Why Does Minshew Have A Ii On His Jersey?

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Gardner Minshew II, the star quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars, has become a household name in the NFL. But what many people may not know is why he has a “II” on the back of his jersey. Minshew’s “II” is a reference to his father, Gardner Minshew.

We will explore why Minshew wears “II” on his jersey and how it reflects his connection to his father.

Why Does Minshew Have a Ii on His Jersey?
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Why Does Minshew Have a Ii on His Jersey?

What is Minshew Ii?

Minshew II is the name of a college football quarterback, Gardner Minshew II. He wears this name on the back of his jersey, and it is a tribute to his father, Gardner Minshew.

Who is Gardner Minshew?

Gardner Minshew is the father of college football quarterback Gardner Minshew II. He has been an inspiration to his son throughout his football career. He is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi and a former member of the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars.

Why Does Minshew Have a Ii on His Jersey?

Minshew wears a “II” on his jersey to honor his father. His father, Gardner Minshew, was a great football player and an inspiration to him. The “II” is a way for him to pay tribute to his father for all the support he has received throughout his life.

How Did Minshew Become Minshew Ii?

Minshew became “Minshew II” after his father when he was just a child. His father always wanted him to be successful and to make sure he felt proud of his name. The name “Minshew II” is a way for Minshew to honor his father and show how proud he is of his father’s achievements.

What is the Meaning Behind Minshew Wearing a Ii?

The meaning behind Minshew wearing a “II” on his jersey is to honor his father, Gardner Minshew. This name is a way for him to show his appreciation for everything his father has done for him and to remind himself to stay humble and keep pushing forward.

The “II” is a reminder to Minshew that he has a responsibility to make his father proud and to strive for greatness.

Is Gardner Minshew a Jr?

Gardner Minshew II is the son of Gardner Minshew and was born on May 22, 1996. The family chose to name him Gardner Minshew II instead of Gardner Minshew Jr. This is because in Mississippi, if you have the same name as your father, you are often referred to as “Junior” or “Bubba”.

Gardner Minshew II is not a Jr. as he does not share the same name as his father. His father’s name is Gardner Minshew, and his son’s name is Gardner Minshew II. The II stands for second, as it is the second Gardner Minshew in the family.

It is a way to differentiate the two since they both have the same name. Gardner Minshew II is not a Jr. because he does not share the same name as his father. The family chose to name him Gardner Minshew II instead of Jr.

to avoid confusion in Mississippi. By using the suffix II, it is clear that Gardner Minshew II is not a Jr., but a second in the family.

What Did Eagles Give Up for Minshew?

The Philadelphia Eagles traded a conditional 2022 sixth-round draft pick to the Jacksonville Jaguars in exchange for Gardner Minshew. The draft pick could potentially upgrade to a 2022 fifth-round pick if Minshew plays at least 50% of the snaps in three games this season.

The Eagles are taking a gamble on Minshew, as they are only giving up a potential sixth-round pick for him. If Minshew is successful in those three games, the Eagles have the potential to get a fifth-round pick in return.

This is a low-risk move for the Eagles, as they are not giving up a lot for Minshew. The Eagles are hoping that Minshew can provide depth and competition for the quarterback position. The Eagles have nothing to lose with this trade, as the draft pick is conditional on Minshew’s performance.

If Minshew fails to meet the conditions, the Eagles will only have lost a sixth-round pick. If Minshew is successful, the Eagles could potentially gain a fifth-round pick in return. Ultimately, the Eagles are taking a gamble by giving up a conditional sixth-round pick for Minshew, but they have nothing to lose in the process.

What is Trevor Lawrence’s Salary?

Trevor Lawrence’s salary for the 2023 season is $940,000 plus a roster bonus of $3,064,863. The total cap hit for Lawrence’s contract in 2023 is $10,034,588. If Lawrence’s contract is terminated before 2023, his dead cap value is $14,054,450.

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The roster bonus is an additional sum of money paid to Lawrence for being part of the team. The cap hit is the amount of money that counts against the team’s salary cap for Lawrence’s contract. The dead cap value is the money left on the contract if Lawrence’s contract is terminated before it expires.

Lawrence’s salary and bonuses are guaranteed for the 2023 season.

How Good is Minshew?


Minshew has proven to be an exceptionally talented quarterback, showing off his strong arm and quick decision-making skills. He has the ability to make plays with his legs, as well as find open receivers down the field.

He also possesses great accuracy, completing over 66% of his passes in his first two NFL seasons.


Minshew has plenty of experience at the NFL level, having started 21 games over the past two seasons. He has faced plenty of adversity and has shown the ability to adjust and improve despite the challenges.

He has also faced some of the best defenses in the league, giving him valuable experience that will benefit him in the future.


Minshew is a leader on the field and in the locker room. He is not afraid to take charge and make big plays when his team needs it. He also shows great poise and confidence in the pocket, allowing his teammates to trust him to make the right decisions.


Minshew is a very creative playmaker, often able to make something out of nothing. He is able to extend plays with his feet and keep his eyes downfield to find open receivers. His ability to improvise is one of his greatest strengths, allowing him to make big plays when the pocket breaks down.


Minshew has consistently excelled when using play-action. He has a knack for finding open receivers and delivering accurate passes downfield. With play-action, he completed 11 of 16 passes for 172 yards, two touchdowns, and a passer rating of 143.8 in 2021, proving that he is more than capable of using this tool to his advantage.

Overall, Gardner Minshew is a very talented quarterback with experience, leadership, playmaking ability, and a knack for play-action. His consistency and ability to adjust to different situations prove that he can be a reliable starter for years to come.

He may not be the flashiest quarterback in the NFL, but he is a consistent and reliable player who can help lead a team to success.

Why Did Eagles Trade for Minshew?

The Eagles traded for Minshew to get a better third-string quarterback for 2021. Minshew is an extremely cheap and capable backup option in 2022. The trade cost the Eagles a conditional sixth-round pick.

It is a low-risk move with plenty of potential rewards. Minshew has proven to be a reliable quarterback. He has a career completion rate of 64.9%. He has thrown for 3,281 yards, 21 touchdowns, and six interceptions.

He also has rushed for 438 yards and six touchdowns in his career. The Eagles will have a more reliable quarterback in case of injury. Minshew’s presence gives them some much-needed depth at the position.

Why Did Minshew Break His Hand?

Gardner Minshew, a former Washington State quarterback, took drastic measures to maintain his football eligibility in 2018. He chugged whiskey and then smashed his hand with a hammer. The NCAA required Minshew to maintain his academic progress to stay eligible.

But he fell behind due to an illness and had to make up a lot of credit hours. Since the time needed to complete the coursework would have caused him to miss the start of the football season, he decided to take a drastic measure.

Minshew knew that injuries were exempt from the NCAA’s academic requirements. So he drank whiskey to dull the pain and then hit his hand with a hammer, breaking it. He was able to make up the coursework and remain eligible for the season.

This bizarre incident shows just how far Minshew was willing to go to keep his football career alive. Although it was a risky move, it paid off and he was able to play that season.

To Recap

Gardner Minshew II wears the “II” on his jersey as a tribute to his father. It is a symbol of the connection between them and a reminder of the influence his father has had on his life. This small gesture shows how much Minshew values the role his father has had in his success and it is a testament to the strong bond between them.

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