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Adam Scott, the accomplished Australian professional golfer, has consistently stood out in the world of golf, not only for his skillful play but also for his unique and ever-evolving choice of putters. 

Renowned for his smooth swing and meticulous putting game, Scott has navigated the golfing landscape with a sense of innovation. 

In his quest to attain precision and excellence on the greens, Scott has often strayed from convention, exploring a range of putter styles and grips. 

Notably, in 2022, he embraced the distinctive “Mezz. Proto” putter by L.A.B. Golf, an unconventional yet high-performance club designed to minimize torque and twisting, underscoring Scott’s commitment to improving his game through unconventional means.

Who Is Adam Scott?

Adam Scott is an Australian professional golfer renowned for his achievements on the PGA Tour. Born on July 16, 1980, in Adelaide, Australia, he has made a significant mark in the world of golf with his smooth swing and strong focus on the putting game. 

Scott clinched his first major championship victory at the 2013 Masters Tournament, cementing his status as one of the sport’s elite players. 

Known for his willingness to experiment with unconventional putters and grips, Scott has showcased his adaptability and continuous quest for improvement throughout his distinguished career, making him a respected and consistent figure in professional golf.

What Putter Does Adam Scott Use?

What Putter Does Adam Scott Use?

Adam Scott is a professional golfer from Australia who has won 14 PGA Tour events, including the 2013 Masters Tournament. 

He is known for his smooth swing and his unconventional putter choices. Scott has used various types of putters throughout his career, ranging from long broom handle putters to short blade putters. 

He has also experimented with different putting grips and methods, such as the claw grip and the arm-lock technique. Currently, Scott is using a unique putter made by L.A.B. Golf, a company that specializes in lie-angle balanced putters. 

The model he uses is called the Mezz. Proto, which has a winged shape and a blue finish. The putter is designed to reduce torque and twisting during the stroke, which helps keep the face square on the arc. 

Scott switched to this putter in 2022, after using a similar model by the same company in 2019. Scott said he likes the technology and the performance of the L.A.B. Golf putter, and he is not bothered by its unconventional appearance. 

He said he has put with many non-traditional putters before, and he is always looking for ways to improve his game. Scott’s putter measures 45 inches in length, which is slightly shorter than the 47-inch Scotty Cameron prototype he used to win the Masters. 

The head of the Mezz. Proto is also smaller than the Scotty Cameron Xperimental Rev X11 model he used previously. Scott’s putter choice reflects his willingness to try new things and his confidence in his own style. 

He is one of the most successful and consistent players on tour, and his putter has been a key factor in his achievements. 

He said he enjoys experimenting with different putters and being entertained by them. He added that he feels good about his putting and hopes to continue his form in the future.

Why Does Adam Scott Have a Long Putter?

Why Does Adam Scott Have a Long Putter?

Adam Scott’s adoption of a long putter, particularly in the earlier stages of his career, was influenced by several factors. 

Long putters, which include the broom handle and belly putters, gained popularity in the world of professional golf for their potential to offer greater stability during the putting stroke.

Here are the reasons why Adam Scott has a long putter:

Stability and Control

Long putters are known for providing stability and control during the putting stroke. With a longer shaft anchored to a golfer’s midsection (the belly putter) or the chest (the broomstick putter), there is less room for hand and wrist movement. 

This can help prevent the “yips” or shaky hands, which can be a problem for some golfers.

Reduction in Nerves

Putting is often considered one of the most nerve-wracking aspects of golf. The use of a long putter can help some players feel more secure and confident, which can be especially beneficial during high-pressure situations in professional tournaments.


For some golfers, long putters can lead to a more consistent and repeatable putting stroke. The anchored shaft allows for a more pendulum-like motion, which can reduce the potential for variations in the stroke.

Physical Comfort

The use of long putters can be more physically comfortable for some golfers, especially those with back problems or other physical limitations that make bending over for a traditional putter uncomfortable.

Rule Changes

In 2016, the USGA and R&A implemented a rule change that banned the use of anchored putters. This means that golfers can no longer anchor the putter to their body. 

As a result, some players, including Adam Scott, had to adjust their putting technique. However, Adam Scott continued to use a long putter without anchoring it to his body.


How Long Is Adam Scott’s Putter?

Adam Scott l.a.b. putter length is 45 inches

What type of grip does Adam Scott use on his putter?

Adam Scott is known for using a distinctive long putter, but he has also been recognized for employing a “cross-handed” or “left-hand low” grip when putting.

Has Adam Scott ever experimented with different putters on the PGA Tour?

Yes, Adam Scott has experimented with different putters over his career.

Has Adam Scott’s putting technique evolved over the years, apart from the putter choice?

Yes, Adam Scott’s putting technique has evolved. He initially used a long putter anchored to his body, but after the rule changes, he adopted a more traditional, non-anchored putting technique with a shorter putter.

To Recap

In the ever-evolving world of professional golf, Adam Scott’s putter choice has been a subject of intrigue and adaptation. 

Renowned for his mastery of the long putter, particularly the Scotty Cameron Futura X, Scott’s putting journey took a significant turn with rule changes prohibiting anchored putting. 

He transitioned to a non-anchored, conventional-length putter. This shift highlights the adaptability and versatility of professional golfers as they seek to stay at the forefront of the game. 

Adam Scott’s putter choice is a testament to the ongoing quest for the perfect tool to enhance performance and reflects the dynamic nature of golf equipment in the pursuit of excellence.

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