What Happened to Paul Dejong?

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What Happened to Paul Dejong

St. Louis Cardinals shortstop Paul DeJong has been a key contributor to the team’s success in recent years, providing solid defense and above-average offense from the shortstop position.

However, DeJong has been dealing with lower back pain that has kept him off the field for much of the past week. Unfortunately, it was announced on Monday that he suffered a setback in his recovery process, which leaves his return to the lineup uncertain.

As the Cardinals look to contend in the highly competitive National League Central division, the health of their starting shortstop will be a key factor in their success.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what happened to Paul DeJong, the details of his injury setback, and what it could mean for the Cardinals going forward.

Background on Paul Dejong’s Injury

When and How Did He First Sustain the Injury?

Paul DeJong first experienced lower back stiffness during a Spring Training game in early March. The team initially believed it to be a minor issue, but it continued to bother him as the season approached.

The team decided to keep him out of the lineup for a few days to allow him to recover, but when the stiffness persisted, they sent him for an MRI. The MRI revealed a non-displaced rib fracture that was causing the discomfort.

What Has Been the Timeline of His Recovery Process?

DeJong was placed on the 10-day injured list on March 23rd, and the team initially hoped that he would be able to return shortly after that. However, the recovery process has been slower than anticipated, and he has been held out of games ever since.

He has been doing some light baseball activities, but the team has been cautious in his rehabilitation process to avoid further setbacks.

What Was the Initial Prognosis for His Return to the Field?

When DeJong was first placed on the injured list, the team did not provide a specific timeline for his return, stating only that he would be out for at least 10 days.

However, reports suggested that the team was hopeful that he would be able to return shortly after the 10-day period expired.

As the recovery process has dragged on, the team has been more cautious in their projections, stating only that he is making progress but without giving a specific timeline for his return.

Details of the Setback

What Exactly Happened to Cause the Setback?

On Monday, April 11th, the Cardinals announced that Paul DeJong had suffered a setback in his recovery from his lower back injury. The team did not provide any specific details about the nature of the setback, but it is clear that he is not progressing as quickly as the team had hoped.

How Will It Impact His Recovery Timeline?

It is difficult to say exactly how the setback will impact DeJong’s recovery timeline. The team has been intentionally vague about his status, and it is not clear how serious the setback is. However, it is clear that he will not be returning to the lineup anytime soon.

DeJong was already scheduled to undergo further evaluation on his back, and it is possible that the setback will result in an extended absence from the field.

What is the Team Saying About the Setback?

The Cardinals have not provided any specific details about the setback, but manager Mike Shildt did address the situation in his pregame press conference on Monday.

He stated that DeJong was “still working through some things” and that the team would provide further updates as they become available. Shildt also confirmed that DeJong would be undergoing further evaluation on his back.

The team is likely being cautious with their updates to avoid creating false hope or putting undue pressure on DeJong to return before he is fully healthy.

Potential Impact on the Cardinals

How Has Dejong’s Absence Affected the Team Thus Far?

DeJong’s absence has been felt by the Cardinals, as he is a key player in their lineup and defense. The team has been forced to rely on a combination of players to fill in at shortstop, including Edmundo Sosa and Tommy Edman.

While both players have performed adequately, they are not the defensive stalwart that DeJong is, and the team has missed his steady glove in the middle of the infield.

What Could This Setback Mean for the Team Going Forward?

The setback is concerning for the Cardinals, as it leaves them without a clear timeline for DeJong’s return. If he is out for an extended period of time, it could put a strain on the team’s depth and force them to make a trade for a replacement.

Additionally, it could impact the team’s overall performance, as they are competing in a tough National League Central division that features several strong teams.

Who Will Likely Fill in at Shortstop in Dejong’s Absence?

As mentioned earlier, the Cardinals have been using a combination of Edmundo Sosa and Tommy Edman to fill in at shortstop in DeJong’s absence. Sosa has been the primary replacement, starting in six of the eight games that DeJong has missed.

He has performed well defensively, committing only one error in those six games. Offensively, he has been inconsistent, with a .167 batting average and one RBI.

Edman has started two games at shortstop, but he is more valuable to the team as a utility player who can play multiple positions. It is likely that Sosa will continue to see the majority of the playing time at shortstop until DeJong returns.

Paul DeJong Injury and Absence from Cardinals Lineup

Early March 2022DeJong first reports lower back pain
March 8, 2022DeJong scratched from lineup due to back stiffness
March 10, 2022DeJong diagnosed with non-displaced rib fracture
March 28, 2022DeJong begins rehab assignment with AAA Memphis
April 5, 2022DeJong activated from IL and returns to Cardinals lineup
April 6, 2022DeJong scratched from lineup due to back tightness
April 11, 2022DeJong suffers setback in recovery from back injury
TBDDeJong’s recovery timeline and return to lineup uncertain

This table summarizes the key events related to DeJong’s injury and absence from the Cardinals lineup, including his initial diagnosis, rehab assignment, and setbacks. The last row indicates that DeJong’s recovery timeline is currently uncertain, which is a significant concern for the team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Has Paul DeJong dealt with back problems in the past?

DeJong has not had any previous back problems that have been reported. However, back injuries can be a common issue for baseball players, especially those who play middle infield positions that require a lot of twisting and bending.

Are the Cardinals actively seeking a replacement for DeJong?

It is not clear if the Cardinals are actively seeking a replacement for DeJong at this time. The team has not made any moves to acquire a shortstop since DeJong’s injury, but that could change if his recovery timeline is extended.

How important is Paul DeJong to the Cardinals’ success?

DeJong is an important player for the Cardinals both offensively and defensively. He is a solid defender at shortstop and has shown good power at the plate in his career. Losing him for an extended period of time would be a blow to the team.

What is the long-term prognosis for DeJong’s back injury?

It is difficult to say without more information from the team. Back injuries can be unpredictable and can linger, so it is possible that DeJong could be dealing with this issue for the rest of the season. However, until the team provides more specific details about the injury, it is impossible to know for sure.

Could the Cardinals move another player to shortstop if DeJong is out for an extended period of time?

It is possible that the Cardinals could move another player to shortstop if DeJong is out for an extended period of time. For example, they could shift Tommy Edman to shortstop and play Matt Carpenter at second base. However, that would weaken the team’s defense and could impact their overall performance.

To Recap

The setback suffered by Cardinals shortstop Paul DeJong in his recovery from lower back pain is a concerning development for the team. DeJong’s absence has already been felt by the team, and if he is out for an extended period of time, it could put a strain on their depth and overall performance.

The team has been relying on a combination of Edmundo Sosa and Tommy Edman to fill in at shortstop, but neither player is a complete replacement for DeJong’s steady glove and bat.

The team has not provided any specific details about the nature of the setback or DeJong’s recovery timeline, but it is clear that he will not be returning to the lineup anytime soon. The Cardinals will need to continue to adjust to playing without DeJong and hope for a speedy recovery.

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