Why Do They Call Andre Drummond the Big Penguin?

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Andre Drummond is a professional basketball player who has made a name for himself in the NBA as one of the league’s dominant big men. He was drafted by the Detroit Pistons in 2012 and has been a consistent force on the court, averaging a double-double in points and rebounds for most of his career.

However, there is another aspect of Drummond’s persona that has earned him recognition both on and off the court, and that is his nickname “Big Penguin.” In this blog, we will explore the origin and significance of this moniker, and what it says about Drummond’s character and impact on the game.

Why Do They Call Andre Drummond the Big Penguin?

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Origin of the Nickname

Andre Drummond, the 6’10” NBA center, has been given a unique nickname by fans and fellow players alike: “The Big Penguin.” This nickname was first revealed in an interview in 2016, when Drummond was asked about his love for penguins.

He mentioned that he had a soft spot for these adorable flightless birds, and that he even had a collection of penguin stuffed animals. This love for penguins is what led to the creation of his famous nickname.

The origins of the nickname can be traced back to his rookie year in the league, when one of his teammates started calling him “The Big Penguin” as a playful reference to his size and waddling gait. The nickname quickly caught on and soon became a staple among fans and media.

Over the years, Drummond has embraced the nickname, even going as far as incorporating a penguin into his social media logos and wearing penguin-themed shoes on the court.

He has also been known to post pictures of real penguins on his social media pages, further fueling the love and affection fans have for him and his nickname.

Significance of the Nickname

Andre Drummond’s physical characteristics and playing style make him a fitting candidate for the nickname “Big Penguin.” Standing at 6’10” and weighing 279 pounds, Drummond has a large and imposing figure on the court.

His aggressive and dominant play style adds to this perception, making him a formidable opponent for any player. In addition, Drummond’s ability to play effectively under the rim and rebound the ball effectively is reminiscent of a penguin’s movements in the water, further adding to the fitting nature of the nickname.

How the Nickname Has Become Part of Drummond’s Identity

Over time, the nickname “Big Penguin” has become synonymous with Andre Drummond. Fans, media, and even fellow players refer to him by this nickname, solidifying its place as part of his identity.

The nickname has become a part of Drummond’s persona and has contributed to his reputation as a dominant player in the NBA.

How the Nickname Has Caught on Among Fans and Media

The nickname “Big Penguin” has caught on among fans and media due to its fitting nature and its ability to capture Drummond’s on-court persona. The nickname has become a part of popular culture and is widely used by fans and media when referring to Drummond.

This has helped to increase the notoriety of the nickname and has made it a part of the wider discourse surrounding Andre Drummond and his basketball career.

Overall, the nickname “Big Penguin” has become a significant part of Andre Drummond’s identity, helping to solidify his place as one of the top players in the NBA.

Analysis of the Nickname

The nickname “Big Penguin” has been both positively and negatively received. On one hand, the nickname has helped to endear Drummond to fans and media, painting him as a loveable and entertaining player.

On the other hand, some have criticized the nickname as being too silly or detracting from the seriousness of Drummond’s on-court abilities.

In terms of its impact on Drummond’s career, the nickname has only served to increase his popularity and recognition among fans. It has also helped to establish a unique brand for Drummond, separating him from other players in the league and solidifying his image as a larger-than-life personality.

Regardless of how one feels about the nickname, it is undeniable that it has become a defining aspect of Andre Drummond’s public persona. Whether it will continue to impact his career in the long term remains to be seen, but for now, it appears that the “Big Penguin” nickname is here to stay.

Facts About Andre Drummond’s Nickname “Big Penguin”

Fact Description
Origin The nickname was given to Andre Drummond by former NBA player J.R. Smith, who noticed Drummond’s likeness to a penguin while playing video games.
Significance The nickname is fitting for Drummond because of his waddling gait on the court and his love for penguins.
Impact The nickname has become part of Drummond’s identity and has caught on among fans and media.
Positive Aspects The nickname has brought a fun and lighthearted aspect to Drummond’s career, and has helped to endear him to fans.
Negative Aspects The nickname may be seen as trivializing or belittling, and could potentially impact the way that Drummond is perceived by some fans and media.

Note: This table provides a quick overview of key facts related to Andre Drummond’s nickname “Big Penguin”.

When Did Andre Drummond First Start Playing Basketball?

Andre Drummond first started playing basketball when he was in middle school. He showed an early talent for the sport and went on to play high school basketball in Connecticut before declaring for the NBA draft in 2012.

Who Gave Andre Drummond the Nickname “Big Penguin”?

The origin of Andre Drummond’s nickname “Big Penguin” is not clear, but it is believed to have started as a joke among his teammates and friends. The nickname was popularized after an interview with Drummond in which he revealed his love for penguins and embraced the nickname.

Does Andre Drummond Own Any Pet Penguins?

As far as we know, Andre Drummond does not own any pet penguins. However, he has shown a love and appreciation for the birds, which has contributed to the popularity of his nickname.

Has the Nickname “Big Penguin” Affected Andre Drummond’s Performance on the Court?

There is no evidence that the nickname “Big Penguin” has had a significant impact on Andre Drummond’s performance on the court. He is considered one of the top players in the NBA and has consistently put up impressive numbers throughout his career.

Is the Nickname “Big Penguin” Used by Fans and Media Across the League?

Yes, the nickname “Big Penguin” has become widely used by fans and media across the league. It has become part of Andre Drummond’s identity and is often used in discussions and coverage of his career.

Editor’s Note

Andre Drummond is a professional basketball player who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA. He was given the nickname “Big Penguin” by his former teammate, Greg Monroe, after revealing that his favorite animal is a penguin and that his favorite movies are “Happy Feet” and “March of the Penguins.”

The nickname has since stuck and is now commonly used to refer to him. Drummond is listed at 6’10” and weighs 279 pounds. He was born on August 10, 1993, making him 29 years old as of February 13, 2023.


Andre Drummond, a great basketball player, known as the “Big Penguin,” has made a significant impact on the NBA with his impressive play on the court. The nickname started as a joke among his teammates, but it has since become an endearing part of his identity.

The nickname fits his larger-than-life personality and highlights his playful, fun-loving side. Although there have been some negative aspects to the nickname, such as comparisons to a slow-moving animal, it has largely been seen as a positive aspect of his career.

As Drummond continues to dominate on the court, it’s clear that the “Big Penguin” nickname will remain a part of his legacy for years to come.

Fans and media will continue to cheer on the big man with this unique nickname, and it’s likely that it will continue to bring joy and lightheartedness to the game of basketball.

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