What Is SP In Badminton Racket?

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Sp In Badminton Racket

Sunrise, a company in Singapore handled the distribution of Yonex rackets for South East Asia Region. The region code for Yonex products in South East Asia Region is SP.

SP itself were basically an abbreviation of Singapore and it stands for Southern Pacific Islands. There are racket brands which fall under this category such as Wilson, Babolat, Head and Smith etc.

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What Is Sp In Badminton Racket?

Sunrise, a company located in Singapore, is responsible for distributing Yonex products throughout South East Asia. The region code associated with all of the products sold by Yonex within this area is “SP.” SP stands for “Singapore” and can be found on most product packaging.

Customers in Southeast Asia who are looking for Yonex rackets should contact Sunrise first to order directly from them. Due to the large number of countries within this region, it’s important that customers understand the specific regional codes in order to purchase items from overseas brands such as Yonex.

Yonex Racket distribution were being handled by Sunrise, a company in Singapore

Yonex is a company that makes rackets for badminton. Sunrise handled the distribution of these rackets in Singapore. The racket’s performance has been praised by many players, including those at the professional level.

You can find Yonex rackets at sporting goods stores and online retailers around the world. Rackets from other brands may cost more but don’t always offer better performance.

SP itself were basically an abbreviation of Singapore

SP was basically an abbreviation of Singapore, the country where badminton originated. The initials stand for “Super Pine.” Sp increased in popularity during the early 1900s because it helped players to hit the shuttlecock more accurately and with greater speed.

Badminton’s governing body, World Badminton Federation (WBF), uses a scale called ‘SP’ to measure player performances around the world. In professional matches, each point is worth six points awarded as follows: 2-1=1; 3-0=6; 2-2=4; 1-3=-1

The region code for Yonex products in South East Asia Region are SP

SP stands for the region code of Yonex products in South East Asia Region which are: Singapore Brunei Darussalam Malaysia Philippines Thailand.

What is the difference between SP and JP Yonex?

SP (Super Plastics) and JP Yonex are two of the most popular brands of tennis racquets. They both make excellent products, but there is a difference between them that you should know about if you’re looking to buy one.


SP sports equipment is usually produced with a higher quality paint job than JP yonex products. This difference in the level of detail and care that goes into painting makes a huge impact on the overall look and feel of the product.


JP yonex sporting goods are typically lighter in weight than SP products, which can make them more nimble when playing sport.


SP sporting goods use thicker stringers and sections for better durability and performance during vigorous play sessions.

Grips and Sizes

The grips on both types of sports gear are generally larger to provide users with a good hand-feel while using the product, as well as increased stability when performing specific movements or exercises within sport settings such as tennis or golfing.. Speed also plays an important role in how each type of equipment feels while you’re using it – SP products tend to run faster than JP yonex counterparts due to their superior manufacturing techniques.

What is F5 in badminton racket?

In badminton, the F5 is a scoring point. It’s scored when your opponent misses their next shot and you hit the ball before it touches the ground.

  • The F5 in badminton racket is a high-flex head that was designed with the rotational generator system concept in mind.This design allows for a lighter, more flexible head which will generate more power when hit by the shuttlecock.
  • The featherweight racket was also created using this same concept and it has been designed to be as lightweight as possible while still providing the strength and durability you need to play at your best level.
  • The rotational generator system concept uses several rotating parts to create energy which is then used to power the badminton racket’s strings and frame.
  • Designed using the rotational generator system concept, this badminton racket offers incredibly powerful shots that can easily unsettle your opponent – giving you an advantage on court.
  • If you’re looking for a high-performance badminton racket that uses cutting edge technology, check out our range of F5s today.

What is PV Sindhu racket?

Sindhu’s racket, Duora Z-Strike, is an offensive style of play that boosts power, speed and control. The Offensive Style of Playsuit suits Sindhu’s Attacker/Dominator Style of Play well.

Duora Z-Strike provides a competitive advantage for PV Sindhu in attacking rallies and gaining position on the court. With its boost in power, speed and control, this racket suits Sindhu’s playing style perfectly to improve her performance on the court.

Which racket is better 3U or 4U?

When it comes to choosing a racket, many people prefer the convenience of a three-string model over a four-string model. But which one is better.The main difference between 3U and 4U rackets is that 4U rackets have more strings than 3U rackets.

This means they can hold more tension and are therefore stronger. However, this also means that they’re harder to play, so some people find them easier to learn on than 3U models.

  • The 3U racket is slightly lighter than the 4U racket, which gives you a slight advantage when playing.
  • The grip on a 3U racket is also larger than that of a 4U racquet, providing more stability while you’re hitting the ball.
  • It’s easier to string a 3U racquet compared to a 4U one; this is because the strings are placed closer together on this type of racquet.
  • Court size (length and width) plays an important role in choosing the right badminton racket for your game style and level of play.

For example, if you’re new to badminton and want something that will be forgiving, go for a wider court with shorter ends – this type of racquet will give you more control over your shots. Conversely, if you’re an experienced player who wants greater power and accuracy, choose a narrower court with longer ends – this will provide greater stiffness and speed across all areas of the ball hit by your paddle.

What does SP mean in Yonex?

SP stands for Singapore Region and is an abbreviation of the company that distributed Yonex rackets in South East Asia. Regional variations may exist, but Sunrise would use the SP region code to differentiate their products in South East Asia Region.

If you have questions about your racket’s warranty or product support, you can contact Sunrise in Singapore for assistance. Keep an eye out for sunriseproductsasia on social media for updates on their products.

Which is better 4U or 5U?

If you’re looking for a smaller-sized ukulele, the 4U is a great option to consider. The built-in tuner on the 4U makes it easy to adjust your strings’ tension, and its size makes it perfect for small spaces.

The painted finish on the body of the 4U may vary slightly, but it’s functionally identical to that of the 5U unit. Both units come with a carrying case, so you can easily store them when not in use. The single coiled cord on both units measures approximately 48 inches long (122 cm).

What is G4 in badminton racket?

The grip size of a badminton racket is typically measured in grams, with 4 being the most common. G4 refers to the fourth letter of the alphabet and denotes the size of the grip on a particular badminton racket.

You need to find a grip that fits your hand well for best results when playing badminton. There are different types of grips available, depending on your playstyle and preferences as an athlete. To choose the right grip size for you, measure your hand around its widest point and compare it against those listed on product packaging or online reviews.

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Sp In Badminton Racket is a white powder or film that forms on the surface of badminton rackets. It can cause significant damage to the playing surface and should be removed as soon as it appears.

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