Roots of Tradition: Why Do NFL Players Say Their High School?

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Why Do Nfl Players Say Their High School

In the electric atmosphere of NFL stadiums, where fans eagerly anticipate each game, there exists a unique tradition that captures the essence of a player’s journey to professional football.

It’s the moment when NFL players, amidst thunderous applause, proudly mention their high schools during pregame introductions. This seemingly simple act carries profound significance, transcending the boundaries of sport.

But why do these accomplished athletes, who have achieved the pinnacle of their careers, choose to harken back to their high school days? This intriguing tradition is a testament to the indomitable spirit, deep-rooted gratitude, and profound community bonds that define the NFL and its players.

In this exploration, we delve into the multifaceted reasons behind why NFL players say their high schools with pride.

Why Do NFL Players Say Their High School?

NFL players saying their high schools during introductions or in various contexts is a unique and intriguing tradition within the sport. This practice stems from a combination of personal and cultural factors, reflecting the diverse backgrounds and experiences of NFL players.

Here are some reasons why NFL players say their high schools:

Gratitude and Recognition

Many NFL players come from humble beginnings, and their high school years often played a crucial role in their football development. They may have had dedicated coaches, supportive communities, or outstanding teammates during this time.

By mentioning their high schools, players express gratitude and recognize the influence these institutions and individuals had on their journey to the NFL.

Community Connection

High schools are often at the heart of local communities. When NFL players name their high schools, they establish a strong connection with their hometowns or regions.

This connection resonates with fans who share a sense of pride and identity with the player’s roots, creating a bond between the player and the community.

Diverse Backgrounds

The NFL is known for its diversity, with players coming from various backgrounds and experiences. Some players may not have attended major college football programs, or they might have taken unconventional paths to the league.

Mentioning their high schools allows these players to emphasize that success in the NFL can come from various routes, showcasing the diversity of talent within the league.

Personal Expression

Personal Expression

Introducing themselves by stating their high school names can be a form of personal expression for NFL players. It allows them to showcase their individuality and creativity.

Some players use this opportunity to make playful references, connect with specific fan bases, or simply add character to their introductions.

Avoiding Stereotypes

In some cases, players may choose to mention their high schools to divert attention from potential stereotypes or negative perceptions associated with their college careers or educational backgrounds.

This choice allows them to focus on their NFL achievements and showcase their unique journeys.


High school represents a simpler and more nostalgic time in many players’ lives. Mentioning their high schools can evoke fond memories and a sense of nostalgia, both for the players themselves and for fans who followed their high school careers.

It reminds everyone of where their football dreams began.

Engagement With Fans

NFL players understand the importance of engaging with their fan base. Mentioning their high schools creates a personal connection with fans who may have attended the same high schools or shared similar experiences.

This connection fosters a sense of camaraderie and relatability, making fans feel closer to their favorite players.

Identity and Pride

High school is where many players first fell in love with football and began their journey in the sport. Mentioning their high schools reinforces their identity as football players and instills pride in their roots.

It’s a way of acknowledging where it all started.

Which NFL Players Proudly Mention Their High Schools During Pregame Introductions?

In the grand spectacle of NFL pregame introductions, where players are celebrated and the energy in the stadium is electric, a unique tradition stands out – the practice of NFL players proudly mentioning their high schools.

This tradition is a testament to the enduring connection between these players and the communities where they began their football journeys.

Let’s take a closer look at some NFL players who proudly mention their high schools during pregame introductions:

Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman

Renowned for his outspokenness and elite cornerback skills, Richard Sherman has frequently mentioned “Compton High School” during introductions. It’s a heartfelt tribute to his hometown of Compton, California, where he developed the skills that would propel him to NFL stardom.

Dez Bryant

A former standout wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, Dez Bryant consistently mentioned “Lufkin High School” during introductions. This gesture pays homage to Lufkin, Texas, where his football journey began.

J.J. Watt

J.J. Watt, one of the NFL’s most dominant defensive players, proudly mentions “Pewaukee High School” during introductions. It’s a nod to his Wisconsin roots and the community that supported his early football endeavors.

Ndamukong Suh

Known for his tenacity on the field, Ndamukong Suh frequently mentions “Grant High School” in Portland, Oregon, during introductions, acknowledging his high school years.

Emmanuel Sanders

A versatile wide receiver who has played for several NFL teams, including the Denver Broncos and New Orleans Saints, often mentions “Bellville High School” in Bellville, Texas, during introductions as a symbol of appreciation for his high school and community.

Von Miller

Von Miller, a dominant linebacker, is closely associated with “DeSoto High School” in DeSoto, Texas, a place he proudly mentions during pregame introductions.

Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes

The electrifying quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes, frequently mentions “Whitehouse High School” in Whitehouse, Texas, as a reminder of where his football dreams began.

Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson, the dynamic Baltimore Ravens quarterback and former NFL MVP, often mentions “Boynton Beach High School” in Boynton Beach, Florida, during introductions.

Adrian Peterson

A legendary running back with a storied career, Adrian Peterson mentions “Palestine High School” in Palestine, Texas, to honor his high school and hometown.

Can NFL Players Be Drafted From High School?

No, NFL players cannot be drafted directly from high school. The NFL has a rule known as the “three-year rule,” which requires players to have at least three years of college football experience or be three years removed from high school before they are eligible for the NFL Draft.

This rule is in place to ensure that players have the physical and mental development necessary to compete at the professional level and to protect the well-being of young athletes.

As a result, most NFL players come from college football programs where they have had the opportunity to develop their skills and gain experience before entering the NFL Draft.


What is the history and origin of NFL players mentioning their high schools?

The tradition of NFL players mentioning their high schools during introductions has no specific origin but evolved organically, reflecting their deep personal connections and community ties.

Do all NFL players mention their high schools?

No, not all NFL players mention their high schools during introductions. It’s a personal choice, and some players may choose not to do so.

Are there any memorable or unique instances of NFL players mentioning their high schools?

Yes, there are several memorable instances of NFL players mentioning their high schools, with each player adding a unique touch or story to their introductions.

Do NFL players receive any feedback or recognition from their high schools for mentioning them during games?

High schools often recognize NFL players who mention them during games, showing pride in their alumni’s success, but specific feedback or recognition varies.

Can mentioning high schools be seen as a form of personal branding for NFL players?

Yes, mentioning high schools can be seen as a form of personal branding for NFL players, as it adds a unique and personal touch to their introductions, helping to distinguish them.

To Recap

The tradition of NFL players proudly mentioning their high schools serves as a powerful reminder of the multifaceted nature of their journeys to professional football.

It embodies gratitude, community, diversity, personal expression, and the enduring connection between players and their roots. Through this tradition, NFL athletes pay homage to the pivotal role that high schools, coaches, and communities played in shaping their football careers.

It also underscores the league’s commitment to celebrating individuality and inclusivity. Ultimately, when NFL players say their high schools, they not only honor their past but also inspire future generations of aspiring athletes.

It’s a tradition that encapsulates the heart and soul of the NFL, showcasing that the love for the game begins in small, local communities and can lead to the grandest of stages.

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