Why Does Dak Prescott Wear Number 4? 4 Unknown Reasons

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Why Does Dak Prescott Wear Number 4? 4 Unknown Reasons

Dak Prescott’s choice to wear the number 4 goes beyond the realms of mere jersey selection—it is a narrative woven with personal significance and athletic legacy.

During his tenure with the Mississippi State Bulldogs, Prescott embraced the number 4 as his own, symbolizing a pivotal chapter in his collegiate career.

However, the numeral’s deeper resonance emerges from its ties to family and faith. As a tribute to his late mother and a nod to spiritual foundations, the number 4 becomes a talisman on the field.

Prescott’s commitment to continuity, donning the same number in both college and the NFL with the Dallas Cowboys, underscores a desire for stability and a connection to the profound elements that define his journey.

Reasons Why Does Dak Prescott Wear Number 4?

Dak Prescott is the star quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, one of the most popular and successful teams in the NFL.

He has been wearing the number 4 on his jersey since his rookie season in 2016, but not many people know the reason behind his choice.

Let’s explore the heartbreaking yet heartwarming story of why Dak Prescott wears number 4:

1. Collegiate Connection: Mississippi State Bulldogs

Collegiate Connection: Mississippi State Bulldogs

Dak Prescott’s affiliation with the number 4 began during his college football days at Mississippi State University.

Prescott played as the quarterback for the Mississippi State Bulldogs, and he chose to wear the number 4 jersey throughout his college career.

This association with the number likely holds sentimental value for Prescott, representing the period in his athletic journey when he made significant strides as a quarterback and gained national recognition.

2. Symbolic Significance: Family and Faith

Beyond its connection to his college football years, Dak Prescott has shared that the number 4 holds personal and symbolic significance for him.

In various interviews, Prescott has mentioned that the number 4 is a tribute to his mother, Peggy Prescott, who passed away from colon cancer in 2013.

The digit 4 was his mother’s favorite number, and wearing it on the field serves as a constant reminder of her influence and support.

Moreover, Prescott has emphasized the importance of faith in his life. For Prescott, incorporating this number into his football identity may reflect his commitment to his faith and the values instilled in him by his family.

3. Dak Prescott Was Given Number 10 as a Rookie

After his impressive college career, Dak Prescott was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL draft.

He was expected to be the backup quarterback to Tony Romo, who had been the franchise’s leader for over a decade.

Troy Aikman, who led the Cowboys to three Super Bowl titles, wore the number 8. So it made sense that Prescott was given the number 10, as the next in line of the Cowboys’ quarterback legacy.

However, Prescott did not get to wear the number 10 for long. Before he ever took a snap for the Cowboys, he requested a change to number 4.

4. Continuity and Consistency: Professional Career

Transitioning to the professional level with the Dallas Cowboys, Dak Prescott maintained his loyalty to the number 4.

The continuity of wearing the same number from college to the NFL speaks to the consistency and reliability that Prescott aims to bring to his game.

Athletes often develop a sense of identity and comfort with a particular jersey number, and Prescott’s choice of number 4 underscores his desire for stability and continuity in his career.

What Is Dak Prescott Wear on His Uniform?

What Is Dak Prescott Wear on His Uniform?

Dak Prescott wears the number 4 on his uniform, symbolizing his collegiate success with the Mississippi State Bulldogs. 

This choice is deeply personal, honoring his late mother, Peggy Prescott, whose favorite number was 4. 

Beyond familial ties, the number 4 holds spiritual significance for Prescott, reflecting his faith and values.

Transitioning to the NFL with the Dallas Cowboys, Prescott maintained this number, emphasizing continuity in his professional journey. 

Each time he dons the uniform with the number 4, it represents more than just a jersey; it encapsulates a narrative of personal connection, resilience, and a commitment to both family and faith in the realm of professional football.

What Does Dak Prescott Wear on His Wrist?

Dak Prescott is often seen wearing a wristband on his left wrist during games. These wristbands typically serve a functional purpose, containing play information, offensive strategies, or other relevant details to assist quarterbacks in coordinating plays on the field. 

Wristbands are a common tool used by quarterbacks to quickly reference information without having to consult printed play sheets. 

While the exact content of Prescott’s wristband may vary, it is a practical accessory that aids in the efficient execution of plays during games.

Is Dak Prescott Married?

No, Dak Prescott is not married as of now. He does not have a wife or any children. However, he is in a relationship with an Instagram model named Natalie Buffett. 

They have been dating since at least 2020 and have been seen together on various occasions. They also flew to the Bahamas for a romantic getaway in 20211.

Prescott has had some previous girlfriends, such as Kayla Puzas, Dallas Nicole Parks, and Yasmine Lee, but none of them lasted long.

He seems to be happy and committed to Natalie Buffett, who supports him through his highs and lows. 

For now, he is focused on his career and his foundation, which helps families affected by cancer and other hardships. 

He wears the number 4 on his jersey to honor his late mother, who died of colon cancer in 20132.


Is there a personal connection to the number 4?

Yes, there is a deep personal connection for Dak Prescott. 

The number 4 was his late mother’s favorite, and wearing it serves as a constant reminder and tribute to her. 

This emotional tie adds a profound layer of significance to his choice.

Does the number 4 hold any spiritual meaning for Dak Prescott?

Yes, beyond familial connections, the number 4 carries spiritual significance for Prescott. 

It reflects his faith and serves as a representation of stability and foundational values in his life.

Did Dak Prescott wear the number 4 in college and continue in the NFL?

Yes, Dak Prescott wore the number 4 during his college career at Mississippi State, and he has continued to wear the same number with the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL, emphasizing a sense of continuity in his football journey.

How Dak Prescott Switch to Number 4?

In honor of his mother, he switched his jersey number to 4.

Last Words

In the hallowed arenas of football, Dak Prescott’s steadfast attachment to the number 4 transcends the superficial realm of jersey preferences. 

It encapsulates a tale of athletic maturation at Mississippi State, where the number became synonymous with his quarterback prowess. 

Yet, beyond the gridiron, the number 4 transforms into a poignant tribute, an emblem of familial love, particularly for his late mother, and a manifestation of spiritual grounding. 

Prescott’s unwavering commitment to this digit, from collegiate feats to the professional stage with the Dallas Cowboys, symbolizes a narrative of consistency and resilience. 

Each time he dons the number 4, it echoes with personal resonance, encapsulating a unique amalgamation of athletic achievement, familial bonds, and unwavering faith.

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