How Good Is Quenton Nelson? Salary, Rank, Rating, Position & More!

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How Good Is Quenton Nelson? Salary, Rank, Rating, Position & More!

Quenton Nelson, a formidable force on the offensive line, stands as a testament to excellence in NFL trench warfare. 

At 6 feet 5 inches and 330 pounds, his dominant physical presence is just the beginning. 

Renowned for his exceptional blocking technique, Nelson seamlessly combines raw power with finesse, earning multiple All-Pro selections. 

Beyond statistics, his consistency, durability, and leadership make him a linchpin for the Indianapolis Colts. 

Nelson’s impact extends to transforming the running game, showcasing versatility that transcends his position. 

As one of the league’s premier offensive linemen, his prowess defines not only the Colts’ success but also sets a standard for excellence in the realm of NFL trenches.

How Good Is Quenton Nelson?

Quenton Nelson has established himself as one of the premier offensive linemen in the NFL, garnering praise for his exceptional skills and impact on the field.

Let’s delve into the various aspects that make him stand out and contribute to his reputation:

Dominant Physical Presence

Quenton Nelson’s imposing physical stature is a cornerstone of his success on the offensive line. 

Standing at 6 feet 5 inches and weighing 330 pounds, he possesses not only the size but also the strength to overpower opposing defenders. His robust build allows him to anchor effectively in both pass protection and run blocking, creating a formidable barrier for defenders attempting to penetrate the line of scrimmage. 

Nelson’s physical dominance sets the tone for the entire offensive line and plays a pivotal role in the success of the Indianapolis Colts’ offensive strategy.

Exceptional Blocking Technique

Nelson’s success is not solely attributed to his physicality; his blocking technique is equally impressive. 

Whether it’s protecting the quarterback in pass sets or opening up running lanes for the ball carrier, Nelson’s technical proficiency is a masterclass in offensive line play. 

His hand placement, footwork, and ability to read defensive schemes contribute to a level of finesse that complements his raw power. 

This combination makes him a versatile force on the offensive line, capable of adapting to various situations and defensive strategies.

Consistency and Durability

Consistency and Durability

One of the hallmarks of a great offensive lineman is consistency, and Nelson embodies this trait.

Since entering the league, he has been a fixture in the Colts’ starting lineup, demonstrating a remarkable level of reliability and durability. 

The ability to stay on the field consistently is invaluable for an offensive lineman, as it fosters cohesion and chemistry with the rest of the unit. 

Nelson’s durability is a testament to his commitment to maintaining peak physical condition and his importance to the team’s overall success.

All-Pro Accolades

Quenton Nelson’s impact on the field has not gone unnoticed, earning him multiple selections to the All-Pro team.

This recognition places him among the elite in the league and underscores his consistent high-level performance. 

All-Pro selections are a reflection of not only individual excellence but also the respect and acknowledgment of peers and experts in the football community. 

Nelson’s presence on the All-Pro list cements his status as one of the premier offensive linemen in the NFL.

Leadership on and off the Field

Nelson’s influence extends beyond his physical contributions; he is also a leader on and off the field. 

His vocal presence in the locker room and his work ethic set a standard for his teammates. 

As a leader, he motivates and inspires those around him, fostering a culture of hard work and dedication. 

This intangible quality adds immeasurable value to the Colts, contributing to a positive team dynamic that goes beyond individual achievements.

Impact on the Running Game

Impact on the Running Game

One of Nelson’s most significant contributions is his transformative effect on the running game. 

His ability to create running lanes through precise blocking allows running backs to thrive. Whether it’s a power run up the middle or a sweep to the outside, Nelson’s influence is felt in the increased efficiency and productivity of the Colts’ ground game. 

Running backs operating behind Nelson often experience the benefits of his exceptional blocking, showcasing his integral role in shaping the team’s offensive identity.


While primarily known as a guard, Nelson’s versatility is a noteworthy aspect of his skill set. 

His adaptability to different offensive schemes and his effectiveness in various situations highlight his football intelligence. 

Whether pulling to lead a running play, engaging in pass protection, or executing combination blocks, Nelson’s versatility makes him a linchpin in the Colts’ offensive strategy. 

This adaptability adds another layer to his value, making him a player who can thrive in different systems and against diverse defensive schemes.

Quenton Nelson’s Salary and Contract

Quenton Nelson is a professional American football player who plays as a guard for the Indianapolis Colts in the National Football League (NFL). 

He is widely regarded as one of the best offensive linemen in the league and has earned three consecutive All-Pro selections from 2018 to 2020.

Nelson signed a four-year contract extension with the Colts in September 2022, worth $80 million, with $60 million guaranteed and a $31 million signing bonus. 

His average annual salary is $20 million, making him the highest-paid guard in NFL history. 

His contract breakdown is as follows:

YearBase SalarySigning BonusRoster BonusCap HitDead Cap

What Is Quenton Nelson Ranked in the NFL?

What Is Quenton Nelson Ranked in the NFL?

Quenton Nelson is ranked as one of the top players in the NFL, especially among offensive linemen.

Here are some of his rankings based on different criteria:

NFL Network’s Top 100 Players of 2021: No. 33

Quenton Nelson secured an impressive ranking of No. 33 on the NFL Network’s Top 100 Players of 2021. 

This list is unique as it relies on the votes of his peers, and fellow NFL players who recognize and acknowledge his talent and impact on the field.

Pro Football Focus (PFF) 50 Best Players of 2021: No. 4

Pro Football Focus, known for its in-depth player evaluations, positioned Quenton Nelson at an outstanding No. 4 on their 50 Best Players of 2021 list. 

This high ranking reflects the analytical perspective of PFF’s staff, considering Nelson’s skills, performance, and influence on the game.

PFF Player Rankings for the 2022 Season: No. 11

Looking ahead to the 2022 season, Quenton Nelson maintains a noteworthy ranking of No. 11 in Pro Football Focus player rankings. 

These projections take into account various factors, including past performance, potential improvements, and the anticipated impact on the upcoming season.

Consistent Presence Among Elite Players

While individual rankings may vary, one consistent theme is Quenton Nelson’s presence among the NFL’s elite players. 

Whether through peer recognition, analytical evaluations, or future projections, Nelson’s rankings underscore his significance as one of the top talents in the league, particularly within his position as an offensive lineman.

Impact Beyond the Traditional Metrics

Nelson’s rankings also highlight the growing acknowledgment of the impact offensive linemen can have on the game. 

Traditionally, players in skill positions receive more attention, but Nelson’s consistent high rankings demonstrate the recognition of the crucial role offensive linemen play in shaping the success of their teams.

What is Quentin Nelson’s Rating?

Quenton Nelson’s ratings in popular platforms like Madden NFL and assessments by analytics-driven organizations such as Pro Football Focus (PFF) provide insights into his virtual and real-world football prowess. 

Here’s a breakdown of Quenton Nelson’s ratings:

Madden NFL 22Overall Rating94
Madden NFL 22Run Blocking98
Madden NFL 22Pass Blocking93
Madden NFL 22Strength98
Pro Football FocusOverall Grade91.3 (2021)
Pro Football FocusRun Blocking Grade90.0 (2021)
Pro Football FocusPass Blocking Grade74.1 (2021)


Did Quenton Nelson sign a contract extension with the Indianapolis Colts?

Yes, Quenton Nelson signed a contract extension with the Indianapolis Colts in 2021, securing his future with the team.

In which position does Quenton Nelson play?

Quenton Nelson plays as an offensive guard for the Indianapolis Colts, showcasing his skills in protecting the quarterback and opening lanes for the running game.

Has Quenton Nelson played other positions during his career?

Nelson has primarily played as an offensive guard throughout his NFL career, utilizing his skills to excel in one of the key positions on the offensive line.

Did Quenton Nelson sign a contract extension?

Yes, in 2021, Quenton Nelson and the Indianapolis Colts agreed to a contract extension, securing his future with the team.

What position does Quenton Nelson play?

Quenton Nelson plays as an offensive guard in the NFL, specifically for the Indianapolis Colts.

To Recap

Quenton Nelson’s excellence on the football field is unquestionable. As an offensive guard for the Indianapolis Colts, he has consistently demonstrated unparalleled skills, earning widespread recognition as one of the NFL’s premier linemen. 

His powerful run blocking, adept pass protection, and remarkable strength contribute to his stellar Madden ratings and impressive Pro Football Focus grades. 

Beyond statistical measures, Nelson’s impact extends to team dynamics, where his leadership and consistency elevate those around him. 

Widely regarded as one of the best in the league at his position, Quenton Nelson’s proficiency and influence underline his significance as a linchpin for both the Colts and the broader landscape of professional football.

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