Who Came First Cubs or White Sox: A Tale of Two Chicago Baseball Teams

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First Cubs Or White Sox

Chicago’s rich baseball history is a testament to the city’s enduring love for the sport. At the heart of this fervor stand two iconic teams, the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox. 

But have you ever wondered which of these Windy City titans first stepped onto the diamond? In this blog post, we embark on a journey through time to unravel the origins of who came first cubs or the white sox.

As we explore the early years of the Cubs and White Sox, we’ll delve into the historical events that shaped their beginnings. 

Also, the memorable moments that etched their names in the annals of baseball history, and the evolution of their unique rivalries. 

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of one of these teams or just a curious baseball enthusiast, this post will offer a glimpse into the captivating backstory of Chicago’s baseball legacy. Stay sharp. 

History of Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs, originally known as the Chicago White Stockings, were founded in 1876 as a charter member of the National League. 

They quickly became a dominant force in the league, winning back-to-back championships in 1880 and 1881.

Wrigley Field

In 1916, the team moved to its iconic home, Wrigley Field. The ballpark’s ivy-covered outfield walls and historic charm have made it one of the most beloved venues in baseball.

Curse of the Billy Goat

The Cubs endured a 108-year championship drought, attributed to the infamous Curse of the Billy Goat, which began in 1945 when a tavern owner and his goat were ejected from Wrigley Field during the World Series. 

The curse was finally broken in 2016 when the Cubs won the World Series.

Notable Players

The Cubs have been home to legendary players like Ernie Banks, Ryne Sandberg, and Sammy Sosa. Banks, known as “Mr. Cub,” was a two-time MVP and a 14-time All-Star during his career with the team.

Recent Success

The Cubs won the World Series in 2016, ending over a century of frustration. They have since remained competitive in the National League, making multiple postseason appearances and maintaining a passionate fan base.

History of White Sox

The Chicago White Sox, also known as the “South Siders,” were established in 1900 as a charter member of the American League. 

The team originally played at South Side Park and later moved to Comiskey Park, named after team owner Charles Comiskey.

Black Sox Scandal

One of the darkest chapters in the team’s history is the Black Sox Scandal of 1919. 

Several players conspired to intentionally lose the World Series, tarnishing the team’s reputation and leading to lifetime bans for the implicated players.

Iconic Players

The White Sox have been home to some of baseball’s greatest players, including “Shoeless” Joe Jackson, Frank Thomas, and Paul Konerko. 

Frank Thomas, a two-time MVP, is considered one of the best-designated hitters in the history of the game.

2005 World Series Championship

The White Sox ended an 88-year championship drought in 2005 when they won the World Series. 

Led by a strong pitching staff, including Mark Buehrle and Freddy Garcia, they swept the Houston Astros to claim the title.

Recent Success

The White Sox have experienced a resurgence in the 21st century, with a focus on developing young talent. 

They have made several postseason appearances and have been competitive in the American League, with players like José Abreu and Tim Anderson leading the way. 

Their recent success has reinvigorated their fan base and reestablished them as a competitive force in baseball.

Who Came First Cubs or the White Sox?

First Cubs or the White Sox

Now, you must get an idea of who came first Cubs or White Sox. The Chicago Cubs standings and the Chicago White Sox are two of the city’s oldest and most storied baseball franchises, but they have different origins and histories. 

Here’s a detailed overview of their respective founding dates and early years:

Chicago Cubs (formerly White Stockings)

  • The Chicago Cubs, originally known as the Chicago White Stockings, were founded in 1876.
  • The team was one of the charter members of the National League (NL), established as the senior circuit of Major League Baseball (MLB).
  • Led by owner and manager William Hulbert, they became a dominant force in the NL, winning championships in 1880 and 1881.
  • The Cubs’ early success helped establish them as one of the foundational franchises of the National League.

Chicago White Sox

  • The Chicago White Sox were established later, in 1900, when the American League (AL) was formed as a competing major league to the National League.
  • The team was originally named the Chicago White Stockings, but they later became known as the White Sox to distinguish themselves from the Cubs.
  • Charles Comiskey, a former player, was a key figure in the team’s early years, both as owner and manager.
  • The White Sox joined the AL during its inaugural season, and they played their home games at South Side Park, later moving to Comiskey Park, which was named after their owner.

The Chicago Cubs, originally the White Stockings, have a longer history and were one of the founding members of the National League in 1876. So, who is older White Sox or Cubs?

On the other hand, the Chicago White Sox were established in 1900 as part of the newly formed American League, making them a relatively newer franchise compared to the Cubs.

The Evolution of Rivalry between Chicago Cubs and White Sox

The Evolution of Rivalry between Chicago Cubs and White Sox

The rivalry between the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox, often referred to as the “Crosstown Classic” or the “Windy City Series,” has evolved over the years, shaped by historical, cultural, and competitive factors:

Early Years and City Pride

  • The initial rivalry between the Cubs and White Sox was rooted in civic pride. As two major league teams representing the same city, competition, and fan loyalty naturally emerged.
  • During the early 20th century, the Cubs enjoyed more success, while the White Sox had their moments, including a World Series win in 1906, but their fortunes often contrasted.

1906 World Series and the Split

  • The 1906 World Series, often considered a key turning point, pitted the Cubs against the White Sox. The Sox, known as the “Hitless Wonders,” defeated the heavily favored Cubs in a major upset.
  • This victory significantly fueled the rivalry and established the White Sox as a legitimate contender.

Crosstown Series Renewed

  • Interleague play in the MLB, starting in 1997, rekindled the rivalry. Before this, the Cubs and White Sox rarely faced each other outside of exhibition games.
  • The annual Crosstown Classic series provided fans with a regular opportunity to witness their favorite teams face off, intensifying the rivalry.

2005 White Sox World Series Victory

  • The White Sox’s World Series victory in 2005 had a profound impact on the rivalry. It marked the end of an 88-year championship drought and heightened the competition between the two teams.
  • Cubs fans faced good-natured teasing from White Sox fans, while the White Sox experienced a surge in their popularity in Chicago.

Modern Era and Fan Loyalty

  • The rivalry continues to be fueled by passionate fans, many of whom are deeply loyal to one team or the other. This loyalty often extends to family traditions, with generations of Cubs or White Sox supporters passing down their allegiances.
  • Both teams have seen varying degrees of success in recent years, with the Cubs winning the World Series in 2016, and the White Sox building a competitive roster, keeping the rivalry alive and well.

The rivalry between the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox has evolved from a simple clash of city pride to a more complex and passionate competition.

Who Is More Popular: Chicago Cubs or White Sox?

Chicago Cubs or White Sox

The popularity of the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox is a subject of local debate and largely depends on various factors, including historical success, geographical location, and personal preferences. 

Here are some factors to consider when discussing the popularity of these two teams:

Historical Success

  • The Chicago Cubs have a longer history of success in terms of championships and playoff appearances. They have won multiple World Series titles, with their 2016 championship being particularly memorable after a 108-year drought.
  • The White Sox have also won multiple championships, but their last World Series victory was in 2005. The Cubs’ more recent championship has kept them in the public eye.

Geographical Divide

  • Chicago’s fan base is somewhat geographically divided. The North Side of the city tends to be Cubs territory, while the South Side is White Sox territory. This geographic divide can influence an individual’s team allegiance.
  • The White Sox, located on the South Side, may have a more concentrated fan base, while the Cubs, based on the North Side, might have a broader following.

Wrigley Field and Iconic Status

  • Wrigley Field, the historic home of the Cubs, is a cultural landmark in Chicago. The ballpark’s charm, unique features, and location in a bustling neighborhood contribute to the Cubs’ popularity.
  • The Cubs’ iconic status in the city is further reinforced by their status as the lovable losers, which endeared them to fans for generations.

Recent Success and Roster

  • The recent success and the composition of the roster can impact a team’s popularity. The Cubs’ championship win in 2016, along with high-profile players like Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo, garnered significant attention.
  • The White Sox have also seen an upswing in their popularity due to a young, talented roster and playoff appearances. Players like José Abreu and Tim Anderson have become fan favorites.

Personal Preference and Family Tradition

  • Ultimately, the popularity of one team over the other often comes down to personal preference. Many Chicagoans grow up supporting the same team as their family or neighborhood.
  • Family traditions and personal experiences attending games at one of the city’s ballparks play a significant role in influencing individual loyalties.

Determining which team is more popular, whether the Cubs or White Sox, is subjective and can vary greatly among fans.


Which team is Older Cubs or White Sox?

The Chicago Cubs, originally known as the Chicago White Stockings, are the older of the two teams. They were founded in 1876, while the White Sox (formerly the White Stockings) were established in 1900.

Which Chicago baseball team is older?

The Chicago Cubs, founded in 1876, hold the distinction of being the older of the two major league baseball teams in Chicago.

How old are the White Sox?

The Chicago White Sox were established in 1900, making them over a century old. As of 2023, they are 123 years old.

When was the Chicago Cubs formed?

The Chicago Cubs, originally named the Chicago White Stockings, were formed in 1876. They are one of the oldest franchises in Major League Baseball.

When was the White Sox formed?

The Chicago White Sox, originally known as the White Stockings, were formed in 1900 as part of the newly created American League, making them one of the older teams in the league.

Wrapping Up

The history of the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox is a tapestry woven with passion, rivalry, and unforgettable moments. 

As we’ve journeyed through their origins and the evolution of their unique stories, it’s clear that both teams hold a special place in the hearts of Chicagoans and baseball fans worldwide. 

The question of who came first, while intriguing, is secondary to the enduring love and pride that the people of Chicago feel for their beloved Cubs and White Sox. 

These two franchises continue to inspire new generations of fans, adding new chapters to the captivating tale of baseball in the Windy City. Thank you so much. 

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