What Golf Courses Were Used in Happy Gilmore?

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Happy Gilmore Golf Course

In the realm of sports comedies, few films have left as indelible a mark as “Happy Gilmore.” This 1996 classic starring Adam Sandler takes an irreverent and uproarious approach to the sport of golf. 

While the story may be fictional, the golf courses featured in the film are very real. Have you ever wondered what golf course was Happy Gilmore filmed at? 

From the breathtaking landscapes to the memorable showdowns, we’ll take you on a cinematic golfing adventure, exploring the real-world locations that served as backdrops to Happy Gilmore’s hilarious and unconventional golfing exploits. 

Get ready to revisit the Waterbury Open, the showdown between Happy and Shooter McGavin, and the uproarious mini-golf scene, as we delve into the enchanting settings that helped shape the movie’s unique charm.

What Is Happy Gilmore Golf Course?

Happy Gilmore Golf Course is a fictional golf course featured in the 1996 comedy film “Happy Gilmore,” which stars Adam Sandler in the title role. 

The film is a sports comedy that centers around the character Happy Gilmore, a failed hockey player with a powerful slapshot who discovers that he can drive a golf ball great distances using his hockey skills. 

He joins the professional golf tour to win money to save his grandmother’s house.

In the movie, Happy Gilmore plays on various golf courses, including the fictitious “Waterbury Open” where much of the climactic tournament takes place. 

The golf course in the movie is depicted as an unconventional and comical place where Happy’s unorthodox and often wild playing style clashes with the decorum and etiquette of traditional golf. 

The film’s humor comes from the contrast between Happy’s antics and the more traditional golfers on the course.

What Golf Courses Were Used in Happy Gilmore?

This is now a common question: what course was Happy Gilmore filmed at? Happy Gilmore Golf Course’s location is very significant in their project. 

In the movie “Happy Gilmore,” several golf courses were used for filming various scenes. 

While the story is fictional, the film used real golf courses to create the on-screen settings. Some of the golf courses featured in the movie include:

Furry Creek Golf and Country Club

Furry Creek Golf and Country Club, located in British Columbia, Canada, was used for many of the golf course scenes in the film.

The course served as the primary location for the Waterbury Open tournament, which is a central part of the movie’s plot.

Swan-e-Set Bay Resort & Country Club

This golf course, also located in British Columbia, was used for additional filming, including the final showdown between Happy Gilmore and his rival, Shooter McGavin.

Pitt Meadows Golf Club

The Pitt Meadows Golf Club, also in British Columbia, was used for some of the scenes, including the “mini-golf” sequence where Happy and his caddy, Otto, play a round of miniature golf.

These real golf courses provided the backdrop for the fictional events of the movie, adding authenticity to the golfing scenes in “Happy Gilmore.”

The Iconic Golf Courses in Happy Gilmore

The Iconic Golf Courses in Happy Gilmore

In the movie “Happy Gilmore,” several golf courses were used as filming locations to create the fictional settings for the story. 

While the film is a comedy and the golf courses featured are not actual iconic courses, they play essential roles in the plot and are memorable for their unique characteristics. 

Here’s an elaboration on the iconic golf courses in “Happy Gilmore”:

Waterbury Open (Furry Creek Golf and Country Club)

  • Iconic Scenes: Furry Creek Golf and Country Club serves as the primary location for the Waterbury Open tournament, which is central to the film’s plot. Many iconic scenes take place here, including Happy Gilmore’s famous long drives, his hilarious run-ins with other golfers, and his battles with the pompous Shooter McGavin.
  • Characteristics: Furry Creek is portrayed in the movie as a pristine and traditional golf course. It is beautifully set in a coastal location with stunning ocean and mountain views, providing a visually appealing backdrop to the film’s events. The golf course’s beauty contrasts with Happy’s unorthodox and rowdy behavior.

Final Showdown Course (Swan-e-Set Bay Resort & Country Club)

  • Iconic Scene: The final showdown between Happy Gilmore and Shooter McGavin takes place at the Swan-e-Set Bay Resort & Country Club. This location is where the film’s climax unfolds as the two golfers compete for the Waterbury Open championship.
  • Characteristics: Swan-e-Set Bay Resort & Country Club, another real golf course in British Columbia, adds a touch of grandeur to the movie’s conclusion. The lush green fairways and elegant surroundings highlight the contrast between Happy’s unconventional playing style and Shooter’s traditional golf etiquette.

Miniature Golf (Pitt Meadows Golf Club)

  • Iconic Scene: In one of the memorable scenes, Happy Gilmore and his caddy, Otto, play a round of miniature golf. This sequence is a humorous interlude in the film, as Happy’s aggressive style even extends to a miniature golf course.
  • Characteristics: Pitt Meadows Golf Club is a real golf course in British Columbia, but it is used for a comedic purpose in the movie. The scene at the miniature golf course showcases the film’s over-the-top humor and Happy’s competitive nature, even in non-traditional golf settings.

These golf courses, while not iconic in the real golfing world, become iconic in the context of the film “Happy Gilmore.” 

The movie’s humor and charm arise from the juxtaposition of Happy’s unconventional playing style and the traditional, picturesque settings of the golf courses. 

These locations help create a memorable and entertaining golfing experience for viewers, making “Happy Gilmore” a classic sports comedy.

Filming Locations for Practice Scenes

Filming Locations for Practice Scenes

There is another confusion about where was Happy Gilmore filmed for practice. 

In “Happy Gilmore,” several filming locations were used for practice scenes where the title character, Happy Gilmore, hones his golf skills and develops his distinctive playing style. 

Here are some of the locations used for these scenes:

Driving Range Scene

The driving range scene, where Happy first discovers his powerful golf swing, was filmed at the Alisal Guest Ranch and Resort in Solvang, California. 

This is where Happy famously drives balls significant distances and catches the attention of a former golf pro.

Mini-Golf Course

The mini-golf scene, where Happy and his caddy, Otto, engage in a humorous game of miniature golf, was filmed at Pitt Meadows Golf Club in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, Canada. 

This location was used to create a comical and exaggerated mini-golf setting.

Practice Putting Green

The practice putting green scenes were filmed at several different locations. 

While the specific golf courses used for these scenes are not well-documented, they would typically be filmed at real golf courses or studio sets that replicate golf course putting greens.

The driving range and mini-golf scenes, in particular, are memorable and play crucial roles in the film as they highlight Happy Gilmore’s unique golfing abilities and comedic interactions with other characters.

The Legacy of Happy Gilmore’s Golf Courses

The Legacy of Happy Gilmore's Golf Courses

“Happy Gilmore” left a lasting legacy in the world of golf, even though the golf courses depicted in the film were fictional or real golf courses used for the movie. 

The movie’s unique blend of golf, comedy, and unconventional characters had a significant impact on pop culture and the perception of golf. 

Here’s a look at the legacy of the golf courses in “Happy Gilmore”:

Pop Culture Influence

“Happy Gilmore” introduced a whole new audience to the sport of golf. The film’s humorous take on the game made it more accessible to people who might not have been traditional golf fans. 

As a result, the movie has become a cult classic and is often referenced in discussions about golf and sports comedies.

Unconventional Golf

The film showcased an unconventional and humorous approach to golf. Happy Gilmore’s unique playing style, which involves a powerful hockey-style swing, resonated with viewers. 

While it’s not how golf is typically played, it introduced an element of fun and irreverence to the sport.

Impact on Golf Culture

“Happy Gilmore” had a noticeable impact on the golf culture and the way the game is perceived. It inspired a generation of golfers to embrace a more relaxed and fun-loving approach to the game. 

Some golfers even adopted elements of Happy’s unique swing, though not necessarily with success.

Increased Interest in Golf

The film may have contributed to an increase in interest in golf, as it highlighted the excitement and competitiveness of the sport. 

Some people who had never considered playing golf before might have been inspired to give it a try, even if it was just for fun.

Parody and Homage

The movie has been parodied and paid homage to in various forms of media, including television shows, commercials, and even professional golfers. It has become a reference point for comedians and golf enthusiasts alike.

While the golf courses in “Happy Gilmore” were fictional or real locations used for filming, they played a pivotal role in the movie’s narrative. 

The film’s enduring legacy lies in its ability to merge golf with humor, appealing to a wide range of audiences and leaving an indelible mark on the world of sports comedies and golf culture.


What is Happy Gilmore Golf Courses?

In the movie “Happy Gilmore,” Happy, the main character played by Adam Sandler, doesn’t golf at a specific golf course. 

The film features various fictional and real golf courses as settings for different scenes, but it doesn’t focus on one specific course.

Where does Happy Gilmore take place? 

The movie takes place in different locations, but the primary setting is a mix of fictional and real golf courses. 

Happy’s journey spans various locations across the United States, including Connecticut, Virginia, and the Waterbury Open.

What golf course is Happy Gilmore filmed at? 

The film “Happy Gilmore” used several golf courses for its scenes, but the most famous one is the fictional “Waterbury Golf and Country Club.” 

Some scenes were also filmed at real golf courses like Pitt Meadows Golf Club in British Columbia, Canada.

Where was Happy Gilmore filmed Golf Course? 

The Waterbury Golf and Country Club is a fictional creation, but many scenes were shot at the Pitt Meadows Golf Club, a real course located in British Columbia, Canada. This course stood in for various settings in the film.

Why is Happy Gilmore’s course so popular? 

The Waterbury Golf and Country Club, although fictional, gained popularity due to its humorous portrayal in the film. 

It’s not a real course, but the comedic and unconventional style of golf showcased in “Happy Gilmore” made it a memorable and entertaining part of the movie’s storyline, contributing to its popularity.

Wrapping Up

You must get your answer on what golf course was Happy Gilmore filmed. “Happy Gilmore” may be a comedic take on golf, but its impact on both the sport and pop culture is undeniable. 

The real golf courses used as backdrops for the film have become iconic in their own right, forever associated with the film’s hilarious and irreverent take on the game. 

Whether it’s the pristine fairways of Furry Creek, the grandeur of Swan-e-Set Bay Resort, or the comical twist on miniature golf at Pitt Meadows, these settings have a lasting place in the hearts of moviegoers and golf enthusiasts alike. 

The film’s legacy lies in its ability to inject fun and excitement into a traditionally formal sport, inspiring a new generation to embrace golf with a dash of humor. 

So, as we conclude our journey through the iconic golf courses in “Happy Gilmore,” we invite you to revisit the film and relive the laughter and golfing mayhem that it continues to deliver.

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