Why Does Jason Kelce Wear 62? The Identity Behind the Number

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Jason Kelce Wear 62

In the realm of professional football, each jersey number often conceals a narrative, a personal choice, or a sentimental attachment.

However, Jason Kelce’s adoption of the number 62 emerges as a unique story that intertwines chance, personal philosophy, and a valuable lesson from his past.

Beyond the arbitrary assignment that began his NFL journey in 2011, Kelce’s attachment to 62 delves deeper.

Shaped by a middle school coach’s wisdom—”The player makes the number, not the other way around”—Kelce has turned a seemingly random numerical identifier into a symbol of dedication, resilience, and unwavering commitment.

Join us as we explore the intriguing tale behind why Jason Kelce proudly dons the number 62.

Why Does Jason Kelce Wear 62?

Jason Kelce’s choice to wear the number 62 is rooted in a combination of luck and a valuable lesson from his past:

Random Assignment

When Jason Kelce entered the NFL in 2011, the number 62 was bestowed upon him. This assignment was arbitrary, lacking any predetermined significance.

However, what unfolded after that transformed this seemingly random number into a significant part of Kelce’s football identity.

Coach’s Wisdom

Kelce’s affinity for the number 13 during his youth didn’t translate into his NFL career. A pivotal moment came during his time in middle school when a coach imparted a valuable lesson: “The player makes the number, not the other way around.”

This coaching wisdom influenced Kelce’s perspective on jersey numbers, guiding him to embrace the identity associated with the number assigned to him.

Humble Acceptance

Despite having initial preferences, Kelce’s humility shines through in his acceptance of the number 62.

He wears it not out of personal choice but out of respect for the sport and an understanding that a player’s legacy transcends the digits on their jersey.

Symbol of Commitment

For Kelce, 62 has become more than just a numerical identifier. It symbolizes his dedication, hard work, and contributions to the Philadelphia Eagles. The number, once randomly assigned, has now become a part of Kelce’s legacy on the field.

Philosophy in Practice

Kelce’s decision to wear 62 exemplifies a philosophy that underscores the essence of the player’s impact on the game.

By making the number his own through hard work and dedication, Kelce exemplifies that the player defines the number, not the other way around.

Did Jason Kelce Have a Preference for a Different Number Before Wearing 62?

Did Jason Kelce Have a Preference for a Different Number Before Wearing 62?

Yes, before wearing the number 62, Jason Kelce preferred a different number. During his youth, he had a liking for the number 13.

However, his perspective on jersey numbers shifted due to a valuable lesson from a middle school football coach.

The coach emphasized the idea that “The player makes the number, not the other way around.” This philosophy influenced Kelce’s approach to jersey numbers, leading him to embrace the number 62 assigned to him when he entered the NFL.

Despite his initial liking for a different number, Kelce adopted the perspective that the player’s identity and performance define the number they wear on the field.

How Has Jason Kelce Contributed to the Tradition and Legacy of the Number 62?

Jason Kelce has made substantial contributions to the tradition and legacy of the number 62 through his remarkable career in the NFL:

Consistent On-Field Excellence

Kelce’s on-field performance has been nothing short of stellar. As the center for the Philadelphia Eagles, he has consistently displayed a high level of skill, athleticism, and football intelligence.

His commitment to excellence has added a new chapter to the legacy of the number 62.

Leadership and Team Contributions

Beyond individual achievements, Kelce’s leadership qualities have left an indelible mark on the number 62. His contributions to the success of the Eagles’ offensive line and the team as a whole have become a part of the tradition associated with the number.

Memorable Moments and Plays

Memorable plays and pivotal moments have marked Kelce’s tenure in the number 62 jersey. Whether it’s a crucial block, a game-winning move, or a standout play, these instances contribute to the legacy of the number and solidify its place in the Eagles’ history.

Resilience and Adaptability

Kelce’s ability to overcome challenges and adapt to different situations has become a defining characteristic of the number 62 tradition.

His resilience in the face of adversity and consistent performance under various circumstances has set a standard for future players who might wear the same number.

Iconic Off-Field Representations

The off-field representations of the number 62, such as Kelce’s memorable speech during the Eagles Super Bowl parade in 2018, have added layers to its tradition. The number now symbolizes not just on-field prowess but also charisma, passion, and a connection to the fans.

Community Engagement and Impact

Community Engagement and Impact

Kelce’s involvement in community initiatives and his impact beyond the field contribute to the tradition of the number 62.

His commitment to making a positive difference in the community enhances the legacy of the jersey number.

Respect and Admiration

Kelce’s respect and admiration from teammates, coaches, and fans further solidify the legacy of the number 62. The way he has represented the number with pride and honor has elevated its status within the context of Eagles’ football history.

How Has Jason Kelce’s Philosophy of “The Player Makes the Number” Manifested in His Career?

Jason Kelce’s philosophy that “The player makes the number” has been a guiding force in his distinguished NFL career, manifesting in various aspects of his professional journey:

Consistent High-Level Performance

Kelce’s belief that the player defines the number is reflected in his consistent, high-level performance as the center for the Philadelphia Eagles.

His skill, precision, and football IQ have solidified his reputation as one of the premier centers in the league, irrespective of the number on his jersey.

Leadership and Team Contributions

Beyond individual achievements, Kelce’s philosophy is evident in his leadership on the field.

As a key figure in the Eagles’ offensive line, he has influenced the success of the team, emphasizing that the player’s impact extends beyond personal statistics to contribute to the collective success of the unit.

Resilience in the Face of Challenges

Kelce’s career has seen its share of challenges, including injuries and changes within the team.

His resilience and ability to adapt to various circumstances showcase that the player’s response to challenges genuinely defines the number they wear, not the number itself.

Memorable Moments in the Number 62

Kelce’s philosophy is vividly reflected in memorable moments where he has worn the number 62 jersey.

Pivotal plays, game-winning blocks, and instances where his performance was instrumental in the team’s success contribute to the narrative that the player, through their actions, truly defines the number they wear.

Off-Field Impact and Charisma

Kelce’s off-field impact, including his iconic speech during the Eagles’ Super Bowl parade in 2018, showcases that the player’s charisma and engagement contribute to the identity associated with their jersey number.

His philosophy extends beyond the game itself, influencing how he presents himself as a player and public figure.

Adherence to Personal Principles

Jason Kelce’s adherence to the philosophy that “The player makes the number” demonstrates his commitment to personal principles.

It’s not merely a slogan but a lived reality in his career, influencing his work ethic, sportsmanship, and dedication to the sport.


Who is 62 for the Eagles?

Jason Kelce is associated with the number 62 as the center for the Philadelphia Eagles.

What was the lesson from his middle school coach that influenced Kelce’s choice?

The coach emphasized, “The player makes the number, not the other way around.” This philosophy guided Kelce to accept the number given to him and make it his own.

Are there specific moments in Kelce’s career where the significance of the number 62 is highlighted?

Yes, various memorable moments in Kelce’s career, such as key plays and game-winning blocks, underscore the significance of the number 62 as a symbol of his impact on the field.

Does the number 62 play a role in Jason Kelce’s off-field brand and identity?

Yes, the number 62 is often associated with Kelce in off-field engagements, such as his iconic speech during the Eagles’ Super Bowl parade, further solidifying its role in his overall brand and identity.

How have Jason Kelce’s teammates and coaches reacted to his attachment to the number 62?

Teammates and coaches have well-received Kelce’s attachment to the number 62. His consistent performance and leadership in the jersey have earned him respect.

To Recap

The story of why Jason Kelce wears 62 transcends mere jersey numerology. What began as a random assignment evolved into a powerful symbol of resilience, commitment, and on-field prowess.

Kelce’s choice to embrace the philosophy that “The player makes the number” is evident in his consistent excellence, leadership, and unforgettable moments in the number 62 jersey. It’s not just a numerical identifier; it’s a representation of a player’s indelible mark on the sport.

Through dedication and adherence to principles, Kelce has not only worn 62 with honor but has etched its significance into the rich tapestry of the Philadelphia Eagles’ history and his storied football legacy.

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