What Nfl Records Does Josh Allen Hold?

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Josh Allen

The Tennessee Volunteers completed 117 passes for 49 touchdowns and 15,765 yards in 2016. They also had a 92.5 passer rating, which was fifth best in the SEC.

Quarterback Joshua Dobbs led the way with 3,412 passing yards and 31 touchdown passes on the season. The Vols have made two consecutive College Football Playoff appearances and are hoping to make it three in a row this year under new head coach Butch Jones.

What Nfl Records Does Josh Allen Hold??

The Tennessee Volunteers’ offense put up 117 points on 49 attempts in their victory over the Indiana Hoosiers. Quarterback Joshua Dobbs completed 23 of his 29 passes for 255 yards and two touchdowns, while running back Alvin Kamara added 138 yards and a score on 25 carries.

Meanwhile, receiver Jauan Jennings led all receivers with nine receptions for 139 yards and a touchdown. The Vols defense also stepped up big, holding opponents to only 49 total rushing yards on 27 attempts – good for 3rd best in the SEC this season behind Alabama (227) and Georgia (91).

Tennessee looks poised to make another run at an SEC title after clinching a spot in the Eastern Divisional Playoffs last week with this win over IU

Passing Attempts

Josh Allen is currently the third quarterback in NFL history to attempt more than 500 passes in a season. He has already surpassed Drew Brees’ record of 5,476 passing yards through 16 games this season.

If he continues on his current pace, Allen will become just the second player ever to throw for over 60,000 yards in a career. You can follow all of Josh Allen’s records and stats on NFL Game Pass or ESPN+.

Keep an eye out for him as the Buffalo Bills take on the New England Patriots next weekend.

TD-INT: 117–49

Josh Allen has 117 career touchdown passes and 49 interceptions, which puts him in a tie for the second most touchdowns and interceptions in NFL history.

He’s also fourth all-time with 4,374 passing yards, trailing only Tom Brady (5,235), Peyton Manning (5,477) and Dan Marino (5,927). His record-breaking TD-INT ratio is even more impressive given that he entered the league as a rookie in 2018.

Allen is still young – just 23 years old – so there’s plenty of room for him to improve his stats even further. Keep an eye out for Josh Allen – he could be one of the best quarterbacks ever.

Passing Yards: 15,765

Josh Allen has set a record for passing yards in a season, with 15,765 yards through the air this year. He’s also led the league in interceptions and is near the top of the list in other statistical categories.

Despite all his success, Allen will likely not be named MVP because he plays for an inferior team – which means that some other player may take home the award instead. In terms of records, Allen is currently tied with Tom Brady for most wins by a quarterback in NFL history (33).

His performance this year should serve as a warning to other young quarterbacks who are looking to make their mark on the pro football scene – don’t do it at Buffalo Bills’ expense.

Passer Rating: 92.5

Josh Allen has a 92.5 passer rating which is the highest in NFL history through 3 games. He’s completing over 70% of his passes and has thrown for 1,722 yards with 10 touchdowns so far this season.

Allen was selected 4th overall by the New York Jets in the 2018 NFL Draft and will have an opportunity to lead their team to success this year. Keep an eye out for him as he continues to dominate on the field this season.

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What is Josh Allen’s record?

Josh Allen is a 39-22 career quarterback, with 6 passing touchdowns and 11 interceptions in six games this season. He was drafted by the Buffalo Bills with the seventh overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.

Allen will face New England Patriots on Sunday in his first start as a pro.

What is Josh Allen salary?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the salary of NFL quarterbacks will vary depending on their experience, talent and contract status. However, some recent estimates have placed Josh Allen’s 2017 salary at around $2 million.

Average Salary

Josh Allen is a professional American football quarterback who has played for the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets over the course of his career. He has an estimated worth of $15 million dollars, making him one of the highest-paid players in the NFL.

Maximum Value

The maximum value that Josh Allen can earn during his playing days is largely dependent on how successful he becomes as a pro footballer. However, early projections have put his potential earnings at anywhere between $30-$60 million dollars over the course of his career.

Length of Contract

A contract with an NFL team usually lasts around 4 years and allows both sides to gain as much benefit from their agreement as possible while minimizing any risks or headaches along the way. This means that if everything goes according to plan, Josh Allen could potentially sign a lucrative contract extension within the next few seasons.

What is Josh Allen’s Height?

What is Baker Mayfield’s record as a starter?

Baker Mayfield is one of the most exciting young quarterbacks in the NFL. He has a record as a starter that speaks for itself. In his first three seasons, he has led his team to an average of 31.3 points per game and won two playoff games.

Baker Mayfield has a record of -32 as a starter in his career.

This means that he is about average when it comes to starting games for the Cleveland Browns and other NFL teams.

He is usually good at leading the team from start to finish and keeping them on track during game play.

He has been able to improve his performance over time, which shows that he is dedicated to his craft and willing to learn new things in order to become better at what he does.

He also knows how important it is for him and his teammates to get off on the right foot before each game, so they can have a successful outing together later on down the line.

How many times has Josh Allen fumbled in his career?

Josh Allen has had a few fumbles in his career, but how many times has he done it? In total, Allen has fumble five times in his career. This includes three instances of him losing the football outright and two occasions where he just failed to catch the ball cleanly.
1. Fumbling is often indicative of future performance and Josh Allen has had a high fumble rate throughout his career. Fumble rates are often indicative of future performance, so it’s important to track them over time. When you look at the stats for Josh Allen, it’s easy to see that he struggles with ball security. In 43 games played in the NFL, he has fumbled 18 times which is an extremely high number. This may be one reason why he hasn’t been able to take his game further than just being a good quarterbacking prospect.

What is Josh Allen average passing yards per game?

The average passing yards per game for Josh Allen is 237. This number measures how many yards the Wyoming quarterback averages through the air each game.

  • Josh Allen has averaged 243.5 yards per game over his career, which puts him in the top 10 all-time for passing yards by a Wyoming quarterback.
  • In 2018, he set an NCAA record with 4,719 yards on 359 passes (11th highest total in FBS history). He completed a pass more than once every two attempts and finished second in Heisman voting behind Lamar Jackson.
  • In 2017, Allen passed for 3,934 yards on 331 completions (10th highest total in FBS history) and 34 touchdowns to lead Wyoming to their first ever conference championship appearance and berth into the College Football Playoff semifinal against Alabama.

How many yards does Josh Allen rush per game?

Josh Allen rushes for an average of 177 yards per game, which is the fourth highest in the NFL. His rushing yards have increased each year he has played, reaching a record 2,521 yards last season.

To put this into perspective, only 10 other players have ever rushed for more than 2,500 yards in a single season and five of those players are currently active in the league today. If you’re looking to track Allen’s progress throughout the year, his YPC by month can provide some interesting insights: February (105), March (181), April (183), May (255) and June (218).

Keep an eye out on him as he continues to break records and become one of the greatest running backs in NFL history.

How many games did Josh Allen miss?

Josh Allen missed 4 games due to an UCL injury he suffered in September. He’s expected to make a full return in November, but it will be interesting to see how well he performs once he returns.

The Wyoming product was considered one of the top draft prospects before his injury, so it’ll be interesting to watch him develop over the next few years. Allen is currently projected as a first round pick by most analysts, so there’s definitely potential for him to have a great career if he recovers from his injury fully.

To Recap

Josh Allen has the most touchdown passes (34) and interceptions (14) in a rookie season by any quarterback in NFL history.

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