What Happened to Trea Turner?

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What Happened to Trea Turner

Trea Turner is one of the most exciting young players in Major League Baseball (MLB) today. The 28-year-old shortstop has been a standout performer since making his debut with the Washington Nationals in 2015, and has continued to impress with his dynamic play on both offense and defense.

However, Turner’s career took an unexpected turn in the 2021 season when he was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers in a blockbuster deal that also involved former Cy Young winner Max Scherzer.

Turner’s time with the Dodgers was brief but eventful, and he ultimately became one of the most sought-after free agents in the 2021-22 offseason.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at what happened to Trea Turner and what his departure means for both the Dodgers and his new team, the Philadelphia Phillies.

Trea Turner’s Time With the Los Angeles Dodgers

How He Joined the Dodgers (Trade With the Washington Nationals)

In July 2021, Trea Turner was traded from the Washington Nationals to the Los Angeles Dodgers in a blockbuster deal that also involved pitcher Max Scherzer. The Dodgers gave up four prospects in exchange for Turner and Scherzer, making it one of the biggest trades of the 2021 season.

Turner’s Impact on the Dodgers in 2021

After joining the Dodgers, Turner immediately made an impact both at the plate and in the field. In 52 regular season games with the team, he hit .322 with 8 home runs, 31 RBI, and 32 runs scored.

He also stole 21 bases, showcasing the speed that has made him one of the most exciting players in the league.

Turner’s contributions were especially important during the postseason, as he helped lead the Dodgers to the National League Championship Series. In 11 postseason games, he hit .277 with 2 home runs, 5 RBI, and 7 runs scored. He also stole 3 bases and played solid defense at shortstop.

What Turner Learned From Playing With the Dodgers

Turner has spoken about the valuable lessons he learned from his time with the Dodgers, particularly from veteran players like Clayton Kershaw and Justin Turner.

He has credited Kershaw with teaching him how to approach the game with a winning mentality, while Justin Turner helped him improve his hitting and understanding of opposing pitchers.

Turner has also spoken about the importance of playing with such a talented team, and how it pushed him to elevate his own game.

Overall, Turner’s time with the Dodgers was short but impactful, and he will no doubt carry the lessons he learned there with him to his new team, the Philadelphia Phillies.

Turner Becomes a Free Agent

The Phillies’ Interest in Turner

As a free agent after the 2021 season, Trea Turner was one of the most coveted players on the market. The Philadelphia Phillies were among the teams that expressed interest in signing him, and ultimately they were able to land him on a 13-year, $300 million contract.

The Phillies were in need of a shortstop, and Turner’s combination of speed, power, and defensive ability made him an ideal fit for their roster.

Other Teams That Were Pursuing Turner

Turner’s impressive track record and versatility made him a hot commodity in the free agent market, and there were several other teams that were rumored to be interested in signing him.

The Texas Rangers and the Seattle Mariners were among the teams that were reportedly pursuing Turner, and the Los Angeles Angels and the New York Yankees were also mentioned as potential suitors.

The Terms of Turner’s Contract With the Phillies

Turner’s contract with the Phillies is one of the biggest in baseball history, both in terms of total value and length. The 13-year, $300 million deal is the third-largest contract ever given to a position player, behind only Fernando Tatis Jr. and Bryce Harper.

The contract also includes a full no-trade clause, meaning that Turner will have the final say on any potential trades involving him.

Overall, the contract represents a major commitment from the Phillies to Turner, and underscores their belief in his ability to be a cornerstone player for years to come.

What Turner’s Departure Means for the Dodgers

The Dodgers’ Reaction to Turner’s Departure

The Los Angeles Dodgers were undoubtedly disappointed to lose Trea Turner in free agency, especially given the impact he had during his brief stint with the team.

However, they were also likely prepared for the possibility that he would sign elsewhere, given the size of his contract demands.

Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman has spoken about the team’s philosophy of not overpaying for players, and it’s possible that the Dodgers simply weren’t willing to match the Phillies’ offer for Turner.

How the Dodgers Plan to Replace Turner

With Turner gone, the Dodgers will need to find a new starting shortstop for the 2023 season and beyond. One option is Corey Seager, who played shortstop for the Dodgers before Turner arrived in 2021.

Seager is a free agent himself this offseason, but the Dodgers may look to re-sign him and move him back to shortstop.

Other options include Gavin Lux, who played second base for the Dodgers in 2021 but has experience at shortstop, and Chris Taylor, who has played all over the field for the Dodgers but could be a solid shortstop option.

The Impact on the Dodgers’ Chances of Winning in 2023 and Beyond

While losing a player of Turner’s caliber is never easy, the Dodgers are a deep and talented team that will still be among the favorites to contend for a World Series in 2023 and beyond.

With or without Turner, they have a formidable lineup and a pitching staff that includes stars like Clayton Kershaw, Walker Buehler, and Max Scherzer.

The key for the Dodgers will be finding a replacement for Turner who can provide a similar level of production on both offense and defense. If they can do that, they should be well-positioned to compete for another championship in the coming years.

Trea Turner’s 2022 Season With the Los Angeles Dodgers

Batting Average.328
Home Runs22
Runs Batted In66
Stolen Bases32
Defensive Runs Saved (Shortstop)12

Note: These statistics are for Trea Turner’s performance during the 2022 MLB season with the Los Angeles Dodgers.


What position did Trea Turner play for the Dodgers?

Turner played primarily at shortstop for the Dodgers in 2021, but he also saw some time at second base and center field.

How did Turner perform for the Dodgers in 2021?

Turner was excellent for the Dodgers in 2021, hitting .328 with 22 home runs, 32 stolen bases, and an OPS of .910 in 143 games.

How did Turner’s departure impact the Dodgers’ payroll?

Turner’s departure, along with the departures of other key players like Clayton Kershaw and Corey Seager, freed up a significant amount of payroll for the Dodgers. This could allow them to pursue other free agents or make trades to bolster their roster.

Did the Dodgers try to re-sign Turner?

It’s unclear how aggressively the Dodgers pursued Turner in free agency, but they were likely outbid by the Phillies’ massive contract offer.

How will the Dodgers replace Turner at shortstop?

The Dodgers have several internal options to replace Turner at shortstop, including Corey Seager, Gavin Lux, and Chris Taylor. They may also look to sign a free agent or make a trade to acquire a new shortstop.


Trea Turner’s departure from the Los Angeles Dodgers to sign with the Philadelphia Phillies on a 13-year, $300 million contract is a major loss for the Dodgers.

Turner was a key contributor to the team’s success in 2021, and his combination of speed, power, and defensive ability made him a valuable asset on both sides of the ball.

However, the Dodgers have a deep and talented roster, and they will look to find a replacement for Turner who can help them continue to contend for championships in the coming years.

It remains to be seen how Turner will fare with the Phillies, but his time with the Dodgers will be remembered as a productive and successful chapter in his career.

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