Why Do Quarterbacks Wear Two Gloves?

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Quarterbacks, the pivotal figures in American football, often don two gloves before stepping onto the gridiron. This seemingly minor accessory carries significant implications for their performance on the field.

The practice of wearing two gloves is far from arbitrary; it is a strategic choice forged through a fusion of practicality, adaptability, and personal preference.

The purpose is clear: to secure a firmer grip on the football, the lifeblood of their game. These gloves are not just fashion statements; they are precision instruments designed to elevate their throw accuracy.

Beyond this fundamental advantage, they shield against the unforgiving elements and provide a crucial layer of protection. This article delves into the multifaceted reasons why quarterbacks choose to don two gloves, uncovering the nuanced strategy behind this seemingly simple choice.

Why Do Quarterbacks Wear Two Gloves?

Quarterbacks, the strategic leaders of American football teams, are often seen donning two gloves during games, and this practice serves a multitude of purposes that contribute to their performance and success on the field.

The decision to wear two gloves is not arbitrary; rather, it is rooted in a combination of practicality, strategy, and personal preference.

Here are several reasons why quarterbacks opt for two gloves:

Enhanced Grip

The most fundamental reason quarterbacks wear gloves is to gain an enhanced grip on the football. Throwing a football with precision demands a firm and controlled grip.

Gloves, especially those designed for football, come with textured surfaces that increase friction between the quarterback’s hands and the ball. This improved grip helps them maintain better control over the ball, ensuring accurate passes.

Weather Adaptability

Two Gloves

Football is often played in various weather conditions, including rain, snow, or extreme cold. In adverse weather, the football can become slippery, making it challenging for quarterbacks to throw accurately.

Two gloves offer protection against these weather-related challenges. They provide insulation, keeping the quarterback’s hands warm, and offer a reliable grip, allowing them to maintain their throwing accuracy regardless of the weather.


Football fields can be harsh environments, with rough surfaces and potential debris such as dirt, turf, or pebbles. By wearing gloves on both hands, quarterbacks create a protective barrier for their hands.

This reduces the risk of injuries that could hinder their performance, ensuring they can continue to perform at their best without disruptions.


A quarterback’s job involves making a wide range of throws during a game, from short, precise passes to long throws downfield. Wearing gloves on both hands helps maintain consistency in their grip and feel for the ball.

This consistency is crucial for adapting to different game situations and ensuring that every throw is as accurate as possible.

Personal Preference

Ultimately, the choice to wear two gloves is a matter of personal preference for each quarterback. Some may feel more comfortable and confident with gloves on both hands throughout the game, while others may choose to wear gloves on just one hand or even none at all.

This decision depends on their individual playing style, habits, and what they believe enhances their performance.

How Do Two Gloves Help Quarterbacks Maintain Consistency in Their Throws?

Their Throws

Two gloves play a pivotal role in helping quarterbacks maintain consistency in their throws, a fundamental aspect of their performance on the football field.

Maintaining consistency is crucial for a quarterback’s accuracy and effectiveness in executing a wide range of throws during a game.

Here’s how wearing two gloves contributes to this essential consistency:

Uniform Grip

When quarterbacks wear gloves on both hands, they establish a uniform grip on the football. Each glove provides a consistent surface texture, ensuring that the quarterback’s fingers, palms, and the football all interact predictably.

This uniform grip allows for a stable and repeatable throwing motion.

Elimination of Variability

In the absence of gloves or when wearing gloves on just one hand, variability can creep into the equation. Factors such as the condition of the quarterback’s bare hand, the texture of the football, and external factors like weather can introduce inconsistencies in the grip.

Two gloves effectively eliminate these variables, providing a constant and reliable grip regardless of external conditions.

Adaptability to Different Throws

Quarterbacks are tasked with making a wide range of throws during a game, from short and precise passes to long and powerful throws. Wearing gloves on both hands enables quarterbacks to seamlessly transition between these different types of throws without significant adjustments to their grip.

This adaptability is crucial for maintaining consistency in their delivery and accuracy throughout the game.

Enhanced Control

Gloves are designed with textured surfaces that enhance grip and control. With two gloves, quarterbacks have better control over the football’s movement, allowing them to place the ball precisely where they intend.

This heightened level of control ensures that each throw is more consistent and on target.

Boosted Confidence

Knowing that they have a consistent and secure grip on the football with two gloves can boost a quarterback’s confidence. Confidence is a psychological factor that plays a vital role in a quarterback’s performance.

When a quarterback feels confident in their grip and throwing mechanics, they are more likely to execute consistent and accurate throws under pressure.

Which Quarterbacks Are Known for Wearing Two Gloves?

Several quarterbacks in American football have been known for wearing two gloves during their careers. While this practice isn’t exclusive to them, these quarterbacks have become notable for their use of two gloves for various reasons, including grip enhancement and adaptability to different conditions.

Here are a few quarterbacks who are known for wearing two gloves:

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning, one of the NFL’s all-time greats, notably wore two gloves during his career. He often used two gloves, especially in the later stages of his career, to enhance his grip on the football and handle adverse weather conditions more effectively.

Teddy Bridgewater

Teddy Bridgewater, currently with the Denver Broncos, is known for consistently wearing two gloves. He believes that two gloves provide him with an improved grip, leading to more accurate passes and better ball control.

Drew Brees

While not a constant two-glove wearer, Drew Brees, the former New Orleans Saints quarterback, occasionally used gloves, particularly in games with challenging weather conditions.

He adapted to different circumstances to maintain control over the football.

Joe Burrow

Joe Burrow, the Cincinnati Bengals’ rising star, made headlines during his rookie NFL season for wearing two gloves. This choice aimed to enhance his grip on the football, helping him adapt to the demands of professional football.

Ryan Tannehill

Ryan Tannehill, the quarterback for the Tennessee Titans, has been seen wearing two gloves in cold-weather games. This choice helps him maintain a secure grip on the football, especially when playing in less favorable weather conditions.

Kenny Pickett

Kenny Pickett, a standout quarterback for the Pittsburgh Panthers in college football, is known for wearing two gloves. His choice is likely for improved grip and adaptability, as is often the case with quarterbacks who opt for two gloves.

What NFL QB Wore 2 Gloves?

Teddy Bridgewater, an NFL quarterback, is notably known for consistently wearing two gloves during games. His practice of wearing gloves on both hands is relatively uncommon among quarterbacks, making him a unique figure in the league.

Bridgewater’s choice is rooted in the benefits of an enhanced grip, adaptability to adverse weather conditions, and, in his case, managing a medical condition (carpal tunnel syndrome).

While he’s not the only quarterback to wear two gloves in NFL history, his distinctive practice has drawn attention and highlighted the diversity of equipment preferences among players.


Do all quarterbacks wear two gloves?

No, not all quarterbacks wear two gloves. The choice to wear gloves is a matter of personal preference, and some quarterbacks opt for one or none.

Can wearing two gloves help reduce the risk of fumbles during a game?

Wearing two gloves can enhance a quarterback’s grip on the football, potentially reducing the risk of fumbles, especially in wet or slippery conditions.

Are there specific brands or types of gloves preferred by quarterbacks?

Some quarterbacks have preferred glove brands or types known for their grip and performance. However, the choice of gloves can be highly individualized.

Do quarterbacks wear two gloves during practices or only in actual games?

Quarterbacks may wear two gloves during practices if they believe it benefits their performance, but it’s more commonly associated with actual game situations.

What advantages do quarterbacks gain by wearing two gloves on the field?

Quarterbacks gain advantages like a better grip, adaptability to weather conditions, hand protection, throw consistency, and personal comfort when wearing two gloves.

To Recap

The practice of quarterbacks wearing two gloves is a strategic choice driven by a combination of necessity and personal preference. These gloves serve as critical tools that enhance grip, adapt to unpredictable weather conditions, and provide a protective barrier on the field.

While their primary function is to ensure precise passes and maintain control over the football, they also symbolize the meticulous preparation and adaptability required in the high-stakes world of American football.

Ultimately, whether worn for improved performance or as a shield against the elements, the choice to wear two gloves underscores the quarterback’s commitment to excellence and their unwavering determination to lead their team to victory.

In the realm of football strategy, the gloves are not just an accessory; they are a symbol of precision, adaptability, and unwavering dedication to success.

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