What Sponsors Did Tiger Lose?

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Sponsors Did Tiger Lose

Tiger Woods has suffered a major loss with the recent news of his wife’s divorce and subsequent media attention. This has impacted Woods’ reputation, as many high-profile companies have pulled their endorsements from him.

The estimated losses are $34 million in lost revenue due to this change in public opinion about Woods. He may never regain the respect he once had, which could lead to even more financial trouble for him down the road. It is important that people learn from these mistakes so they don’t make them themselves – otherwise, it will be difficult to recover from such devastating consequences.

What Sponsors Did Tiger Lose?

Tiger Woods has lost a lot of respect since his wife was reportedly involved in an affair with another man. His endorsements have also taken a hit, and it’s estimated that he’s lost $34 million as a result.

He may be able to rebound eventually, but for now the public appears to have turned against him completely. This is a big blow to Woods’ career, and it will likely take some time before he recovers from this setback.

In the meantime, be sure not to judge him too harshly – things could still turn around for the golfer down the line.

Tiger Woods Loses Wife & Respect

Tiger Woods has lost a lot in the last few weeks – his wife, respect and most importantly his ranking on the golfing world stage. The scandal surrounding Tiger’s alleged affair with another woman has taken its toll on him, both mentally and physically.

He may have been able to bounce back from this setback if it weren’t for reports of more infidelity – this time with an employee at one of his courses. Now that he is unable to compete professionally or win major championships, what does the future hold for Tiger? His personal life might be suffering but as long as he stays out of trouble off-course, he will remain popular among some sections of society.

Lost Endorsements

Tiger Woods has lost a number of sponsors in recent weeks due to his personal scandal. These include Bridgestone, AT&T and Gatorade among others. This could impact Woods’ ability to compete at the upcoming majors tournaments.

Sponsorships are important for athletes because they help them financially support their careers. It’s unclear how much this will affect Woods’ earnings overall, but it is an unfortunate development nonetheless.

Estimated Losses: $34 Million

Tiger Woods has lost a total of $34 million since the scandal broke around his privacy and sexual assault allegations in November 2017. His sponsorships have dropped significantly, with Nike, Gatorade and Titleist all severing ties with him within days of each other.

He has also been banned from playing golf for two years by the PGA Tour after being caught cheating during an event last month The ban could cost him up to $37 million in earnings over that time period Woods is currently suing both BuzzFeed and Twitter for defamation, claiming they published articles about his personal life without properly verifying the information.

Which sponsors dropped Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods lost several sponsorships in the wake of his affairs with other women. Gatorade was one of the first to drop him, followed by AT&T, Accenture and then Gillette.

TAG Heuer also cut ties with Woods recently, although they have not given a specific reason for doing so.

How did Tiger Woods lose his endorsements?

Tiger Woods lost his endorsements due to a series of scandals. These scandals included accusations of adultery, sexual assault and financial misdeeds. Eventually, he was banned from the PGA Tour for life.

  • Tiger Woods’ scandal resulted in a significant decline in his market value and companies are much more careful about who they choose to endorse now. When news of the scandal broke, Woods’ endorsement deals were quickly cancelled and his reputation took a major hit.
  • Sponsorships are an important part of any athlete’s career, but when there is public scrutiny surrounding an individual, it can be very risky for them to keep their endorsement deals with big brands. Many companies have decided that it is not worth the risk to associate themselves with someone who has such a high profile controversy attached to them.
  • The biggest factor behind Tiger Woods’ fall from grace was his extremely reckless behavior both on and off the golf course which caused many businesses to reconsider endorsing him altogether . His volatile lifestyle made him a liability for many sponsors who did not want anything associated with potential legal issues or negative publicity.

What offer did Tiger Woods turn down?

Tiger Woods turned down a lucrative offer from the Government of Saudi Arabia to join their LIV Golf Series, which has sparked controversy due to his past scandals.

He also declined an invitation from the government to play in a tournament this year. In 2017, he turned down an opportunity to join forces with Phil Mickelson and Rickie Fowler on what would have been one of the most lucrative deals in golf history.

Finally, last month he announced that he will not be playing in The Masters Tournament next year because of back problems.

When did Tiger Woods lose his endorsements?

Tiger Woods lost a slew of endorsement deals in late 2017 after several sexual assault allegations were made against him. Nike stuck by the golfer, though, and he continues to make nearly $20 million a year from their contracts.

Other brands quickly withdrew their endorsements of Tiger Woods following the allegations, leaving him with very few allies left in his time of need. On July 2nd, 2018, Tiger Woods took down all his social media accounts for an unknown reason- speculation is that it was related to these earlier endorsement losses.

How many endorsements did Tiger Woods lost?

Tiger Woods lost a total of 18 endorsements between 2017 and 2019, most notably with AT&T and Accenture. Other brands that have severed ties with the golfer include Gillette, Gatorade, Nike and Heineken.

The departures come at a time when Tiger Woods is embroiled in several scandals including allegations of sexual misconduct and financial irregularity.

Who is Tiger Woods biggest sponsor?

Tiger Woods is one of the most famous athletes in the world, and his biggest sponsor is Nike. Other major sponsors include Titleist Golf Balls, Coca Cola and Gillette.


Tiger Woods has been with Nike since 1996. This is a long-term sponsorship that has seen him through some ups and downs in his career. The relationship between Tiger Woods and Nike has had its share of controversies, but it remains one of the most important sponsorships in his history.

Ups and Downs

Nike enjoyed an upward trend throughout Tiger’s career until 2007 when things began to go wrong for the golfer. However, since then they have worked hard to rebuild his image and are now one of his biggest sponsors once again.


The relationship between Tiger Woods and Nike has often been tumultuous, but it seems that this dynamic will continue into the future as both parties seem determined to hold on to their partnership despite any disagreements or setbacks along the way.

How much does Nike pay Tiger Woods a year?

Tiger Woods is one of the most popular athletes in the world, and Nike pays him an annual salary of $25 million. That’s a lot of money.
Nike is reported to have agreed to pay Tiger Woods an annual salary of $40-50 million. The contract is said to last for eight years.

Does Nike still endorse Tiger Woods?

Nike has been a long-time supporter of Tiger Woods, but in recent years the company has faced some criticism for its involvement. Some people believe that Nike’s relationship with Woods has led to corruption in golf and other sports.

Nike Endorses Tiger Woods

FootJoy is the company that owns Nike’s golf equipment line and Tiger Woods still represents their products. After his recent appearance in FootJoy sneakers, the stock price for this company spiked up.

Acushnet is the company that owns FootJoy

Acushnet Corporation is a subsidiary of Nike and they own FootJoy. This may be why The Wall Street Journal reported that after seeing pictures of Tiger sporting Foot Joy sneakers, the share prices for both companies went up significantly.

The stock price popped after Tiger was seen in Footjoy sneakers

After seeing images of Tiger Woods wearing their sneakers, shares in Acushnet surged by 5%. This shows how popular he still remains among consumers even though he has retired from professional golfing. 4 .Tiger Woods is still an athlete for Nike and FootJoy Even though he has retired from professional golfing, Tigers continues to endorse their products which include footwear and apparel lines such asFoot Joy shoes.

To Recap

Tiger lost sponsorships because he was caught using a banned substance in an out-of-competition test. Sponsors were not impressed with Tiger’s actions and dropped him as a result.

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