, including his position and role on the Eagle’s defense, the team’s defensive scheme, his strengths and weaknesses as a player, and the Eagles’ depth on the defensive line.

He is an important member of the Eagle’s defense, but he is not asked to be a pass rusher and he doesn’t have the same opportunities to sack the quarterback as some other players.

When Did Brandon Graham Tear His Achilles?

What Happened –

On September 15th, 2019, during a game against the Atlanta Falcons, Brandon Graham suffered a devastating Achilles tear. Graham had been a key part of the Eagles’ defensive line since being drafted in 2010, and the injury was a huge blow to the team.

The injury occurred during a pass rush attempt, with Graham planting his foot and feeling a pop in his leg. He was immediately taken out of the game and eventually diagnosed with a complete tear of his Achilles tendon.

Aftermath –

After suffering the injury, Graham underwent surgery and was placed on the injured reserve list. This meant that he was out for the remainder of the season, and the Eagles were without their star defensive end.

Without him, their pass rush suffered and the team only managed to make it to the playoffs with a 9-7 record.

Recovery –

Even though the injury was a major setback for Graham, he was still determined to make a full recovery. He began his rehabilitation process shortly after surgery and worked hard to get back on the field.

He put in countless hours of training and was eventually able to return to practice in April of 2020.

Return to Action –

After months of hard work, Graham was finally able to make his return to the field in Week 1 of the 2020 season. He played a key role in the Eagles’ defensive line and was able to record four sacks in just eight games.

His return to action was a major boost for the team, and his presence on the field helped them to a 4-4-1 record.

Looking Ahead –

Even though Graham is now back on the field and playing at a high level, it is unclear what the future holds for him. He is currently in the final year of his contract, and it remains to be seen whether or not he will be re-signed by the Eagles.

Regardless, Graham has already shown that he is able to overcome adversity, and he will continue to be a key part of the Eagles’ defense for years to come.

Is Brandon Graham a Starter?

Brandon Graham is currently 34 years old and is no longer a starter on Philadelphia’s defensive line. He suffered a torn Achilles in 2021, but despite the injury, Graham has still shown he can still be an effective edge rusher.

Graham was drafted by the Eagles in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft. He has been with the team ever since and has been a key part of the defense. Graham has been a Pro Bowl selection in 2018 and has accumulated over 200 tackles and 50 sacks during his time with the Eagles.

In 2019, Graham was named to the NFL Top 100 list for the first time, ranking 68th overall. Despite his age and injury, Graham is still a valuable asset to the Eagles organization. His leadership and experience make him a valuable asset to the team, even if he is no longer a starter.

Graham has also shown to be a great locker room leader, always motivating and pushing his teammates to their highest potential. Even though he is no longer a starter, Brandon Graham is still an important piece to the Philadelphia Eagles’ defense.

How Many Sacks Do the Eagles Have This Season?

Eagles’ Sack Numbers

The Philadelphia Eagles have a total of 68 sacks this season, ranking them among the top teams in the NFL in this category. Through week 17, the Eagles are tied for the seventh-most sacks in the league and have put up impressive numbers despite missing several key defensive players due to injury.

The Impact of Injuries

The Eagles have had to deal with a number of injuries this season, and this has had an impact on their sack numbers. Defensive end Derek Barnett and defensive tackle Malik Jackson were both lost for the season due to injuries, while linebacker Nigel Bradham and cornerback Jalen Mills were both sidelined for most of the year.

Without these key players, the Eagle’s pass rush has been weakened, and this has had a direct impact on their sack totals.

Players Stepping Up

Despite the injuries, the Eagles have had some players step up and help fill the void. Defensive end Brandon Graham has been a key contributor, recording nine sacks on the year. Linebacker Vinny Curry has also been effective, recording seven sacks in 2019.

These two players have done a great job of helping to make up for the losses of Barnett and Jackson.

Improved Secondary Play

The Eagles’ secondary has also done a great job of helping to make up for the lack of a pass rush. Cornerbacks Ronald Darby and Avonte Maddox have both been effective in coverage, while safeties Rodney McLeod and Malcolm Jenkins have done a great job of helping to make things difficult for opposing quarterbacks.

This has helped to make up for the lack of a consistent pass rush, which has kept the Eagles’ sack numbers respectable.

Looking Ahead

The Eagles will have to continue to count on their secondary if they want to make a run in the playoffs this season. The pass rush will need to be improved if they want to get over the hump and make a deep run in the postseason.

If they can find a way to get more pressure on opposing quarterbacks, then their sack numbers will improve and they will be in a much better position to make a deep run in the playoffs.

How Old is Brandon Graham?

Brandon Graham is a professional football player. He was born on April 3, 1988. He is currently 32 years old. He was born in Detroit, Michigan. He attended college at the University of Michigan. Graham was drafted 13th overall in the 2010 NFL Draft by the Philadelphia Eagles.

He has played for the Eagles, San Francisco 49ers, and Seattle Seahawks in the NFL. He is currently playing for the Eagles and has been a part of their team since 2018. In 2020, Graham was selected to his first Pro Bowl.

He is a two-time Super Bowl champion, winning with the Eagles in 2018 and the Seahawks in 2013.

To Recap

In conclusion, there are a variety of factors that could be preventing Brandon Graham from racking up the sacks that many of his peers have. His role in the Eagles’ defense, the lack of consistent quarterback pressure from his teammates, and the scheme of the defense all play a role in his lack of production.

However, despite the obstacles he has had to overcome, Graham has still managed to remain an important part of the Eagles’ defense. With the right circumstances, he could still become an effective sack producer for his team.

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