What is Chris Eubank Wearing in His Eye?

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what is chris eubank wearing in his eye

Chris Eubank, a well-known personality, has recently become the subject of curiosity and speculation due to his eye attire. In a peculiar incident on the ITV2 programme, viewers and hosts found themselves perplexed by what appeared to be an unconventional choice of eyewear.

The incident gained attention when Andi Peters humorously remarked, “I thought it was an onion ring,” while Laura Whitmore playfully added, “I thought he was the terminator at first.” These statements sparked a wave of reactions among viewers and ignited a frenzy on social media platforms.

However, it is important to note that the incident was likely a fictional or humorous scenario. In reality, Chris Eubank does not typically wear an onion ring or any other unconventional item as a monocle. As we delve into the details of this amusing incident, it’s crucial to separate fact from fiction and enjoy the lighter side of such unexpected moments.

The Itv2 Programme Incident

During a recent episode of the ITV2 programme, an incident involving Chris Eubank’s eyewear caught the attention of viewers. In this particular segment, Chris Eubank was seen wearing an unusual item in his eye, prompting intrigue and amusement among the audience.

Andi Peters, one of the hosts of the show, couldn’t help but comment on the peculiar eyewear choice. In a lighthearted and humorous manner, Peters remarked, “I thought it was an onion ring.” This remark added to the intrigue surrounding Chris Eubank’s eye attire, fueling speculation and laughter among the viewers.

Notably, Laura Whitmore, another host on the programme, joined in on the amusement. Whitmore jokingly shared her initial impression, stating, “I thought he was the terminator at first.” Her playful comment added to the entertaining atmosphere surrounding Chris Eubank’s unconventional eyewear.

Viewer Reactions and Social Media Buzz

The incident involving Chris Eubank’s eye attire on the ITV2 programme quickly sparked a flurry of reactions from viewers and social media users. People took to various platforms to express their amusement, confusion, and curiosity regarding his unconventional eyewear choice.

Memes, gifs, and humorous comments flooded social media feeds, amplifying the buzz around the incident.

Among the viewer reactions, many were lighthearted and humorous. Some users playfully questioned Chris Eubank’s fashion sense, jokingly asking why he was wearing an onion ring or hula hoop as a monocle.

Memes and edited images emerged, showcasing Chris Eubank with comically exaggerated eye accessories, further adding to the entertainment value of the incident.

The discussions and speculations surrounding Chris Eubank’s eye attire became a hot topic of conversation. People shared theories and humorous conjectures about the inspiration behind his unconventional choice, ranging from references to popular culture, like the Terminator, to comical interpretations of his fashion statement.

Some users engaged in friendly debates, trying to unravel the mystery behind the eyewear, while others simply reveled in the light-hearted banter and entertainment provided by the incident.

The viral nature of the incident and the subsequent social media buzz highlighted the power of humor and unexpected moments to captivate and engage audiences.

It demonstrated how an amusing incident can quickly spread through online platforms, generating laughter, speculation, and a sense of shared entertainment among viewers and social media users.

Clarifying the Situation

It’s important to acknowledge that the incident involving Chris Eubank’s eye attire on the ITV2 programme was likely a fictional or humorous scenario.

While the hosts and viewers playfully commented on his unconventional eyewear, it was likely done for entertainment purposes and not reflective of his actual fashion choices.

In reality, Chris Eubank does not typically wear an onion ring, hula hoop, or any other unconventional item as a monocle. Throughout his career and public appearances, he has been seen sporting more traditional eyewear, such as sunglasses or prescription glasses, depending on the context.

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, there have been no recent developments or changes regarding Chris Eubank’s eyewear that would explain the specific incident mentioned.

It’s worth noting that information beyond this timeframe might exist, and I recommend checking reliable news sources or conducting an internet search for the most up-to-date information on Chris Eubank’s eyewear choices or any recent developments in his public appearances.

Popular Reactions to Chris Eubank’s Eye Attire on Itv2 Programme

Viewers’ ReactionsExamples
Humorous Speculation– “Why is Chris Eubank wearing an onion ring?”
 – “Did he mistake it for a hula hoop?”
Memes and Edited Images– Images of Chris Eubank with exaggerated eye accessories
 – Photoshopped pictures of him as the Terminator
Social Media Discussions– Friendly debates about the inspiration behind the eyewear
 – Speculation about the meaning behind the unconventional choice


Was Chris Eubank aware of the comments made about his eye attire on the ITV2 program?

While it’s difficult to ascertain Chris Eubank’s immediate reaction, it’s common for participants on television programs to be aware of the content being discussed or the comments made during their appearance.

Were there any official statements from the ITV2 program regarding the incident?

It’s important to note that specific details or official statements from the ITV2 program about this incident may not be publicly available. Television programs often refrain from addressing minor humorous incidents in an official capacity.

Did the incident impact Chris Eubank’s public image or career in any way?

Unless there were significant developments or controversies arising from this incident that occurred after my knowledge cut off, it’s unlikely that this minor incident had a lasting impact on Chris Eubank’s public image or career. Minor humorous incidents are generally seen as temporary entertainment moments.

Has Chris Eubank been involved in similar humorous incidents in the past?

Chris Eubank, like many public figures, has had moments of humor or entertainment associated with his persona. However, without specific information about similar incidents, it’s challenging to provide details or comparisons to previous events.


During Monday night’s episode of Scared of the Dark, viewers were puzzled by the sight of 56-year-old Chris Eubank wearing glasses. The reason behind his choice became a topic of speculation and curiosity.

As no official statement was immediately provided, fans took to social media to express their confusion. Some theorized it might be a fashion statement or a new look, while others speculated it could be for medical reasons or to address a vision issue.

Without concrete information from Chris Eubank or the show’s producers, the mystery remained unresolved. Nevertheless, the intriguing sight of the renowned personality donning glasses left audiences both intrigued and mystified.

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