What Is 4 Goals in Soccer Called? What Comes After Hat Trick?

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Call 4 Goals in Soccer

In the dynamic world of soccer, scoring goals is the ultimate expression of a player’s prowess on the field. 

When a player manages to net the ball four times in a single match, it transcends mere achievement – it becomes a “haul.” 

This term encapsulates the exceptional feat of scoring four goals, elevating the player to a status of unparalleled contribution and skill. 

A four-goal haul is not merely a statistical milestone; it symbolizes a captivating display of offensive prowess, showcasing a player’s ability to seize opportunities and make a lasting impact on the game. 

In the lexicon of soccer enthusiasts, the term “haul” resonates as a tribute to extraordinary goal-scoring performances that leave an indelible mark on the sport’s narrative.

What Do You Call 4 Goals in Soccer?

In soccer, when a player scores four goals in a single match, it is commonly referred to as a “haul.” 

Achieving a four-goal haul is a remarkable feat in the sport and often signifies an exceptional individual performance by a player. 

This term is used to highlight the goal-scoring prowess and impact that a player has had on a particular game.

Scoring four goals in a match requires a combination of skill, precision, and often a keen sense of positioning within the game. 

Players who manage to achieve a four-goal haul not only contribute significantly to their team’s success in that particular match but also draw attention to their goal-scoring abilities, showcasing their proficiency as a forward or an attacking player.

The concept of a “haul” is not limited to just four goals; it can extend to higher numbers as well. 

For instance, scoring five goals in a single match might be referred to as a “five-goal haul,” and so on. 

These terms are used colloquially among fans, players, and the soccer community to celebrate outstanding individual performances and recognize the impact of a player on a given match.

Achieving a haul is a memorable and prestigious accomplishment in soccer, often leaving a lasting impression on both the player’s career and the fans’ memories. 

It serves as a testament to the player’s skill, goal-scoring instinct, and ability to rise to the occasion when their team needs them the most.

How Many Points Are 4 Goals in Soccer?

In soccer, the number of goals a team scores during a match directly contributes to the overall score, which determines the outcome of the game.

Each goal is awarded a set number of points, and the standard point allocation for goals in soccer is as follows:

Regular Goals

Regular Goals

Each regular goal is the fundamental unit of scoring in soccer, and it typically earns a team one point. Regular goals can be the result of skillful attacks, well-executed set plays, or successful penalty kicks. 

The excitement generated by a team’s ability to breach the opponent’s defense and find the back of the net is a core aspect of soccer. 

Whether it’s a precise shot from outside the box, a clinical finish in a one-on-one situation, or a well-timed header, each goal contributes equally to a team’s point total.

Own Goals

Own goals occur when a player unintentionally directs the ball into their own team’s net. Despite being a source of disappointment for the team committing the error, own goals count as goals for the opposing team. 

Like regular goals, own goals typically contribute one point to the opposing team’s score. Own goals can result from defensive errors, misjudgments, or unfortunate deflections, and they add an element of unpredictability to the game.

What Is 4 Goals by One Player in Soccer?

Scoring four goals in a single soccer match, commonly referred to as a “four-goal haul” or a “four-goal performance,” is a remarkable and memorable achievement for any player.

Achieving this feat demonstrates exceptional skill, goal-scoring prowess, and a significant impact on the outcome of the game.

Here are four goals by one player in soccer and what it signifies:

Rare Achievement

Rare Achievement

Scoring four goals in a single match is a relatively rare occurrence in soccer. While many players consistently contribute to their team’s success through scoring, hitting the net four times in one game is an exceptional accomplishment. 

It places the player in an elite category and often leads to the recognition of their exceptional talent and form.

Individual Brilliance

A four-goal performance showcases the individual brilliance of a player. It’s not just about being in the right place at the right time; it often involves a combination of skill, precision, and decision-making. 

Whether it’s powerful long-range shots, clinical finishing inside the box, or well-taken penalties, each goal in the quartet highlights the player’s diverse attacking abilities.

Influence on the Game

Scoring four goals usually means that a player has had a significant influence on the outcome of the match. 

It implies a high level of contribution to the team’s success, as goals are the ultimate currency in soccer.

A four-goal haul is often associated with a dominant performance, turning the tide in favor of the player’s team and leaving a lasting impact on the match.

Historical Significance

Four-goal performances are etched into soccer history. Players who achieve this feat are remembered for their exceptional skills and ability to single-handedly carry their team to victory. 

These moments become part of the player’s legacy and contribute to their overall reputation in the soccer world. 

Supporters often cherish and celebrate such performances as they create unforgettable memories.

4 Goals in Soccer Meaning

4 Goals in Soccer Meaning

Scoring four goals in soccer by an individual player during a single match is a notable and significant accomplishment.

The achievement holds several meanings and implications within the context of the sport:

Exceptional Individual Performance

Hitting the back of the net four times in a single game is a testament to the extraordinary skills and abilities of the player.

It signifies a level of individual performance that goes beyond the ordinary, showcasing not only goal-scoring prowess but also a high degree of technical skill, precision, and composure under pressure.

Team Contribution

While scoring goals is often viewed as an individual achievement, it also reflects positively on the team. 

A player who scores four goals in a match is contributing significantly to the team’s overall performance and success. 

It highlights the player’s effectiveness in finishing goal-scoring opportunities and, by extension, the team’s ability to create and capitalize on those opportunities.

Match Impact

A four-goal performance can have a profound impact on the outcome of the match. It often means that the player has played a crucial role in securing a victory for their team. 

Scoring four goals not only adds numerical value to the scoreboard but can also boost team morale, demoralize opponents, and create a memorable and historic moment in the course of the game.

Individual Milestone and Recognition

Scoring four goals in a single match is a milestone that brings individual recognition and acclaim. 

The player’s name is etched in the history of the game, and such performances are often remembered and celebrated by fans, teammates, and the broader football community. It can enhance the player’s reputation and contribute to their legacy within the sport.


What comes after a hat trick in soccer?

Scoring four goals in a single game, commonly known as a four-goal haul, follows a hat trick in soccer.

What is the term for scoring four goals in a soccer match?

Achieving four goals in one game is often referred to as a “four-goal performance” or a “four-goal haul.”

Is scoring four goals in soccer the same as in other soccer codes?

Yes, whether in soccer or other football codes, scoring four goals in a single game is a remarkable achievement, and it is commonly acknowledged as a significant contribution to the team’s success.

How rare is it for a player to score four goals in a soccer match?

Scoring four goals in a soccer match is relatively rare and is considered an exceptional feat, showcasing the player’s exceptional skill and goal-scoring ability.

Has any player scored more than four goals in a professional soccer game?

Yes, there have been instances where players have scored more than four goals in a single soccer match, but achieving a “poker” (five goals) or more is even rarer and celebrated as an extraordinary accomplishment.

To Recap

Achieving a four-goal performance in soccer is a rare and extraordinary feat that transcends statistical milestones. 

Beyond the numbers, it represents a pinnacle of individual skill, strategic brilliance, and a profound impact on the outcome of a match. 

Players who accomplish this remarkable feat enter the realm of footballing history, leaving an indelible mark on their careers and the memories of fans. 

Whether it’s termed a “four-goal haul,” a “quadruple,” or simply a stellar performance, scoring four goals in soccer symbolizes an exceptional level of excellence, contributing to the player’s legacy and standing as a testament to their mastery of the field.

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