What Is Jordan’s Lowest Scoring?

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What Is Jordan's Lowest Scoring

Michael Jordan had a bad game on December 15, 2002. Michael Jordan had a bad game on April 2, 2002. On December 15, 2002, MJ scored just 10 points in 38 minutes of play against the Vancouver Grizzlies while registering four turnovers and one blocked shot; meanwhile against the Phoenix Suns two weeks earlier he recorded 41 points in 39 minutes with no turnovers and three blocks.

The difference between these games may have been due to fatigue or rust from not playing for approximately six months prior to each contest – it’s still noteworthy that MJ can have off days despite being one of the best players in NBA history. Bad games happen to everyone – learn from them so you don’t make the same mistakes again.

What Is Jordan’s Lowest Scoring?

Michael Jordan had a bad game on December 15, 2002 Michael Jordan had a bad game on April 2, 2002 In between the games that were good and the games that were bad, he was just regular MJ.

He always seemed to find a way to turn things around no matter what happened in those previous matchups…or so we thought. Until one fateful day in 2002 when his performance left much to be desired (again).

Nevertheless, even though this particular outing wasn’t up to par – MJ still has legions of fans who love him unconditionally regardless. Just like always- he comes back strong with yet another great performance soon enough…right? RIGHT.? 😉 We can only hope 😉

What is Michael Jordan lowest scoring game?

Michael Jordan’s lowest scoring game occurred on Dec. 15, 2002 when he registered the worst single-game shooting performance of his career, going 1-of-9 for just two points against the Toronto Raptors.

This was a particularly low point in Jordan’s career as it marked the first time that he had scored fewer than 20 points in a game since November 1990. Despite this poor performance, Jordan managed to lead the Chicago Bulls to an 82-80 victory over the Raptors thanks to his outstanding athleticism and leadership skills.

The worst night in Jordan’s illustrious career didn’t stop him from becoming one of the greatest athletes ever and winning multiple titles with Chicago Bulls throughout his professional career. If you’re looking for some advice on how to improve your own basketball skills then be sure to check out our guide on How To Play Basketball For Beginners.

Has Jordan scored less than 10 points?

Jordan played in 13 games with fewer than 10 points in his career, which is a relatively small number for someone who’s considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

His average score during those thirteen games was 7.1 points per game, so he wasn’t exactly putting up amazing numbers when he scored less than ten points. However, it’s important to remember that these were only games – Jordan undoubtedly could have put up much better numbers if given the chance.

Even though Jordan didn’t always perform at his best when scoring less than ten points, it’s still an impressive feat considering how dominant he was throughout most of his career. If you want to see some memorable moments from Michael Jordan’s career where he scored under 10 points, check out this video:

How many games has Jordan scored less than 20 points?

Michael Jordan had 146 games played with fewer than 20 points, which is more than any other player in NBA history. Jordan’s scoring average of 19.4 points per game was lower than his career average of 23.5 points per game, but he still led the Chicago Bulls to several championships during this time period.

Fans have been debating whether or not Jordan should be considered one of the greatest players in NBA history because of his low point totals, but others argue that he’s still a legendary figure who changed the way basketball was played and influenced generations to come. Jordan has since retired from playing professional basketball, so we may never know how many games he would have scored with less than 20 points if he continued playing into his 40s like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James did.

Who scored the lowest points in the NBA?

There was a game in the NBA on November 22, 1950 that scored the lowest points of all time. I have no proof to back this up, but something tells me that there were more fans asleep in the stands than points were scored on the court.

This is probably one of the most obscure games in NBA history and few people know about it- making it an interesting fact for trivia buffs. The Fort Wayne Pistons beat the Minneapolis Lakers by a score of 19-18, which makes it arguably one of the worst games ever played in league history.

If you’re interested in learning more about this game or any other fascinating facts about basketball, be sure to check out our website.

What is Steph Curry’s lowest scoring game?

Stephen Curry scored his fewest points in a game 5 times, with 0 points. Each time, he had minimal impact on the game and didn’t make any meaningful contributions.

These games were all against lower-tier teams that weren’t very competitive. Steph was still able to put up some impressive stats thanks to his high scoring average from other games, but this particular performance wasn’t as noteworthy or memorable as others in his career thus far.

Knowing these facts can provide us with an interesting glimpse into Curry’s playing style and how he often relies on other aspects of his game (such as assists) to contribute more than just scoring statistics.

How many 70 point games Does Michael Jordan have?

Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant both recorded five games in their careers of 60 points or more. Kobe recorded 81, 65, 62, 61 and 60 points in regular season games while Michael Jordan recorded 69, 64, 63 (in playoffs), 61 and 61.

These are the highest scoring performances by any players in NBA history – regardless of era or position on the court. As long as you’re able to score at a high level consistently throughout your career it won’t matter what your height is.

If you want to achieve similar heights then focus on improving your shooting accuracy and overall game strategy.

Has any NBA player scored 0 points?

Yes, Avery Bradley had a rare occurrence in the NBA when he scored 0 points and grabbed zero rebounds, blocked zero shots and recorded zero assists against the Suns on October 22, 2021.

This occurred because of 21 minutes that Bradley spent without recording any stats other than turnovers. The lack of production is particularly surprising given how often Bradley dominates his opponents on both ends of the court.

It’s possible that this was just an unlucky game for him but it’s still interesting to know about nonetheless. Although this happened only once in history, it can serve as a reminder not to count out players who may be having an off night

Frequently Asked Questions

How many 25 point games does MJ have?

MJ had 769 games with 25+ points.

Did Jordan ever lost 3 games in a row?

No, Jordan never had a 3-game losing streak in Chicago again. An incredible 626 games (including playoffs) without dropping 3 in a row.

Has Jordan ever missed a game?

Williams can build off season-best performance. From 1984-85 to 1997-98, Jordan scored 29,277 points, which was 24.23% of the Bulls’ 120,818 points. And that’s despite Jordan missing over a season and a half to play baseball (and despite being out for 64 games in 1985-86).

To Recap

Jordan’s lowest scoring game was against the Bulls on November 9th, 2016. He scored 18 points on 6 of 17 shooting and grabbed 7 rebounds in 41 minutes.

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