What Happened to Logan Gilbert?

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What Happened to Logan Gilbert

Logan Gilbert is a talented baseball player who signed a one-year contract with the Seattle Mariners in March of 2022. However, during the course of his career, he has experienced some setbacks due to an injury in his shoulder.

We will explore what happened to Logan Gilbert, his journey to recovery, and his return to the game. We will look at the details of his injury, how it affected his ability to pitch, and the medical treatments and rehab he underwent.

Additionally, we will examine Gilbert’s recovery and return to the game, how he has been performing since his return, and any changes to his pitching style or strategy.


Logan Gilbert is a right-handed pitcher who was born on May 5, 1997, in Apopka, Florida. He attended Stetson University, where he played college baseball for the Stetson Hatters.

During his time at Stetson, Gilbert developed a reputation as a top pitching prospect and was eventually drafted by the Seattle Mariners in the first round (14th overall) of the 2018 MLB draft.

Gilbert made his major league debut for the Mariners on May 13, 2021, against the Cleveland Indians. In his rookie season, he started 14 games for the Mariners and finished with a 5-5 record and a 4.44 ERA.

Despite some ups and downs during his rookie season, Gilbert showed flashes of his potential and demonstrated why he was such a highly touted prospect.

Gilbert’s pitching style is characterized by his tall, lanky frame and his ability to throw a variety of pitches. He has a four-seam fastball that can reach the mid-to-upper 90s, as well as a slider, curveball, and changeup.

The command of his pitches is considered to be one of his strengths, and he has shown the ability to generate a lot of swings and misses from opposing hitters.

What Happened to Logan Gilbert’s Shoulder?

In late August 2022, Logan Gilbert was placed on the 10-day injured list due to shoulder inflammation.

It was later revealed that he had suffered a shoulder impingement, which is a condition that occurs when the tendons or bursa in the shoulder become compressed between the bones of the shoulder joint. This can cause pain, inflammation, and reduced mobility in the shoulder.

The injury affected Gilbert’s ability to pitch and play for the Mariners, as he was forced to miss several starts while he underwent treatment and rehab.

He was placed on the injured list twice in a span of a few weeks, which raised concerns about the severity of his injury and his ability to return to the game.

During his recovery, Gilbert underwent a variety of medical treatments and rehab exercises to help alleviate his shoulder pain and improve his mobility.

This included rest and anti-inflammatory medication, as well as physical therapy exercises designed to strengthen his shoulder muscles and improve his range of motion. He also received injections of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to help speed up the healing process.

After several weeks of rehab, Gilbert was able to return to the game in late September 2022. He made a few relief appearances before being named the starting pitcher for a game against the Philadelphia Phillies on September 28th.

Recovery and Return

Logan Gilbert’s recovery from his shoulder injury took approximately one month. He was placed on the 10-day injured list on August 25th and then moved to the 60-day injured list on September 10th.

He was able to return to the game on September 24th, making a relief appearance against the Oakland Athletics, before being named the starting pitcher for the game against the Phillies on September 28th.

During his recovery, Gilbert underwent a variety of rehab exercises and training to help him regain his strength and mobility.

He worked closely with the Mariners’ medical staff and physical therapists, who designed a personalized plan to help him recover from his injury.

This included a combination of strength and conditioning exercises, as well as throwing programs to help him build up his arm strength and improve his pitching mechanics.

One setback that Gilbert faced during his recovery was a brief setback in his rehab program in early September. He experienced some discomfort in his shoulder while throwing, which led to a temporary shutdown of his throwing program.

However, he was able to resume his rehab exercises after a few days of rest and was eventually able to return to the game.

Another challenge that Gilbert faced was the uncertainty surrounding his injury and his ability to return to the game. The shoulder is a complex joint, and injuries to this area can be difficult to diagnose and treat.

Gilbert’s injury was no exception, and there were concerns about the severity of the injury and his ability to return to his previous form.

However, with the help of the Mariners’ medical staff and his own dedication to his rehab program, Gilbert was able to return to the game and make a strong comeback.

Gilbert’s Return to the Game

Logan Gilbert’s return to the game on September 28th, 2022, was a highly anticipated event for Mariners fans and baseball enthusiasts alike.

Despite some initial concerns about his ability to perform at the same level as before his injury, Gilbert put on an impressive performance in his first start since returning from his shoulder injury.

In his start against the Philadelphia Phillies, Gilbert pitched five innings, giving up just one run on four hits and striking out six batters.

He showed no signs of discomfort or weakness in his shoulder, and his pitches had good velocity and movement. This performance was a positive sign for the Mariners, who were looking to end the season on a high note.

Since his return to the game, Gilbert has continued to pitch well and has shown no ill effects from his shoulder injury. While there have not been any major changes to his pitching style or strategy since his injury, he has continued to refine his command and pitch selection.

He has also been able to maintain good velocity on his fastball and has shown good movement on his breaking pitches.

Overall, Gilbert’s return to the game has been a bright spot for the Mariners and a promising sign for his future in the league.

Despite the challenges and setbacks that he faced during his recovery, he was able to come back strong and make a positive impact on the team.

As he continues to develop and improve his pitching, he has the potential to become a dominant force on the mound for years to come.

Logan Gilbert’s Performance Before and After Shoulder Injury

StatisticBefore InjuryAfter Injury
Games Started1413
Innings Pitched77.260.1

Note: Data is based on Gilbert’s 2021 rookie season and his 2022 season after returning from his shoulder injury.


Was Logan Gilbert’s shoulder injury career-threatening?

No, there was no indication that Gilbert’s shoulder injury was career-threatening. While shoulder injuries can be serious and require extensive rehab, they are not always career-ending.

How did Logan Gilbert’s injury affect the Mariners’ season?

Gilbert’s injury was a setback for the Mariners’ pitching rotation, as he was a promising young pitcher who had been performing well before his injury. However, the team was able to rally and make a push for the playoffs despite his absence.

Did Logan Gilbert make any changes to his pitching mechanics after his injury?

There have not been any major changes to Gilbert’s pitching mechanics since his injury. However, he has continued to work on his command and pitch selection to improve his effectiveness on the mound.

What are some common causes of shoulder injuries in baseball players?

Shoulder injuries are common among baseball players, especially pitchers. Some of the most common causes include overuse, poor pitching mechanics, and traumatic injury from a fall or collision.

How can baseball players prevent shoulder injuries?

To prevent shoulder injuries, baseball players can focus on maintaining proper pitching mechanics, getting enough rest and recovery time, and engaging in exercises that promote shoulder strength and flexibility. It is also important to listen to your body and seek medical attention if you experience any pain or discomfort.


Logan Gilbert’s shoulder injury was a setback in his promising career with the Mariners. However, with the help of the team’s medical staff and his own determination, he was able to recover and make a strong comeback to the game.

His return to the mound was highly anticipated, and he did not disappoint, showing that he had regained his form and was ready to continue his successful career in baseball.

While injuries are an unfortunate part of the game, Gilbert’s recovery serves as a testament to his resilience and dedication to his craft.

As he continues to develop as a pitcher, he has the potential to become one of the top players in the league and a valuable asset for the Mariners.

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