Why Did Nakobe Dean Fall In The Draft?

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Nakobe Dean was one of the most highly-touted prospects entering this year’s NFL draft. However, despite his impressive resume, Dean unexpectedly fell in the draft, leaving many to wonder why. Reports of a pectoral and knee injury surfaced suddenly and contributed to Dean’s draft stock slipping.

This news came as a surprise to Dean, who was a full participant at Eagles rookie minicamp this weekend. In this article, we will explore why Nakobe Dean fell in the draft and the implications of his unexpected slide.

Why Did Nakobe Dean Fall in the Draft?
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Why Did Nakobe Dean Fall in the Draft?

Reports of Dean’s Injury:

Reports of a pectoral and knee injury caused Nakobe Dean’s draft stock to slide, which was news to him as he was a full participant at Eagles rookie minicamp this weekend. This was a surprise to many, as Dean had been highly rated by scouts and analysts prior to the draft.

The injury reports had come out of nowhere and caused a significant drop in Dean’s draft stock.

Dean’s Reaction to the Injury Reports:

Dean was taken aback by the news of his injury and expressed his confusion and disappointment at the situation. He talked about how he had been feeling healthy and ready for the draft. He had been taking part in all the drills, working hard and feeling confident about his chances of being picked in the first round.

He said that the reports had taken him by surprise and he was frustrated by the news.

Impact of Injury on Dean’s Draft Stock:

The injury news had a significant impact on Dean’s draft stock. NFL teams were wary of drafting a player with an injury, no matter how minor it may have been. As a result, Dean’s stock dropped significantly and he was not picked in the first round of the draft.

Dean’s Performance During Rookie Minicamp:

Despite the injury reports, Dean continued to perform well during the Eagles’ rookie minicamp. He was still able to complete all the drills and showed that he was still in good physical shape. This was a testament to his hard work and dedication, as it showed that he had been taking care of himself despite the reports.

Dean’s Draft Outlook:

Despite the injury reports, Dean’s draft outlook remains positive. He is still highly rated by scouts and analysts and is expected to be picked in the second or third round of the NFL draft. His performance in rookie minicamp has only further cemented his status as a top prospect.

As a result, Dean should be able to overcome any doubts caused by the injury reports and have a successful NFL career.

Why is Dean Sliding in the Draft?

Pectoral Injury

Dean suffered a pectoral injury which caused him to slide down in the draft. This injury had been a major concern for teams as they feared that it would affect his play on the field. Dean had declined to have surgery on the injury which further raised doubts about his long-term health.

Meniscus Issue

The meniscus issue was another problem that teams had to consider when looking at Dean. This could be a chronic problem that affects Dean’s mobility and agility, making him less effective in the field.

Furthermore, this could be a long-term issue that would require ongoing treatment and rehabilitation.

Lack of Elite Athleticism

Dean was not considered to be an elite athlete by many scouts and analysts. This could be a major factor in why teams were hesitant to select him in the first round. He was not seen as an explosive player and lacked the speed and agility to be an impact player in the NFL.

Limited Production

Dean’s production in college was limited, making it difficult to judge what kind of player he could be in the NFL. He did not have impressive numbers or highlight reel plays that could show teams that he could be a difference maker in the pros.

Poor Workouts

Dean’s pre-draft workouts were not as impressive as teams had hoped, raising further doubts about his ability to be a successful NFL player. He struggled with the drills and did not appear to be as explosive as some of the other prospects in the draft.

This could have been a major reason why teams were reluctant to select him in the first round.

Why Did Dean Fall?

Dean reportedly suffered a pectoral injury while bench-pressing for the NFL Combine. He opted to bypass surgery for the injury. This decision caused concern among NFL teams. His draft stock plummeted due to the injury.

He had been one of the most highly sought after players prior to the injury. He was projected to go in the first round of the draft. But his stock dropped significantly after the injury. The NFL doctors had doubts about his ability to perform without surgery.

His draft stock fell as a result of his injury and decision to bypass surgery. Dean’s fall was a result of his decision to not get surgery for his pectoral injury.

What Was Nakobe Dean Injury?

Nakobe Dean suffered a pectoral injury prior to the 2021 NFL Draft. The injury was serious enough to potentially affect his draft stock. Dean was a top linebacker prospect and the recipient of the 2021 Butkus Award.

The injury was reported to be sustained during a training session. Dean reportedly declined surgery for the injury. The injury was concerning for teams considering drafting Dean. The severity of the injury was unknown, as Dean chose not to have it surgically repaired.

The injury was rumored to have occurred during a workout with the Atlanta Falcons. The injury caused Dean to drop in the draft, ultimately being taken in the second round. Dean is expected to make a full recovery and return to the field soon.

How Much is Nakobe Dean’s Contract?

Nakobe Dean was expected to be taken in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft. However, he fell to the No. 83 overall selection in the third round. His rookie contract is worth $5.18 million. He will also receive a signing bonus of $952,286.

This signing bonus makes him a potential steal of the entire draft. Dean’s contract is spread out over four years. Each year, he will earn around $1.3 million. This is an average salary of $129,000 per week.

The Eagles will have an interesting decision to make in the future with Dean’s contract. His rookie contract has the potential to be a great value for the team.

Why Did Nakobe Dean Slide So Far?


Nakobe Dean was a highly-touted linebacker and projected first-round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. However, he ended up being selected in the second round, with the 55th overall pick by the Los Angeles Chargers.

This article will explore why Dean slid so far in the draft.

Injury Concerns

One of the most likely factors behind Dean’s slide was his injury history. He had suffered a pectoral strain while training for the draft and chose to forgo surgery. This caused teams to be wary of him and his ability to stay healthy.

It’s likely that teams felt that the risk of investing in a player with a potentially debilitating injury was too high.

Questions About His Play

In addition to injury concerns, teams may have had questions about Dean’s play. He was considered to be a great athlete and had good size and speed. However, scouts noted that he lacked the power to hold up against NFL-level running backs and tight ends.

As a result, he was seen as more of a liability than an asset in the minds of scouts.

The Value of Linebackers

Another factor that may have caused Dean to slide in the draft was the declining value of linebackers in the modern NFL. Teams are increasingly looking for linebackers who can excel in coverage, and Dean’s skill set was seen as more suited for the traditional linebacker role.

As such, teams may have viewed him as less valuable than other positions.

The Chargers’ Selection

Ultimately, Dean ended up being selected in the second round by the Los Angeles Chargers. While it’s unclear why the Chargers chose him, it could be because they valued his athleticism and felt that he could be an impactful player if he stayed healthy.

Additionally, the Chargers may have felt that they could use him in a variety of roles and that his skillset would fit their defensive scheme.

Nakobe Dean slid far in the 2020 NFL Draft due to a combination of injury concerns, questions about his play, the declining value of linebackers, and the Chargers’ selection. While it’s unclear exactly why he fell so far, it’s likely that a combination of these factors played a role.

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To Recap

Nakobe Dean’s draft slide came as a surprise to all. Reports of a pectoral and knee injury put a dent in his draft stock, leaving many to wonder why he fell. While the full extent of the injuries remain unclear, Dean was a full participant in Eagles rookie minicamp this weekend and is determined to prove his doubters wrong.

In any case, Dean’s fall in the draft is sure to spur an interesting conversation about the nature of his injuries and their implications for his future in the NFL.

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