What Happened to Nate Diaz?

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what happened to nate diaz

Nate Diaz, a name synonymous with resilience, tenacity, and thrilling fights, has captivated the world of mixed martial arts (MMA) since his debut in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) back in 2007.

After an eventful journey under the UFC banner, Diaz’s contract with the organization concluded last year, leaving fans and pundits wondering about his next move. However, the story doesn’t end there. Diaz, known for his unpredictability both inside and outside the cage, embraced his promotional free agency status and embarked on a new chapter in his fighting career.

In addition to expressing his openness to a potential return to the UFC, Diaz surprised the combat sports world by launching his own promotion, Real Fight Inc., last year. This bold move further added to the intrigue surrounding his future endeavors. With Diaz’s immense popularity, his next steps have become a subject of intense speculation and anticipation.

Nate Diaz’s Transition to Promotional Free Agency

Diaz’s Status as a Promotional Free Agent

Following the completion of his contract with the UFC, Nate Diaz entered a new phase in his career as a promotional free agent.

This means that he is not exclusively tied to any specific promotion and has the freedom to negotiate and explore opportunities outside of the UFC.

Diaz’s status as a free agent provides him with the flexibility to consider various options and potentially compete in different promotions around the world.

Diaz’s Openness to Returning to the UFC

Despite his promotional free agency, Nate Diaz has expressed his openness to a potential return to the UFC.

Diaz has been closely associated with the organization throughout his career, and his willingness to come back suggests a continued interest in competing against some of the top fighters in the UFC.

While Diaz may have other options available, his statement indicates that he values his relationship with the UFC and is open to future collaborations.

Launching of Real Fight Inc.

In a surprising turn of events, Nate Diaz unveiled his own combat sports promotion called Real Fight Inc. This move showcases Diaz’s entrepreneurial spirit and desire to have a more active role in shaping the landscape of combat sports.

Real Fight Inc. represents an opportunity for Diaz to not only showcase his own talents but also provide a platform for other fighters to compete and gain exposure.

This venture further demonstrates Diaz’s commitment to the sport and his ambition to create opportunities beyond his own fighting career. The launch of Real Fight Inc.

adds an intriguing dynamic to Diaz’s journey as he navigates his free agency.

Nate Diaz’s Activities Post-UFC Contract

Fights or Events Diaz Involved After UFC Contract Ended

Since his UFC contract ended, Nate Diaz’s fighting activities have been subject to speculation and limited information. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, there are no specific notable fights or events that Diaz has been involved in the post-UFC contract.

However, it’s important to stay updated with the latest news and announcements to see if Diaz has competed in any high-profile bouts or events in recent times.

Participation in Other MMA Promotions or Combats

As a promotional free agent, Nate Diaz has the opportunity to explore participation in other MMA promotions or combat sports events outside of the UFC.

While there have been no confirmed reports of his involvement with specific organizations or events, Diaz’s popularity and fan base make him an attractive option for various promotions.

It is plausible that Diaz may consider competing in different MMA organizations or even explore opportunities in other combat sports such as boxing or grappling competitions.

Diaz’s Engagement With Real Fight Inc.

As the founder of Real Fight Inc., Nate Diaz has a vested interest in the growth and development of his own combat sports promotion. While specific details regarding the progress of Real Fight Inc.

are limited, Diaz’s dedication to the venture suggests that he is actively involved in its development. Diaz may focus on securing talent, organizing events, and creating a unique platform that aligns with his vision for the promotion.

Keeping an eye on any updates or announcements from Real Fight Inc. will provide insights into Diaz’s engagement and the evolution of the promotion.

Speculations and Rumors Surrounding Nate Diaz

Rumors or Speculations About Diaz’s Next Career

Since Nate Diaz became a promotional free agent, various rumors and speculations have circulated regarding his next career move and potential opponents.

Some speculations suggest that Diaz may pursue high-profile fights outside of the UFC, exploring matchups with fighters from different promotions.

Fans and analysts have also discussed the possibility of Diaz returning to the UFC for compelling matchups against notable names in the lightweight or welterweight divisions.

However, it’s important to note that specific rumors and opponent speculations can change rapidly, and it’s crucial to rely on the latest news and official announcements for accurate information.

Negotiations or Discussions With the UFC

While there have been no confirmed reports on specific negotiations or discussions between Nate Diaz and the UFC or other promotions, it’s plausible to assume that conversations have taken place given Diaz’s popularity and track record.

The UFC has a history of re-signing notable fighters and bringing them back into the fold, which leaves room for potential discussions between Diaz and the organization.

Additionally, other promotions may also express interest in signing Diaz to bolster their roster and capitalize on his marketability. The ongoing negotiations and discussions, if any, are typically kept confidential until official announcements are made.

Impact of Diaz’s Free Agency Status on His Future

Nate Diaz’s free agency status significantly impacts his future options and provides him with a range of possibilities. As a free agent, Diaz has the opportunity to explore fights and potential partnerships beyond the confines of a single promotion.

This newfound freedom allows him to consider offers from different MMA promotions, potentially leading to intriguing matchups and the chance to compete in new environments.

Diaz’s free agency status also gives him leverage in negotiations, allowing him to weigh the best offers and pursue fights that align with his personal goals and interests.

Ultimately, his free agency status provides Diaz with increased flexibility and control over his fighting career, enabling him to make decisions based on what he believes is most beneficial for his professional growth and legacy.

Diaz’s Impact on the Mma Landscape

Diaz’s Influence on the Sport of MMA and His Fan

Nate Diaz has left a lasting impact on the sport of MMA and has garnered a dedicated and passionate fan following. His unique fighting style, combined with his unapologetic personality and outspokenness, has made him a beloved figure in the MMA community.

Diaz’s fearlessness and willingness to engage in wars inside the Octagon have earned him respect from fans and fellow fighters alike. His ability to connect with audiences through his authenticity and relatability has contributed to his strong fan base.

Memorable Moments and Fights From Diaz’s Career

Throughout his career, Nate Diaz has been involved in several memorable moments and fights that have solidified his place in MMA history.

His back-and-forth battles with Conor McGregor, particularly their first encounter at UFC 196 where Diaz scored a second-round submission victory, showcased his resilience and ability to rise to the occasion.

Diaz’s memorable fights against other top-ranked opponents like Donald Cerrone, Gray Maynard, and Michael Johnson have also provided fans with thrilling displays of his skills and determination.

Diaz’s Role as a Marketable Fighter and His Leverage 

Nate Diaz’s marketability stems from his unique persona and the fan base he has cultivated. His authentic and relatable character, coupled with his exciting fighting style, has made him a recognizable and marketable figure in the MMA world.

Diaz’s ability to generate interest and draw viewers has given him leverage in negotiations with promotions. His popularity and fan following can translate into increased revenue through pay-per-view sales, ticket sales, and merchandise.

This marketability gives Diaz the potential to negotiate favorable terms in his contracts and pursue high-profile fights that generate substantial interest and financial gain for both himself and the promotion he chooses to compete under.

Diaz’s marketability and leverage in negotiations provide him with greater control over his career and the ability to pursue opportunities that align with his personal and professional goals.

Nate Diaz’s Notable Fights and Achievements

Fight DateOpponentResultEvent
March 5, 2016Conor McGregorWin (Submission)UFC 196
August 20, 2016Conor McGregorLoss (Decision)UFC 202
December 19, 2015Michael JohnsonWin (Decision)UFC on Fox 17
April 9, 2011Takanori GomiWin (Submission)UFC 135
December 12, 2015Michael JohnsonWin (Decision)UFC on Fox 17
April 20, 2013Josh ThomsonLoss (TKO)UFC on Fox 7
December 30, 2012Benson HendersonLoss (Decision)UFC on Fox 5
September 14, 2013Gray MaynardWin (TKO)UFC on Fox 9
December 19, 2020Tony FergusonWin (Decision)UFC 256


Has Nate Diaz ever held a championship title in the UFC?

Yes, Nate Diaz has held the UFC Lightweight Championship. He achieved this feat by defeating Conor McGregor via submission at UFC 196 in March 2016. However, he lost the rematch against McGregor at UFC 202 later that year.

What is Nate Diaz’s fighting style?

Nate Diaz is primarily known for his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) skills and his ability to submit opponents. He has a black belt in BJJ under Cesar Gracie and has showcased his ground game in numerous fights. Diaz is also a skilled boxer and utilizes a high-volume, pressure-based striking style that often wears down his opponents.

What are some of Nate Diaz’s notable wins?

Nate Diaz has an impressive list of notable wins in his career. Some of these victories include his submission wins over Conor McGregor, Jim Miller, and Takanori Gomi. Diaz has also earned memorable victories against Michael Johnson, Gray Maynard, Donald Cerrone, and Anthony Pettis.

Has Nate Diaz ever competed in other combat sports outside of MMA?

While Nate Diaz is primarily known for his MMA career, he has expressed interest in competing in other combat sports. In 2018, he expressed a desire to box against top boxers such as Floyd Mayweather Jr. However, as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Diaz has not officially competed in any other combat sports outside of MMA.

What is Nate Diaz’s overall record in professional MMA?

Nate Diaz has a professional MMA record of 20 wins, 13 losses, and no draws. It’s important to note that these records may have changed since then, and it’s always recommended to refer to the most up-to-date information from reliable sources.


Nate Diaz’s journey since completing his UFC contract has been filled with anticipation and speculation. As a promotional free agent, Diaz’s future in the MMA landscape remains intriguing.

Diaz’s influence on the sport of MMA and his dedicated fan following cannot be understated. His unique fighting style, memorable battles, and charismatic personality have left an indelible mark on the hearts of fans and fellow fighters alike.

While the specifics of Diaz’s post-UFC activities are not widely known, his openness to a potential return to the UFC, coupled with the launch of Real Fight Inc., his own promotion, hints at an exciting future.

Diaz’s free agency status provides him with the freedom to explore various options and negotiate on his own terms. His marketability and leverage in negotiations further solidify his position as a sought-after fighter in the industry.

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