Why Does Matthew Stafford Wear 9? Know the Reasons

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Why Does Matthew Stafford Wear 9? Know the Reasons

Matthew Stafford, the accomplished NFL quarterback, dons the number 9 jersey, a choice laden with personal significance and deep-rooted connections. 

Stemming from his high school years in Texas, the shift to the number 9 was not merely a numerical change but a poignant tribute to his friend Cody Stephens, who battled cancer wearing that very jersey. 

This symbolic switch resonated through Stafford’s collegiate journey at the University of Georgia and continued into his illustrious NFL career with the Detroit Lions and, subsequently, the Los Angeles Rams. 

The number 9 for Stafford is a narrative thread that weaves together friendship, resilience, and a profound commitment to honoring those who have left an indelible mark on his football odyssey.

Why Does Matthew Stafford Wear 9?

Matthew Stafford, the accomplished quarterback in the NFL, has donned the number 9 jersey throughout his career. 

The choice of a jersey number in professional sports often holds personal significance for players. 

In the case of Matthew Stafford, the number 9 is more than just a numerical identifier; it carries a story that intertwines with his journey in football.

High School Beginnings

High School Beginnings

Stafford’s connection with the number 9 traces back to his high school days at Highland Park High School in Texas. During his time as the starting quarterback, he wore the number 7 jersey. 

However, as a tribute to his friend and fellow athlete, Cody Stephens, who battled cancer and wore the number 9 while playing football, Stafford made a heartfelt decision to switch his jersey number.

Honoring Cody Stephens

Cody Stephens’ courageous battle with cancer deeply impacted Stafford. The switch to the number 9 was a gesture of solidarity and remembrance for his friend. 

It served as a symbol of support for Stephens’ family and the broader community affected by the young athlete’s inspiring story.

Collegiate Years at Georgia

Stafford continued to wear the number 9 jersey during his college career at the University of Georgia. 

This choice not only reflected his commitment to honoring Stephens but also became synonymous with his own football identity.

The number 9 marked Stafford’s presence as a standout quarterback, showcasing his talent and leadership on the collegiate stage.

Transition to the NFL

Upon entering the NFL, Stafford carried the number 9 with him to the Detroit Lions, the team that selected him as the first overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft. 

The continuity of his jersey number signified the roots of his football journey and the values he held dear. 

It became a recognizable symbol for fans who had followed his career since his high school days.

Is Matthew Stafford a Top 10 QB?

Is Matthew Stafford a Top 10 QB?

Yes, Matthew Stafford is a Top 10 QB(quarterback) in the NFL.

To provide a comprehensive analysis, let’s break down some key aspects that contribute to evaluating whether Matthew Stafford is a top-10 quarterback:

Arm Talent and Skill Set

Matthew Stafford’s arm talent is often regarded as one of the best in the NFL. His ability to make throws from various arm angles and distances sets him apart. 

Whether it’s launching deep balls with precision or threading the needle in tight coverage, Stafford’s arm strength and accuracy contribute significantly to his effectiveness on the field.

Experience and Consistency

Stafford’s career longevity and consistent statistical production over the years highlight his reliability as a quarterback. 

Spending over a decade with the Detroit Lions, he amassed impressive passing yards and touchdowns, showcasing his ability to perform at a high level over an extended period.

Team Success

While team success isn’t solely the quarterback’s responsibility, it does play a role in evaluating their standing. Stafford faced challenges with the Lions, but his move to the Los Angeles Rams in 2021 brought immediate success, leading the team to the Super Bowl in his first season. 

This achievement has undoubtedly bolstered his reputation.

Leadership and Decision-Making

Leadership qualities are essential for any quarterback. Stafford’s leadership on and off the field has been commended by teammates and coaches. 

His decision-making, particularly under pressure, has been a consistent strength, allowing him to navigate complex defensive schemes and make effective split-second choices.

Surrounding Talent

The quality of a quarterback’s supporting cast can significantly impact their performance. 

Stafford’s transition to the Rams, with a talented roster and innovative coaching staff, showcased how a favorable environment can elevate a quarterback’s game. 

His chemistry with star receiver Cooper Kupp and the Rams’ effective offensive scheme played a crucial role in their success.

Comparison with Peers

Comparing Stafford to other elite quarterbacks is integral to determining his rank. The NFL features a competitive group of signal-callers, and Stafford’s performance is often measured against the likes of Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady. 

His ability to stack up against these peers influences perceptions of his place in the quarterback hierarchy.

Recent Performance

Stafford’s recent performances, particularly in the 2021 season with the Rams, have been a defining factor in discussions about his standing among NFL quarterbacks. 

Leading his team to the Super Bowl and delivering clutch performances in critical moments have solidified his reputation as a top-tier quarterback.


Did Matthew Stafford always wear the number 9 in his football career?

No, Stafford initially wore the number 7 during his high school years. 

He switched to the number 9 in honor of Cody Stephens, maintaining this jersey choice throughout his collegiate and professional career.

What significance does the number 9 hold for Matthew Stafford?

The number 9 symbolizes solidarity, friendship, and resilience for Matthew Stafford. 

It is a constant reminder of the impact of meaningful relationships, particularly his tribute to Cody Stephens and the shared experiences that have shaped his football journey.

How did the switch to the number 9 come about?

Matthew Stafford made the switch from number 7 to 9 as a gesture of support and remembrance for Cody Stephens, his friend who wore the number 9 jersey and battled cancer. 

This decision was a poignant and personal choice during his high school football career.

Has Matthew Stafford explained the significance of the number 9 in interviews?

Yes, Stafford has shared in interviews that wearing the number 9 is a way for him to honor the memory of Cody Stephens and to maintain a connection to the profound impact of their friendship. The number carries a rich, personal narrative throughout his football career.

To Recap

Matthew Stafford’s unwavering commitment to wearing the number 9 extends far beyond the realm of sports aesthetics. It encapsulates a deeply personal narrative, forged in the crucible of friendship and resilience. 

From the poignant tribute to Cody Stephens during his high school days to the continued symbolism in his collegiate and professional career, the number 9 remains a powerful emblem of Stafford’s enduring connections and values. 

As he navigates the complexities of the NFL, this jersey number stands as a constant reminder of the human stories that shape his journey, transcending statistics and victories to embody the profound impact of meaningful relationships on the tapestry of a remarkable football career.

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