Why Cam Thomas Never Smiles?

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Brooklyn Nets shooting guard, Cam Thomas has been known for his stoic expression on the court. But why is that? Recently, Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson of Bally Sports asked Cam Thomas why he never smiles and the answer is quite simply hilarious.

Why Cam Thomas Never Smiles?
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Why Cam Thomas Never Smiles?

Cam Thomas’s Explanation

Cam Thomas, shooting guard for the Brooklyn Nets, offered an amusing explanation as to why he never smiles. He stated, “Ain’t sh*t funny.” This phrase alone made the reporter, Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson, of Bally Sports chuckle, but it speaks volumes about his attitude towards the game and his approach to life as a whole.

Focused on Winning

Thomas’s no-nonsense attitude is indicative of his desire to win. He doesn’t have time to be distracted by the frivolities of life, instead choosing to stay focused on the task at hand. He’s a professional athlete and he takes the game very seriously.

With this mindset, he likely never feels the need to show off or celebrate even when a shot is made or when the team wins.

Unselfish Player

It is also important to note that Thomas is an unselfish player who is always looking for the best way to help his team win. He is always looking for the open man and is willing to sacrifice his own points for the benefit of the team.

He is rarely looking for his own glory, which could be why he is not one to smile after a great play.

Not One to Show Off

Thomas is also not one to show off. He is humble and will often deflect praise or credit when it is due to him. This could be another reason why he never smiles since he is not seeking recognition or praise for his successes on the court.

He is focused on the team and knows that it takes more than just one player for a team to be successful.

Thomas’s Tough Attitude

In summary, Thomas’s tough attitude and no-nonsense approach to basketball and life is likely why he never smiles. He is focused on winning and doesn’t have time to be distracted by anything else. He is unselfish and humble, never seeking any glory for himself.

All of these characteristics are reflected in his simple yet powerful explanation for why he never smiles: “Ain’t sh*t funny.”.

To Recap

It appears that Cam Thomas’s lack of a smile is not due to a lack of fun-loving spirit. Rather, it is a reminder of his dedication and commitment to the game. He is focused on the task at hand and not letting anything else distract him from it.

Cam Thomas is a prime example of a dedicated athlete and it is this attitude that makes him such an important part of the Brooklyn Nets team.

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