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Cooper Kupp Top Speed

Cooper Kupp, the dynamic wide receiver for the Los Angeles Rams, has carved out a remarkable career in the NFL with his diverse skill set. While Kupp is celebrated for his exceptional route running, hands, and football IQ, one aspect of his game that often sparks intrigue is his top speed.

In a league where speed is highly coveted, understanding just how fast Kupp can accelerate is a subject of interest to football enthusiasts and analysts alike.

In this discussion, we delve into Cooper Kupp’s top speed, exploring its significance within the context of the NFL, and how it contributes to his role as a versatile and impactful playmaker for the Rams.

What is Cooper Kupp’s Top Speed?

Cooper Kupp, the Los Angeles Rams’ wide receiver, reached an impressive top speed of 20.45 miles per hour (mph) during a remarkable 20-yard touchdown run in Week 3 of the 2022 NFL season.

This feat stands out because Kupp’s 40-yard dash time at the 2017 NFL Combine was a relatively average 4.62 seconds for his position. Despite not being known primarily for his speed, this display of acceleration and agility highlights his versatility as a player.

It emphasizes that in football, success isn’t solely defined by raw speed but also by a combination of skills, including route running and game intelligence.

What is the Significance of Cooper Kupp’s Top Speed for the Los Angeles Rams?

Cooper Kupp's Top Speed for the Los Angeles Rams

Cooper Kupp’s top speed holds immense significance for the Los Angeles Rams’ offensive strategy and overall success in the NFL.

Here’s why his speed matters to the team:

Vertical Threat

Kupp’s ability to reach a high top speed adds a vertical dimension to the Rams’ passing game. Even though he may not be the fastest receiver in the league, his speed is sufficient to threaten deep coverage.

This forces opposing defenses to respect his deep route-running, creating opportunities for long completions downfield.

Stretching Defenses

Kupp’s speed stretches opposing defenses horizontally and vertically. This horizontal and vertical stretching forces defenders to cover more ground, which can create mismatches and open up spaces for other receivers and running backs.

Explosive Plays

Kupp’s top speed allows him to turn routine plays into explosive ones. His ability to accelerate quickly and maintain his speed after the catch makes him a big-play threat.

He can break away from defenders, turn short passes into long gains, and score touchdowns from various positions on the field.

Yards After the Catch (YAC)

Kupp’s speed is a valuable asset in generating yards after the catch. He can make defenders miss in the open field, accelerate past tacklers, and gain significant yardage on receptions.

This YAC ability keeps drives alive and adds to the team’s offensive output.

Forcing Defensive Adjustments

Forcing Defensive Adjustments

Opposing defenses must allocate extra attention to Kupp, often assigning their top cornerbacks or safeties to cover him. This defensive focus on Kupp can create favorable matchups for other Rams receivers, allowing them to exploit one-on-one situations.


Kupp’s speed adds versatility to the Rams’ offensive playbook. He can be deployed in various roles, from deep threats on vertical routes to quick screen plays and jet sweeps.

This unpredictability makes it challenging for defenses to anticipate how Kupp will be used in any given play.

Game-changing Moments

In critical moments of games, Kupp’s top speed can be a game-changer. Whether it’s a deep reception in a two-minute drill, breaking away for a long touchdown, or converting a crucial third-down play, his speed can make the difference in high-pressure situations.

Trust and Chemistry

Kupp’s speed has earned the trust of his quarterback and coaching staff. They have confidence in his ability to get open and make plays, which strengthens the cohesion of the Rams’ offense.


Kupp’s on-field speed allows him to adapt to various game situations. Whether it’s stretching the field for a deep pass, creating separation on a quick route, or outpacing defenders after a catch, his speed can be strategically applied based on the demands of the play.

What Was Cooper Kupp’s 40-yard Dash Time at the NFL Combine?

What Was Cooper Kupp's 40-yard Dash Time at the NFL Combine?

Cooper Kupp’s 40-yard dash time at the 2017 NFL Combine was clocked at 4.62 seconds. This time is generally considered average for a wide receiver. While Kupp may not be known for his raw speed, his success in the NFL goes far beyond his Combine numbers.

His exceptional route running, reliable hands, and football intelligence make him a standout player. Kupp’s ability to create separation from defenders and make crucial catches in critical moments demonstrates that football is not solely about speed; it’s about a combination of skills and on-field performance.

Why Does Cooper Kupp’s Top Speed Matter More Than His Average 40-yard Dash Time?

Cooper Kupp’s top speed on the football field holds more significance than his average 40-yard dash time due to several key factors that come into play during actual NFL games.

While the 40-yard dash is a standardized measure of a player’s straight-line speed, it doesn’t provide a complete picture of a player’s abilities, especially in the context of live gameplay.

Here’s why Cooper Kupp’s top speed matters more:

Game Scenario Vs. Controlled Test

The 40-yard dash is conducted in a controlled environment, with athletes running in a straight line with no pads and no real-game variables. In contrast, Kupp’s top speed reflects his performance in the chaos and unpredictability of an NFL game.

It showcases his ability to accelerate, maintain speed, and make quick decisions while dealing with defenders, which is far more relevant to his role as a wide receiver.


Kupp’s top speed adds versatility to his game. While his 40-yard dash time may not be considered exceptional, his on-field speed enables him to excel in various aspects of the game.

He can be effective on deep routes, screenplays, and short-yardage situations, making him a versatile weapon for the offense.

Route Running Precision

Kupp’s success as a wide receiver is not solely reliant on raw speed; it is also attributed to his precise route running. He uses crisp cuts, footwork, and football intelligence to create separation from defenders.

His on-field speed becomes a potent weapon when combined with his route-running finesse.

Football IQ

Kupp’s high football IQ complements his on-field speed. He reads defenses well, understands coverage schemes, and makes intelligent decisions during plays.

This intelligence allows him to strategically use his speed, maximizing its impact on the field.

Playmaking Ability

The NFL values players who can make game-changing plays. Kupp’s top speed, as witnessed in memorable moments like long touchdowns or critical receptions, underscores his ability to seize opportunities and contribute significantly to his team’s success.


Kupp’s on-field speed is a consistent asset. He has demonstrated the ability to make plays with his speed in crucial situations, earning the trust of his teammates, coaches, and fans.


Kupp’s on-field speed allows him to adapt to varying game situations. Whether he needs to break away for a deep pass, create separation on a quick route, or outpace defenders after a catch, his speed is a versatile tool that can be applied strategically based on the demands of the play.


How fast can Cooper Kupp run?

Cooper Kupp’s top speed reaches approximately 20.45 miles per hour, as recorded during a 20-yard touchdown run in the 2022 NFL season.

Can Cooper Kupp’s top speed be a game-changer in crucial moments?

Yes, Cooper Kupp’s top speed can be a game-changer in crucial moments. His ability to accelerate and break away from defenders can impact critical plays in games.

How does Cooper Kupp’s top speed compare to other NFL wide receivers?

Cooper Kupp’s top speed is competitive among NFL wide receivers but may not be the absolute fastest, as there are speedier players in the league.

What techniques does Cooper Kupp use to reach his top speed?

Cooper Kupp employs techniques like sprint mechanics, strength training, plyometrics, agility drills, and mental preparation to optimize his top speed on the football field.

Are there any memorable plays showcasing Cooper Kupp’s top speed?

Yes, there are memorable plays where Cooper Kupp’s top speed has shined, such as his remarkable 20-yard touchdown run in the 2022 NFL season.

To Recap

Cooper Kupp’s top speed, while not his defining attribute, plays a crucial role in his success as an NFL wide receiver. It’s a testament to his versatility as a player that he can use his speed effectively in various game situations.

Whether he’s stretching the field, gaining yards after the catch, or turning routine plays into game-changing moments, Kupp’s ability to reach and maintain a high top speed makes him a valuable asset for the Los Angeles Rams.

However, it’s important to remember that in football, it’s not just about raw speed but the combination of skills, football IQ, and on-field performance.

Cooper Kupp exemplifies this by consistently making an impact on the gridiron, regardless of his 40-yard dash time.

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