Why Did The Eagles Pull Jalen Hurts?

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The Philadelphia Eagles made a surprising move when they pulled their starting quarterback, Jalen Hurts, during their Week 17 matchup against the Washington Football Team. This move has left many people wondering why the Eagles chose to pull one of their most promising young players.

In this essay, we will discuss the factors that may have contributed to the Eagles’ decision to pull Jalen Hurts from the game and analyze the potential consequences of the move.

Why Did the Eagles Pull Jalen Hurts?
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Why Did the Eagles Pull Jalen Hurts?

Jalen Hurts Struggled in Super Bowl

Jalen Hurts had a rough outing in the Eagles’ Super Bowl matchup against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Hurts completed just nine of 19 passes for 143 yards and three interceptions in the 31-9 loss. He also rushed for just 11 yards on three carries, as the Eagles were unable to generate any offense against the Buccaneers’ defense.

Carson Wentz Was Available

Carson Wentz, who was benched for Hurts in Week 17 of the regular season, was available to play in the Super Bowl. Wentz was dealing with an ankle injury, but he was healthy enough to play in the game.

The Eagles ultimately chose to stick with Hurts, but the decision didn’t pay off.

Nick Foles Wasn’t an Option

Nick Foles, who led the Eagles to a Super Bowl victory in 2018, was not an option for the team. Foles was traded to the Bears prior to the start of the season and was not eligible to be activated for the Super Bowl.

Eagles Wanted to See What Hurts Could Do

The Eagles wanted to see what Hurts could do in a big game, so they decided to start him in the Super Bowl. After his performance in the game, however, it’s clear that he needs more time before he can be trusted in big moments.

Eagles Rely on Defense

The Eagles rely heavily on their defense and their running game to win games. With Hurts struggling in the passing game, the Eagles knew that they would have to rely on their defense against a strong Buccaneers offense.

Ultimately, their defense wasn’t able to slow the Buccaneers down, and the Eagles’ season ended with a Super Bowl loss.

Why is Jalen Hurts Not Starting for the Eagles?


Jalen Hurts has been dealing with a right shoulder injury that has kept him from playing in the last two games for the Philadelphia Eagles. This injury is likely the primary reason why Hurts is not starting for the Eagles.

Poor Performance

Hurts has not been performing well in the games he has played. He has thrown three interceptions in the last three games and has completed only 57.3% of his passes. As a result, the Eagles have decided to start another quarterback, Nate Sudfeld, instead of Hurts.

Lack of Experience

Hurts is a rookie quarterback, and he has not had much experience as a starter in the NFL. He has only played in four games so far this season, and he has yet to show that he can lead the Eagles to victory.

Nick Sirianni’s Comments

Nick Sirianni, the Eagles’ head coach, has said that Hurts is “trending in the right direction.” This suggests that the Eagles are not confident in Hurts’ ability to play efficiently and lead the team to victory.

Future Outlook

It is still unclear whether Hurts will be the Eagles’ starting quarterback in the future. It is likely that the Eagles will wait to see how Hurts performs in the upcoming games before deciding if he should be their starting quarterback.

Until then, Nate Sudfeld will be the Eagles’ starting quarterback.

Did Jalen Hurts Get Hurt for the Eagles?

What Happened

Jalen Hurts, quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, suffered a sprained SC joint in his right shoulder. The injury would have forced Hurts to miss the final three games of the regular season if the Eagles did not need to rush him back for the finale to help clinch the No.

1 seed in the NFC.

How the Injury Occurred

The exact cause of Hurts’ injury is unknown, but it is likely that it was caused by a combination of physical wear and tear from the season and contact with other players on the field.

Impact of Injury

The injury impacted Hurts significantly as he was not able to play in the final three games of the regular season. This put the Eagles in a difficult spot as they had to rush Hurts back in order to help them clinch the No.

1 seed in the NFC.

Return to Play

Despite the injury, Hurts was able to return to play in the final game of the regular season. This allowed the Eagles to clinch the No. 1 seed in the NFC, which was a huge victory for the team.


Hurts is expected to make a full recovery from his injury and should be ready for the start of the 2021 season. The Eagles will look to Hurts to lead the team to a successful season, as his strong play was a key part of their success this past year.

Is Jalen Hurts Going to Be the Starter for Eagles?

Jalen Hurts is set to return as the starter for the Philadelphia Eagles in the final game of the 2020 NFL season against the New York Giants. The Pro Bowl quarterback had been out for the past two games due to a shoulder sprain, but is now set to make his return.

Hurts’ Performance

Hurts has had a strong rookie season after being drafted in the second round of the 2020 NFL draft. He has displayed impressive mobility and accuracy while also displaying impressive poise and leadership.

He has completed 62.8% of his passes for 1,061 yards, six touchdowns, and four interceptions in seven games.

Impact of Hurts’ Return

The return of Hurts will have a significant impact on the Eagles’ offense. Hurts is a dual-threat quarterback and his mobility will open up the offense and give the Eagles more options in the run game.

His accuracy and decision-making will also be a major factor as the Eagles look to close out the season with a win.

Eagles’ Season Outlook

The Eagles have had a difficult season, but there is still an opportunity to finish on a high note with a win over the Giants. With Hurts returning as the starter, the Eagles will have a chance to end the season on a positive note and build momentum heading into the 2021 season.

Hurts’ Future With Eagles

Hurts’ performance this season has been impressive and he could be the long-term answer at quarterback for the Eagles. With Carson Wentz’s future with the team uncertain, Hurts has shown he can be a solid starter in the NFL and has earned the respect of his teammates with his strong play this season.

Are Aj Brown and Jalen Hurts Friends?

Are Aj Brown and Jalen Hurts friends? This is a question that has been asked by many since they both rose to prominence in college football. Brown, an Ole Miss wide receiver, and Hurts, an Alabama quarterback, have become two of the most well-known players in college football.

Both have been praised for their performances on the field, and have developed a strong bond over the years. In this article, we will explore the friendship between these two stars of college football.

Friendship Beginnings

The friendship between Aj Brown and Jalen Hurts began when Hurts was recruiting Brown to come to Alabama. Hurts had heard about Brown’s talent and wanted him to join the team, and the two quickly formed a bond.

They spent time together talking about football and their future plans, and the friendship only grew from there.

College Career

Brown and Hurts both had successful college careers. Brown had an outstanding career at Ole Miss, and Hurts was one of the most successful quarterbacks in Alabama’s history. They both continued to support each other during their college careers, and the friendship strengthened even more.

Nfl Career

After college, both Brown and Hurts entered the NFL. Brown was drafted in the second round by the Tennessee Titans, while Hurts was drafted in the first round by the Philadelphia Eagles. Despite playing in different conferences, they still managed to stay in touch with each other and offer support.

Aj Brown and Jalen Hurts are indeed good friends. They have known each other since Hurts was recruiting Brown to join Alabama, and the friendship has grown stronger ever since. They have both had successful college and NFL careers, and have been there for each other throughout their journeys.

Their friendship is an inspiration and a testament to the kind of bond that can be formed over the course of years and through different paths.

To Recap

The decision to pull Jalen Hurts from the game has sparked a lot of debate among Eagles fans and analysts alike. While it is difficult to know for certain why the Eagles decided to make this move, it is clear that the team was looking to evaluate their future options at the quarterback position.

Ultimately, only time will tell if the move will prove to be a successful one for the Eagles. As the team moves forward with the 2021 season, they will continue to evaluate the situation and make decisions that are in the best interest of the team.

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