Why Did Clint Frazier Change His Name?

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Why Did Clint Frazier Change His Name

Clint Frazier is a young outfielder for the New York Yankees known for his powerful swing and flashy personality. Despite his on-field success, Frazier has also gained attention for occasionally using his middle name “Jackson” instead of his first name “Clint.”

While some fans might assume that Frazier has officially changed his name, the truth is more complicated. In this post, we’ll explore the story behind Frazier’s name and potential reasons why he might use “Jackson” instead of “Clint.”

We’ll also examine Frazier’s public persona and how he is known to fans and the media. Ultimately, we’ll try to shed some light on why Frazier has used his middle name and what it might say about him as a person and player.

Frazier’s Early Years

Clint Frazier was born on September 6, 1994, in Loganville, Georgia. Frazier grew up in a supportive family environment with his parents, Mark and Kim, and his younger sister, Kacie. Frazier’s father was a construction worker and his mother was a nurse.

Frazier’s name is an interesting part of his upbringing. According to an article in The New York Times, Frazier’s mother, Kim, had always wanted to name him Jackson.

However, when it came time to name their first child, Frazier’s father, Mark, overruled her and chose the name Clint instead. Mark reportedly liked the name Clint because it sounded strong and was similar to the name of the famous movie actor, Clint Eastwood.

Despite his father’s decision, Frazier has expressed that he enjoys his middle name, Jackson. In an interview with YES Network’s Meredith Marakovits, Frazier said, “I like it. It’s unique. It’s different.”

Frazier has also used his middle name on occasion, particularly on social media. In 2018, Frazier changed his Twitter handle from “@clintfrazier” to “@parkinggod” (a reference to his well-documented struggles finding parking spots in New York City) but later changed it again to “@texmessage,” a reference to his hometown of Loganville, Georgia, which is located in Gwinnett County, aka “The Tex.”

Overall, while Frazier’s father chose his first name, it seems that Frazier has embraced his middle name and enjoys using it on occasion.

Potential Reasons for Using “Jackson”

There are several potential reasons why Clint Frazier might use his middle name, “Jackson,” instead of his first name, “Clint.”

One possibility is that Frazier simply prefers the name “Jackson” or feels that it better represents his identity. In the same YES Network interview mentioned earlier, Frazier said that he thinks “Jackson” sounds “cool.”

Additionally, Frazier has described himself as an “outlier” and a “nonconformist,” and using his middle name could be seen as a way to differentiate himself from others with the same first name.

Another possible explanation is that Frazier uses the name “Jackson” in certain contexts as a personal preference. For example, Frazier might use “Jackson” when he’s with family or close friends who know him well and are familiar with his name preferences.

Alternatively, Frazier might use “Jackson” in non-baseball contexts, such as on social media or when signing autographs for fans. Using a different name in these contexts could allow Frazier to separate his public persona from his private life.

It’s also worth noting that Frazier’s use of “Jackson” is not uncommon for athletes, celebrities, and other public figures. Many individuals use stage names, nicknames, or alternative names for personal or professional reasons.

For example, baseball legend George Herman Ruth was better known as “Babe Ruth,” and current Yankees teammate Giancarlo Stanton was born as “Mike Stanton” but later changed his first name to Giancarlo.

Overall, while the exact reason for Clint Frazier’s use of his middle name “Jackson” is not entirely clear, it seems to be a personal preference and a way for Frazier to express his individuality.

Frazier’s Public Persona

Clint Frazier’s public persona is characterized by his on-field performance, flashy personality, and unique style. Frazier is known for his powerful swing and ability to hit for extra bases.

He also frequently wears a custom-made batting helmet with his nickname “Red Thunder” emblazoned on the back. Off the field, Frazier has a strong social media presence and is known for his fashion sense, often sporting designer clothes and accessories.

Despite his occasional use of his middle name, Frazier is generally referred to as “Clint” in baseball circles. This is the name that is used by broadcasters, journalists, and other players.

In interviews and press conferences, Frazier also goes by “Clint.” Additionally, Frazier has not officially changed his name and continues to use “Clint” as his legal name.

Frazier’s public image has also been shaped by his struggles with injuries and consistency. Despite being a highly-touted prospect, Frazier has dealt with multiple concussions and other injuries throughout his career.

He has also struggled at times to find his rhythm at the plate, leading to some criticism from fans and analysts.

Overall, while Frazier’s occasional use of “Jackson” might suggest a desire to distance himself from his public persona, he is generally known as “Clint” and continues to use that name in his professional life.

Clint Frazier and his name:

NameClint Frazier
Middle nameJackson
Legal nameClint Frazier
Parental choiceFrazier’s mother wanted to name him Jackson, but his father chose the name Clint instead.
Preferred nameFrazier generally goes by Clint, but has used Jackson on occasion.
Public personaKnown for his powerful swing, flashy personality, and unique style.
Nickname“Red Thunder,” given to him by his high school baseball coach.
Legal name changeFrazier has not legally changed his name.
Explanation for liking “Jackson”Frazier has described Jackson as a “cool” name that he likes the sound of.

The table provides a quick overview of some of the key facts about Clint Frazier’s name and public persona, including his middle name, his parents’ naming choice, and his preferred name.

It also includes information on Frazier’s public persona, his nickname, and whether he has legally changed his name. Finally, the table includes information on why Frazier might prefer the name “Jackson.”


Has Clint Frazier legally changed his name to “Jackson”?

No, Clint Frazier has not legally changed his name. “Clint” remains his legal first name, and “Jackson” is his middle name.

How did Clint Frazier’s parents choose his name?

According to Frazier, his mother wanted to name him “Jackson” but his father chose the name “Clint” instead. Frazier’s mother ended up using “Jackson” as his middle name.

Does Clint Frazier prefer to be called “Jackson” or “Clint”?

While Clint Frazier has expressed a fondness for his middle name “Jackson” and has used it on occasion, he is generally known and referred to as “Clint” in baseball circles. In interviews and press conferences, Frazier also goes by “Clint.”

What is the origin of Clint Frazier’s nickname, “Red Thunder”?

According to Frazier, he was given the nickname by his high school baseball coach, who was impressed by Frazier’s powerful swing and the sound it made when he connected with the ball. The nickname has stuck with Frazier throughout his career and is frequently seen on his custom-made batting helmet.

Has Clint Frazier ever explained why he likes the name “Jackson”?

In an interview with the YES Network, Frazier described “Jackson” as a “cool” name and said that he likes the way it sounds. He also noted that he sees himself as an “outlier” and a “nonconformist,” which could be another reason why he likes to use his middle name on occasion.

To Recap

Clint Frazier’s use of his middle name “Jackson” is a unique aspect of his public persona, but it does not define him as a player or a person. While there are potential reasons why Frazier might prefer to use “Jackson” on occasion, he is generally known and referred to as “Clint” in baseball circles.

Ultimately, Frazier’s name is just one small part of his identity, which is defined by his on-field talent, flashy personality, and unique style.

As Frazier continues his career with the New York Yankees and beyond, fans will undoubtedly continue to enjoy watching him play and following his journey both on and off the field.

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