What Happened to Joey Gallo?

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What Happened to Joey Gallo

Joey Gallo, a talented outfielder in Major League Baseball (MLB), has been making headlines recently following his trade from the New York Yankees to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The 28-year-old has been a prominent figure in the league since his major league debut with the Texas Rangers in 2015.

We will take a closer look at the career of Joey Gallo, from his early beginnings to his time with the Texas Rangers and his brief stint with the New York Yankees. We will also delve into the details of his trade to the Dodgers and explore what it means for his future in MLB.

Joey Gallo’s Early Career

Childhood and High School

Joey Gallo was born on November 19, 1993, in Henderson, Nevada. He grew up playing baseball and excelled in the sport from an early age.

Gallo attended Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas, where he was a standout player. He hit an incredible 65 home runs in his high school career and set several state records.

Drafted by Texas Rangers

In 2012, Gallo was selected by the Texas Rangers in the first round of the MLB draft, as the 39th overall pick. He signed with the team for a reported bonus of $2.25 million.

Minor League Career

Gallo began his professional career in the Rangers’ minor league system, playing for several teams, including the Spokane Indians, Hickory Crawdads, and Frisco RoughRiders. He quickly established himself as one of the top prospects in baseball, thanks to his power-hitting abilities.

In 2014, Gallo hit 42 home runs across three levels of the minor leagues, including 21 in just 58 games with Frisco. He was named the Rangers’ Minor League Player of the Year and was named to the All-Star Futures Game.

Major League Debut

Gallo made his major league debut with the Texas Rangers on June 2, 2015, against the Chicago White Sox. In his first game, he hit a three-run home run, becoming the first player in MLB history to hit that many home runs in his first two games.

In his rookie season, Gallo hit 6 home runs in just 36 games. He continued to show his power-hitting abilities in the following seasons, hitting 41 home runs in 2017 and 40 home runs in 2018. Gallo’s impressive performance led to his selection for the MLB All-Star Game in 2019.

Gallo’s Performance With the Texas Rangers

Breakout Season

Joey Gallo’s breakout season came in 2017, where he hit a career-high 41 home runs and 80 RBIs in 145 games. Gallo’s 41 home runs that year ranked him fourth in the American League, behind only Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and Khris Davis. He also won the Gold Glove Award for his impressive defensive skills in the outfield.

All-star Seasons

Gallo was selected to the All-Star team in 2019, where he hit 22 home runs and 49 RBIs in the first half of the season. He also earned a spot on the All-MLB Second Team that year, solidifying his status as one of the league’s top outfielders.

Struggles With Injuries and Consistency

Despite his impressive power-hitting abilities, Joey Gallo has struggled with injuries and consistency throughout his career. He missed significant portions of the 2019 and 2020 seasons due to injuries, including a broken hamate bone in his right wrist that required surgery.

In addition, Gallo has struggled with his batting average and on-base percentage throughout his career. In 2020, he hit just .181 with a .301 on-base percentage, which was below his career averages. These struggles led to some criticism from fans and analysts, despite his impressive power-hitting abilities.

Despite these challenges, Gallo’s performance with the Texas Rangers was generally impressive, and he remains one of the league’s top power hitters.

Gallo’s Time With the New York Yankees

Trade to the Yankees

On July 29, 2021, Joey Gallo was traded to the New York Yankees in exchange for four minor league prospects, including right-hander Glenn Otto and infielder Ezequiel Duran. The Yankees were in need of outfield help and Gallo’s power-hitting abilities made him an attractive addition to the team.

Performance With the Yankees

Gallo’s performance with the Yankees was mixed. He hit .160 with 5 home runs and 13 RBIs in 38 games with the team. However, he did draw 33 walks and had a .379 on-base percentage, indicating that he was able to contribute in other ways.

Relationship With the Team and Fans

Joey Gallo had a positive relationship with the Yankees organization and its fans during his brief time with the team. He quickly became a fan favorite due to his power-hitting abilities and strong defensive skills in the outfield. Gallo also seemed to enjoy playing in New York and expressed a desire to remain with the team long-term.

Despite his positive relationship with the team and its fans, the Yankees’ disappointing performance in the second half of the 2021 season and their failure to make the playoffs may have contributed to the decision to trade Gallo to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Gallo’s Trade to the Los Angeles Dodgers

Announcement and Reactions

On April 5, 2022, the New York Yankees announced that they had traded Joey Gallo to the Los Angeles Dodgers in exchange for minor league right-hander Clayton Beeter. The trade was met with mixed reactions from fans and analysts, as Gallo had struggled to perform at his usual level during his brief tenure with the Yankees.

However, the Dodgers were seen as a good fit for Gallo due to their need for outfield help and their strong record of developing players. Many fans and analysts were excited to see what Gallo could do with a new team and in a new environment.

Potential Impact With the Dodgers

Joey Gallo has the potential to have a significant impact with the Dodgers. He is known for his power-hitting abilities, and his ability to hit home runs and drive in runs could help bolster the Dodgers’ offense. Gallo is also a strong defensive outfielder and could help improve the team’s defense.

Additionally, the Dodgers have a strong record of developing players and helping them reach their full potential. If Gallo is able to improve his consistency and on-base percentage, he could become a valuable asset for the team.

Comparison to Previous Teams

The Dodgers will be the third team that Joey Gallo has played for in his Major League career, following his time with the Texas Rangers and New York Yankees. While he had some impressive seasons with the Rangers and showed promise with the Yankees, he also struggled with injuries and consistency.

However, the Dodgers have a reputation for developing players and helping them reach their full potential. If Gallo is able to improve his performance with the team, he could become a valuable addition to their roster and help them compete for a World Series championship.

Here’s a table that summarizes Joey Gallo’s career statistics:

SeasonTeamGames PlayedHome RunsRBIBatting Average

This table shows Joey Gallo’s statistics for each season of his Major League career, including the team he played for, games played, home runs, RBI, and batting average. The last row is left blank for 2022 as Gallo’s statistics for that season are still to be determined. This table provides a quick snapshot of Gallo’s career performance and highlights his impressive power-hitting abilities.


What position does Joey Gallo play?

Joey Gallo is primarily an outfielder, but he has also played at first base and third base during his career.

How many home runs has Joey Gallo hit in his career?

As of the end of the 2021 season, Joey Gallo has hit 162 home runs in his Major League career.

Has Joey Gallo ever won any awards?

Joey Gallo has been named an All-Star twice in his career, in 2019 and 2021.

What is Joey Gallo’s batting average?

Joey Gallo’s career batting average as of the end of the 2021 season is .212.

Is Joey Gallo known for anything besides his power-hitting abilities?

In addition to his power-hitting abilities, Joey Gallo is also known for his strong defensive skills in the outfield.

What is Joey Gallo’s contract situation with the Dodgers?

Joey Gallo was traded to the Dodgers in April 2022 and is currently playing under a one-year contract.


Joey Gallo’s career has been characterized by a combination of impressive power-hitting abilities and struggles with consistency and injuries. After being traded from the Texas Rangers to the New York Yankees in 2021, Gallo struggled to perform at his usual level with the Yankees, leading to his trade to the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2022.

While it remains to be seen how Gallo will perform with the Dodgers, he has the potential to become a valuable asset to the team if he is able to improve his consistency and on-base percentage.

The Dodgers’ strong track record of developing players makes them a good fit for Gallo, and fans and analysts are excited to see what he can do with his new team.

Overall, Joey Gallo’s career has been marked by highs and lows, and his trade to the Dodgers represents a new opportunity for him to reach his full potential and make a significant impact on a championship-caliber team.

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