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Major League Baseball (MLB) players are known for their extraordinary skills and dedication to the game, but their uniforms are equally iconic, and at the heart of it all is the baseball cap. 

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the fascinating world of the hats worn by MLB players, exploring the significance, design, and hats MLB players wear. 

These hats are not mere accessories; they are emblematic of team pride, offering practical advantages in the field. From the structured crown to the team logos, every detail has a purpose and history.

Discover why MLB players opt for fitted caps, why the team logo is a crucial element, and how these hats play a role in sun protection and improved visibility. 

We’ll also explore the unique partnership with New Era, the official MLB hat supplier. Join us on this journey into the world of MLB player headwear. So, stay focused. 

A Brief History of MLB Hats

The history of MLB hats is intertwined with the evolution of baseball itself. In the late 19th century, baseball players began wearing straw hats to shield themselves from the sun. 

However, it wasn’t until the 1950s that the modern baseball cap, characterized by its structured crown and team logos, became a standard part of MLB uniforms. 

New Era, a headwear company, played a significant role in designing these iconic caps.

The 1960s brought innovations like fitted caps, and the 1980s saw the introduction of snapback caps. 

In the 21st century, the MLB introduced alternate and special edition caps, broadening the range of designs available to fans. 

MLB hats have become more than just sports apparel; they are symbols of team loyalty and baseball’s enduring legacy.

What Hats Do MLB Players Wear?

Hats Do MLB Players Wear

MLB players primarily wear official New Era caps during games, and these caps are a vital part of their uniform. 

Here are some key details about the hats worn by MLB players:

New Era Partnership

New Era has been the exclusive supplier of on-field MLB caps since 1993. Their caps are the ones worn by MLB players during official games. This partnership ensures high-quality, authentic headwear.

Structured Crown

MLB caps feature a structured crown, which means that the front of the cap is reinforced to maintain its shape. This structured design helps provide shade over the players’ eyes and enhances visibility on the field.

Curved Brim

The curved brim of MLB caps is a functional feature that shields players’ eyes from the sun. It also helps reduce glare and shadows, making it easier for players to track the ball and make precise plays.

Team Logo

The front of the cap prominently displays the team’s logo or emblem. The design is often specific to the team’s colors and branding, allowing players to represent their team while on the field.

Fitted Caps

MLB players typically wear fitted caps, which means that the caps come in various sizes to ensure a snug and comfortable fit. 

This precise fit is crucial during games, as it prevents the cap from falling off or being too tight.


While the basic design of MLB caps remains consistent, teams may have different versions for home and away games, and occasionally, they release special edition caps for events like the All-Star Game or postseason.

Performance Features

Modern MLB caps are designed with performance in mind. They often incorporate advanced materials and technology, such as moisture-wicking fabrics, UV protection, and cooling features to keep players comfortable and dry during games.

The Official MLB Hat Supplier

The Official MLB Hat Supplier

New Era is the official supplier of MLB hats. Here are some of the key points about New Era’s role as the official MLB hat supplier:

Exclusive Partnership

New Era has held the exclusive license to produce on-field MLB caps since 1993. 

This means that all the authentic, game-worn caps worn by MLB players during games, including those with team logos and branding, are produced by New Era. 

The partnership has been long-standing, solidifying New Era’s position as the go-to supplier for MLB headwear.

Quality and Tradition

New Era is known for its commitment to quality and craftsmanship. 

Their caps are made with attention to detail, using durable materials and precise embroidery techniques to ensure that the team logos and designs meet the high standards of both MLB and fans. 

The traditional 59FIFTY fitted cap, with its iconic flat brim and structured crown, has become a symbol of MLB authenticity and tradition.

Innovation and Customization

New Era continually innovates to improve the performance and comfort of MLB caps. 

They use cutting-edge materials and technology, such as moisture-wicking fabrics, UV protection, and cooling features, to enhance the functionality of the caps. 

Additionally, they offer customization options for fans, allowing them to personalize their MLB hats with various design elements, including team colors, logos, and more.

New Era’s partnership with MLB ensures that players and fans have access to high-quality, officially licensed headwear that represents the spirit and tradition of the sport.

What Kind of Hats Do Baseball Players Wear?

What Kind of Hats Do Baseball Players Wear?

Baseball players wear a specific type of hat designed for both practical and stylistic purposes. 

Here are several key points about the kind of hats that baseball players typically wear:

Structured Crown

Baseball players wear hats with a structured crown, which means that the front of the hat is reinforced to maintain its shape and provide shade over the eyes. 

The structured crown helps shield the player’s eyes from the sun and allows for better visibility on the field.

Curved Brim

The brim of a baseball player’s hat is curved, which is a functional feature that helps to block out the sun and improve visibility. 

The curve can be adjusted to the player’s preference but generally offers a good balance of sun protection and visibility.

Team Logo

The front of the baseball hat typically features the team’s logo or emblem. This logo represents the player’s team and is an important element of their uniform.

It often includes the team’s colors and can be customized with different versions for home and away games.

Fitted or Adjustable

Baseball players wear fitted hats that are sized to fit their heads precisely. This ensures a snug yet comfortable fit during the game. 

Fitted hats do not have adjustable straps and are available in various sizes. Some players may opt for adjustable strap-back caps during batting practice or off-field activities for a more relaxed fit.

Team Colors

The color scheme of the baseball hat usually matches the team’s colors, further emphasizing the player’s affiliation. 

Teams may have different variations of their hats, with some featuring alternate colors, designs, or special edition caps for specific events or seasons.

The hats that baseball players wear are designed to combine practicality, comfort, and team identity.

Do Baseball Players Have to Wear Hats?

Do Baseball Players Have to Wear Hats?

Baseball players are not required to wear hats when playing the game, but they almost always choose to do so for various reasons. 

Here are several key points regarding the choice of baseball players to wear hats:

Sun Protection

The primary reason baseball players wear hats is for sun protection. The brim of the hat shades their eyes from the sun, making it easier to track the ball, especially when it’s hit high in the air or when fielding. 

This sun protection is particularly crucial for outfielders who spend a lot of time looking upward.

Improved Visibility

The structured crown and curved brim of baseball hats help reduce glare and shadows on the field. 

This improved visibility can be the difference between making a successful catch, pitch, or hit and potentially committing errors.

Team Identity

Baseball is a sport with a strong emphasis on tradition and team identity.

The team’s logo and colors displayed on the hat are important for branding and symbolize the player’s affiliation with their team. It also allows fans to easily identify players on the field.


Baseball players are part of a team, and wearing a uniform, including a hat, is a standard practice that fosters a sense of unity and professionalism. 

Uniformity not only promotes team spirit but also provides a level playing field where everyone adheres to the same dress code.

Comfort and Tradition

Many players are accustomed to wearing hats from a young age, and it becomes a part of their comfort and routine. 

The tradition of wearing a baseball cap is deeply ingrained in the sport’s culture, and many players appreciate the familiarity of it.

While baseball players are not mandated to wear hats, it’s a widely adopted practice for practical, stylistic, and traditional reasons.

Do MLB Players Wear Snapbacks?

MLB players typically do not wear snapback hats during official games. Here are several key points explaining why snapback hats are not commonly worn by MLB players:

Fitted Caps

Fitted Caps

MLB players primarily wear fitted caps as part of their official game uniform. Fitted caps are designed to have a precise fit, as they come in various sizes to accommodate the specific head measurements of each player. 

This ensures a secure and comfortable fit during intense gameplay, reducing the risk of the hat falling off or being too tight.

Uniformity and Tradition

Major League Baseball places a strong emphasis on uniformity and tradition. 

All players on the same team wear nearly identical uniforms, including hats with a structured crown and team logos, which helps create a cohesive and professional appearance on the field.

Performance Considerations

Fitted caps are tailored for performance. They provide better sun protection, visibility, and comfort for players, which is essential for a sport where precise hand-eye coordination is crucial. 

Snapback hats lack the structured crown and often have flat brims that don’t offer the same level of protection or visibility.

Branded Authenticity

The official MLB caps, produced by New Era, are a hallmark of authenticity for both players and fans. 

These caps are the ones worn during games, making them a significant part of the baseball tradition. 

Snapback hats are more commonly seen as casual, off-field attire and do not carry the same level of authenticity.

While snapback hats may have their place in fan fashion and off-field activities, they are not a standard choice for MLB players during games.


What hats do baseball players wear?

MLB players typically wear baseball caps, also known as “ballcaps,” during games. These caps feature the logo of their team on the front and are an essential part of their uniform.

What caps do MLB players wear?

MLB players wear fitted, structured baseball caps with curved brim. These caps are typically made of wool or a blend of synthetic materials, and they come in various sizes to ensure a snug fit.

Do MLB players have to wear hats?

Yes, MLB players are required to wear hats while on the field. Wearing the team’s cap is part of the league’s uniform regulations, and it helps promote team identity and sponsorship branding.

What style hat do MLB players wear?

MLB players wear a classic six-panel baseball cap style with a curved brim. The style of the cap may vary slightly between teams, but it maintains the same general structure and design.

What kind of hats do MLB players wear?

MLB players wear New Era 59FIFTY caps, which are the official on-field caps of Major League Baseball. These hats are known for their quality and are available in various styles and colors to match team uniforms.

Wrapping Up

The hats worn by MLB players are more than just a part of their uniform; they are symbols of tradition, team identity, and practicality. 

From the structured crown to the team logos, each element serves a purpose, contributing to the player’s performance on the field and uniting fans in their support. 

The enduring partnership with New Era ensures that these hats continue to be crafted with the utmost attention to quality and detail. 

So, the next time you watch a baseball game, take a moment to appreciate the significance of the hats perched atop the heads of these remarkable athletes. 

They are more than just headwear; they are a testament to the rich history and enduring legacy of America’s pastime. Thank you so much. 

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