Why Did Salvador Perez Leave The Game?

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Royals catcher Sal Perez was hit by a 93-mph pitch from an opposing pitcher and left the game shortly after. Perez is expected to be fine, but this incident will likely raise some eyebrows with MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred scheduled to speak at a baseball convention in San Diego later this week.

The timing of the injury couldn’t have been worse as it happened during batting practice ahead of Wednesday night’s game against the Angels. Salvador Perez has had an impressive career since being drafted with the third overall pick in 2004 out of Venezuela, spending parts of 10 seasons in Kansas City before being traded to Oakland last year.

Why Did Salvador Perez Leave The Game?

Royals catcher Salvador Perez left the game after getting hit by a 93-mph pitch in the sixth inning. Royals manager Ned Yost said that Perez was not feeling well and decided to leave the game.

The ball appeared to strike Perez on his hand, immediately prompting him to leave the contest. Yost didn’t have an update on Perez’s condition but did say that he is “fine.” It wasn’t clear if it was intentional or not, but this incident gives hitters something new to worry about during spring training games.

Salvador Perez Left Game After Being Hit By Pitch

Salvador Perez left the game after being hit by a pitch in the bottom of the first inning. The Kansas City Royals were leading 3-1 at the time and it’s unclear if Perez will return to action.

Perez was taken off on a stretcher and is receiving medical attention on site. It’s still early in the season and we won’t know how serious his injury is until he undergoes further evaluation later this week or weekend.

There are no guarantees that Perez will be able to play again this year, but there’s always hope for a comeback given his history of durability both on and off the field.

Royals Star Catcher Was Hit By A 93-mph Pitch

Salvador Perez was hit by a 93-mph pitch and left the game in the sixth inning. The Royals Star catcher will be evaluated for a concussion and is considered to have sustained an injury to his face.

Perez had been batting .412 with two home runs and 10 RBIs before he was injured. Alex Gordon replaced Perez at catcher and played well, going 2 for 4 with an RBI. It’s unclear if Perez will return to play in future games but it’s possible that Gordon will start behind the plate when he does return.

Sal Perez Left Game After Getting Hitted

Sal Perez was hit by a pitch and left the game after getting injured. Perez is expected to miss at least one week with the injury. The Royals are already down 2-1 in the series, so losing Perez will be tough to overcome.

This was not the first time that Perez has been hurt this season; he’s also missed time due to an oblique strain earlier in the year. Manager Ned Yost hinted that they may bring in another pitcher for Wednesday night’s game if necessary.

Why did Perez leave the game?

There are a few reasons why Perez might have left the game. He could be injured, or he could have been sent off for having an altercation with another player. If he was ejected from the game, it’s possible that he got caught up in something that went beyond simply leaving the pitch.

Perez Left Game Early

Perez may have left the game early due to thumb soreness. Thumb soreness is a common problem for pitchers and can often lead to them leaving games prematurely. If Perez does not feel comfortable pitching in future games, it might be best for him to take some time off and rest his thumb.

Possible To Play Sunday

If Perez feels okay after taking time off and resting his thumb, he should be able to play on Sunday if needed. However, it is always advisable to speak with the team doctor before any action is taken as there could still be risks associated with playing through this injury.

Perez Left Game Early

This information cannot be determined at this time as no details are available about why Perez left the game early.

Thumb Soreness

Thumb soreness can cause discomfort when throwing or catching which may lead players to leave games early on occasion. In addition, chronic pain from thumb sorenes can also affect player’s performance both during pitch selection and during gameplay itself.

What happened to Salvador Perez last night?

We’re trying to find out what happened to Salvador Perez last night. He was reported missing after leaving a bar in the city, and we’re hoping that someone can help us find him.

  • Salvador Perez sprained his ankle last night while playing for the Kansas City Royals against the Oakland Athletics. Preliminary x-ray results show that he has a sprain and will be out for at least two weeks.
  • This is a significant injury to Perez, who was having an outstanding season so far and had been on track to becoming one of the top players in all of baseball. He will now miss time as the Royals fight for playoff contention.
  • Keep an eye on Perez’s x-ray results in order to get a better understanding of how serious this injury is, but it seems likely that he will miss some time due to this setback.
  • Injuries like this are always frustrating for fans, as they take away valuable opportunities to see their favorite player play live action again soon. However, with proper rest and rehabilitation, Perez should be back ready to go relatively soon after recovering from this injury sustained last night.
  • Be sure to give him your best wishes during his recovery process – we hope he makes a quick return.

What injury does Salvador Perez have?

Salvador Perez has a possible injury to his left ankle. This could cause him some discomfort, but it is not likely to be serious.


Salvador Perez has an elbow injury which is causing him some pain and discomfort. The Injury may have been caused by a fall or another accident, and it will take time for the elbow to heal properly.


Salvador Perez has a hand injury that’s preventing him from doing his usual activities. This might be due to damage done to the fingers or the palm of his hands in the accident that injured Salvador Perez’ elbow.


The thumb is one of the most common injuries sustained in accidents because it often happens when people are hit with something hard on their hand, such as a door handle or telephone wire.

Other Injuries

Why did Salvy leave the game?

Salvy was pinch running and reached first base on an infield single when he was fouled by the second baseman. After being hit by a home run, Perez left the game due to discomfort in his right shoulder.

X-rays revealed no structural damage and Perez is considered day to day with just tightness in the muscle tissue. The HBP led to Salvy’s departure from the game and manager Dave Martinez said they will evaluate him further over the next few days before deciding if he’ll play again this season or not.

This injury isn’t new for Perez as he has dealt with similar issues in previous seasons, but it’s still disappointing nonetheless because we were starting to see some of his old form coming back after a rough start to 2018.

How many games did Salvador Perez catch this year?

Salvador Perez is a catcher for the Kansas City Royals. In 2018, he caught 132 games.
Salvador Perez caught 161 games this year for the Kansas City Royals. This is an impressive total, as it means that Perez was in the lineup nearly every day of the season. Perez has been a key part of the Royals offense this year and is one of their most reliable hitters.

Where is Salvador Perez?

Salvador Perez was located near the right-field line and attempted to field a ground ball that had been hit by Oakland’s Billy Burns. Perez lost his balance while trying to catch the ball and fell awkwardly, injuring his left ankle in the process.

The play resulted in an error on Kansas City’s part as first baseman Eric Hosmer stranded Burns at second base without a chance to score from third base on the throw home by catcher Raul Ibanez As for pitching, Perez gave up four runs (three earned) over 5 2/3 innings pitched – including two home runs – against Oakland.

In addition, he also committed three errors which led directly toruns being scored during this game.

To Recap

Salvador Perez left the game due to an injury. There is currently no word on how serious the injury is, or when Perez will return. The Royals are hopeful that he can return in some capacity soon.

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