Why Does Paul George Wear 13?

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Why Does Paul George Wear 13

George Brought Back The No. 24 He Bought Up All Of The Old Ones It Was A Decision Made Before The Deadline Last March He Bit The Bullet By Buying Them All Up

Why Does Paul George Wear 13?

George Brought Back The No. 24 He Bought Up All Of The Old Ones It Was A Decision Made Before The Deadline Last March He Bit The Bullet By Buying Them All Up Now, he’s the proud owner of the number one car in NASCAR

George Brought Back The No. 24

George wore No. 24 because he wanted to pay tribute to his late father, who always loved the number 24. The return of No. 24 is a sign of respect for Paul George’s dad and all fathers around the world who have sacrificed so much for their families.

It also shows that George is committed to winning not only on the court but off it as well—he takes pride in wearing a uniform that ties him closely to his heritage and culture. Finally, by continuing to wear No24, George is honoring those who came before him and continue to fight every day for justice, equality and human rights worldwide.

He Bought Up All Of The Old Ones

Paul George is a big fan of 13s, and he’s not the only one. The number has been popular for years, and there are many reasons why it’s cool. Some people believe that 13 represents genius or luck, while others say it brings good fortune to its owner.

What do you think? Is thirteen something that you yourself would be comfortable sporting? If so, don’t forget to buy up all of the old ones before they’re gone forever.

It Was A Decision Made Before The Deadline Last March

Paul George decided to wear number 13 because it was the last available number on his team’s roster. The decision was made before the deadline last march and he wore it until a new teammate could be acquired.

The thirteen is also significant because it is the same as Kyrie Irving’s jersey number, who is one of Paul George’s favorite players. In addition to basketball, 13 also has spiritual significance for some people and represents “the universe” or “God”.

Because of this, some fans have started calling him “The Godfather III”.

He Bit The Bullet By Buying Them All Up

Paul George bit the bullet and bought up all 13 of his team’s NBA jerseys. He says it was an investment in himself and that he knows they’ll be worth more in the future.

Some fans are criticizing him for spending too much money, but others think it’s a savvy move on his part. The jerseys will reportedly become collector items once George leaves the league so this is one purchase you won’t want to miss.

What do you think? Is buying up sports gear a smart financial decision or is it over-the-top?

Why is PG number 13?

PG number 13 is a standard gasoline used in most countries. It has low levels of lead, which makes it safer for engines and reduces emissions.


PG-13 stands for ‘Parental Guidance Recommended. It is the rating assigned by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) to films that are suitable only for children 12 years and older. This rating was created in 1984 to give parents more information about what their children can see in movie theaters.


Grantland is a sports and culture website founded by ESPN writer Bill Simmons in 2011. The site focuses on long-form journalism, with an aim to entertain as well as inform its readership. In 2014, it won a Peabody Award for excellence in media criticism.


PG-24 refers to ‘Parents Guaranteed A Thrilling Experience’. It is the highest parental guidance rating that MPAA assigns to movies which are intended for general audiences 18 years old or younger but may contain intense violence or sexual content that some families find too disturbing. This rating was introduced back in 1968 as an alternative to R Rating, which was reserved primarily for violent and explicit films aimed at adults only.

Why does Paul George wear 24?

Paul George is a professional basketball player who has worn number 24 throughout his career. This number was given to him by then-Marquette assistant coach Rick Majerus. It originally belonged to Philadelphia 76ers forward Julius Erving, one of the most dominant players in NBA history.

Paul George wore No. as a tribute to Kobe Bryant

Paul George originally chose No. 24 in honor of Kobe Bryant, who wore the number throughout his career. However, after playing against and watching him play for many years, he eventually switched to No. 13 in tribute to the Lakers legend.

He eventually switched to No. , but in honor of Bryant, he’s considered switching back to No. 24

Although he has since retired from basketball and doesn’t wear #13 anymore, Paul George still considers himself a part of the #24 family and would be honored if given the opportunity to switch back again one day.

It has become an iconic number for some great players over time

No matter who wears it next season (hopefully not Anthony Davis.), no other player will ever quite have the same impact that these five guys did when they first donned this jersey: LeBron James (#23), Michael Jordan (#45), Kobe Bryant (#24), Kevin Durant (#35) and Carmelo Anthony (#7).

The history behind is just as impressive.

When did Paul George change his number?

Paul George changed his number in August 2014. His old uniform number was 24 and he donated all of his old jerseys to his high school in Palmdale, California.

On March 12th, 2018, George re-signed with the Oklahoma City Thunder for a five year contract worth $137 million dollars. He is also an ambassador for Nike and has appeared in several campaigns including the LeBron 15 sneakers campaign and the “Just Do It” advertising campaign featuring Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant.

What is Paul George number?

Paul George’s number is 23. He was drafted in 2010 by the Indiana Pacers and has since played for the Oklahoma City Thunder, Cleveland Cavaliers and now the LA Clippers.

Although he is best known for his scoring abilities, Paul George also averages 6 rebounds per game and 2 assists per game. His nicknames are PG-13 (for “Paul George — 13th man”) and The Stilt because of his height of 7’0″.

We can expect more great things from this talented forward as he continues to play at a high level.

Does PG-13 allow the F word?

Yes, PG-13 does allow the use of the F-word once in a movie. The restriction is set by the US ratings board and it’s based on how much offensive language can be used before it becomes an NC-17 movie.

This rule is different for each country because there are different standards that need to be met when rating movies with this word.” There have been cases where PG-13 rated movies have had extra scenes added after they’ve been released so that they don’t violate the NC-17 restrictions.” So, while hearing the F-word in a PG-13 movie may not seem like such a big deal, knowing exactly what you’re getting into might make things easier when watching one.

Does PG-13 get one F word?

Yes, PG-13 does get one F word. In fact, it’s quite common for this rating to be given to movies that are rated R for language and violence. This means that the movie is not suitable for children under 13 years old.

  • There is no definite answer as to whether PG-13 movies get one or two F-words. Some sources say that the language in these films is similar to what you would hear on a TV show rated G (general audience). This means that some F-words may be cut from the film, while others may be used in a more mild way.
  • The G-word is generally considered to be very mild and usually only mentioned when discussing sexual activity between people of different ages or orientations. It can also refer to situations where violence isn’t particularly graphic but could still give offense.
  • J-word refers specifically to the use of profanity during sex scenes, which are often seen as risque by many moviegoers who choose not to see them due to their age rating. While it’s generally avoided by most filmmakers, there have been cases where it has made its way into mainstream releases nonetheless.
  • As for F-words, they can either appear in regular doses or be completely omitted from certain PG-13 movies altogether depending on their content and target audience.
  • However, regardless of any censorship efforts undertaken by producers and distributors, swear words will always find their way into popular culture eventually – so expect them sooner rather than later.

To Recap

Paul George has worn 13 for a number of reasons. Some believe it is because he was born on January 13th, others think he wears 13 to represent the number of players on Team USA in this year’s FIBA World Cup.

However, there is no definitive answer as to why Paul George chooses to wear 13.

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