What Is The Rarest Play In Baseball?

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Rearest Catch Baseball

The Unassisted Triple Play is the rarest type of triple play in baseball history. Out of 150 MLB players who have achieved this feat, only three have done it since 1916.

It’s an impressive accomplishment and something to be proud of. Take a look at some stats to see just how rare this play is: over the past five years, there has been one instance per season.

So next time you’re watching a game, don’t forget about these amazing players – they make the sport so special.

What Is The Rarest Play In Baseball?

The unassisted triple play is the rarest type of triple play in baseball. Out of 150 in MLB history, only six have been recorded. It consists of a runner on third base who reaches first base by stealing second and then being caught stealing third by the catcher with nobody out.

In 1904, Barney Dreyfuss accomplished the unassisted triple play for the Chicago White Sox against the Detroit Tigers at Comiskey Park (now called UofM). Triple plays are now almost always assisted by teammates so that no batter gets an opportunity to hit a three-base hit without risking an error or making a tough throw across home plate.

Unassisted Triple Play

The rarest play in baseball is an unassisted triple play, which has only been accomplished a handful of times in the sport’s history. Triple plays are one of the most exciting moments in any ballpark and can be thrilling to watch on television or live at a game.

Getting back to base safely after making a triple play is an amazing accomplishment that few players ever achieve. Although it is rare, there are still opportunities for batters to make an unassisted triple play during each game played by teams around the world.

In order to try and create this momentous event, practice and preparation are key ingredients for any player looking to contribute toward achieving success on this historic occasion.

Rarest Type Of Triple Play In Baseball

In baseball, the rarest type of triple play is when a player fields a ground ball and then throws to third base to complete an out. The last recorded instance of this play was in 1984 by the Chicago White Sox against the Detroit Tigers.

Triple plays are not as common as they once were because teams now focus on other offensive strategies such as hitting home runs or getting on base via walks. A triple play is still one of the most exciting moments in sports. It’s always thrilling to see it happen live.

If you’re ever lucky enough to witness a triple play in person, make sure you take pictures and share them with your friends online.

Out of 150 in MLB History

The rarest play in baseball history was made by Detroit Tigers third baseman Bill Freehan on July 4, 1968. Out of 150 occurrences throughout MLB history, the Freehan play is one of the most exclusive catches that a player can make.

Rarest Play
Rarest Play

To date, it is still considered as one of the most difficult ball-in-play scenarios to execute successfully. Although there have been other close calls and dramatic plays over time, none compare to this particular feat in baseball history.

The Catch” has since become an iconic moment for any fan following their favorite team; whether watching at home or on TV/radio broadcasts around the world.

What is the hardest play in baseball?

There are a lot of hard plays in baseball, but the hardest one is probably when a player makes an acrobatic catch. Other difficult plays include running the bases and throwing a perfect game.

Triple Play

Triple plays are the hardest play in baseball because they require three outs to be made. It is one of the most difficult things a team can do and usually only happens when someone makes an error or two. The first baseman must throw to second base, who then has to try and get to third before the runner on first can score.

If this player gets past third base, he is out at home plate and the inning ends (unless there was another run scored).


Unassisted triple plays happen quite often in modern day baseball but were much harder back in 1909 when it took two people to make the play: one fielder who threw to second and another batter who stepped up to bat as if he was going hit a ground ball but instead tagged the runner coming off first base with his glove so that he would have time run all the way back around (a “force double”).

This type of play wasn’t legal until 1973 so it’s considered an old-school tactic now.

Major League Baseball (MLB)

Major League Baseball is considered by many as being THE pinnacle of professional sports leagues. The game has evolved over time, becoming more technical and challenging than ever before – making a triple play arguably one of its most impressive feats.


Has there ever been a 27 pitch game?

There have been a few 27 pitch games played in baseball history, but the most famous one was between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees on September 26th, 1903.

The game ended with a score of 10-inning tie. There has never been a 27-pitch game played in an official nine inning baseball game. As it turns out, Necciai was the only player to ever pitch a 27-pitch complete game while playing for the Bristol Twins – and they lost 9–0 nonetheless.

The most significant statistic is that he didn’t give up an earned run during his historic performance.

Are triple plays rare baseball?

Triple plays are rare in baseball, but they are an amazing accomplishment when it happens. A triple play requires excellent defense and coaching to pull off successfully, as the third out must happen quickly.

There’s a chance of error on every play, so teams try to make it happen as often as possible. As baseball moves towards more statistical analysis, triple plays may become even less common in the future.

What is the least common hit in baseball?

The least common hit in baseball is a ground ball. Out of all the balls put into play, grounders make up only about one third of them. That means that you’re more likely to get a hit by hitting someone with an air ball or throwing something at somebody.

Triple hitting is becoming a rarity in MLB. In recent years, hitters have become more selective with their hits and are instead choosing to hit singles or doubles more often. This has led to triple hitting being less common than it used to be. The average hit has become less consistent across all levels of baseball.

While the number of home runs and RBIs continues to rise, the average single or double is now a much more consistent way for players to score points in baseball games. Triples aren’t as common as you might think. Out of every 10,000 pitches thrown in MLB, only about six triples will be recorded each season – making them one of the least common hits on offense overall.

Triple hitting isn’t always easy – even if you’re batting well enough that you can take advantage of secondary opportunities (i.e., hitters who try too hard to go deep won’t consistently pull off three-baggers). You also need excellent defensive skills at both first base and second base so that you don’t give up any run-scoring chances when fielding a triple play ball

How rare is a triple play?

A Triple Play is an event that happens less than 1 per year, and it requires 3 outs–unassisted ones. The Outs in a triple play must all succeed for the team to make it happen.

Triple Plays
Triple Plays

It’s rare enough that even if you manage to pull off a triple play, odds are good no one will know about it. Triple Plays are exciting opportunities for sports fans as they represent a unique chance at victory.

Celebrate your rare opportunity to witness history by rooting on your favorite team during their next triple play attempt.

Has anyone made all 3 outs in an inning?

Sometimes in baseball, a team will have to make all 3 outs in an inning. This means that the team can’t score any more points and has to end the game.

Caruso Set A Record That Might Never Be Broken

Javier Caruso set a record that might never be broken when he made all three outs in the inning against three new jersey pitchers. This incredible feat was achieved on July 29th during an exhibition game between the New York Yankees and the Camden River sharks.

He Made All Three Outs In The Inning

This amazing achievement is something that few players are able to accomplish. It takes immense skill and concentration to make all three outs in an inning, let alone against multiple opponents.

Against Three New Jersey Pitchers

Caruso’s impressive performance came against some of the best young talent in baseball, which shows just how capable he is at this level. This historic feat will undoubtedly be remembered for years to come by fans and athletes alike.

To Recap

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the rarity of any specific play in baseball can depend on a variety of factors. Some plays are more rare because they happen less often, while others may be more rare because there is only a small number ever produced.

Ultimately, it’s impossible to say which play is the rarest in baseball without further research.

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